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  1. Give Ryan some time and he will put up 40 on the opponent like in 2016. All you need is a decent defense, but if it’s top 10 then that’s what makes you a contender in the playoffs. Can’t score 40 or even 20 when the pocket collapses in 1.5 seconds. Very simple. Top 5 offense, top 10 defense, super bowl with this regime!
  2. Yea until DQ gets this defense to top 10 again. DQ is the reason the defense has top players in football right now
  3. How bout if this is just a bluff and DQ is actually scheming to trade him or cut him or just a simple Draft strategy? Beasley hasn’t inked a deal yet. I mean Quinn doesn’t usually announce moves. When they inked means or when they cut Poole and Alford, they just did it and didn’t announce it. Smells funny at least, I may be wrong, let’s just hope I’m not.
  4. Best breakdown of the patriots and it’s not close. The espn crew can’t figure this one out.
  5. You can never have enough good receivers. Julio isn’t getting any younger, and it’s time to start grooming these young recievers to see who’s going to be the next beast like him! Not in an early round though, we need to go trenches 1-3
  6. You know how long a wait we have till next season? How anxious we get when we get closer to football but still have to wait months for it to get here. Why would we fold and sit back on our hands and just say oh well next year means more! Man it’s all in time, none of that next year bs. It’s time to see what the falcons of made of! Get up and smack some one around come Sunday and win one at a time. Clevaland won the super bowl last Sunday, sure they got the best of us, but we are still very much in position to make some noise of things playout right. A lot of football left to play, I wouldn’t give up on this team so easily! Rise up!
  7. 3rd and long and 4th and long they throw to trufant knowing they have a 95% completion chance or 98% chance of him dropping an interception. It’s all on film, you can’t make it up! Tru has a ton of potential to be really good and i think that’s why he was drafted, but right now he is not getting done. If the falcons can cut a cb like Brent Grimes, they can def cut a Desmond Trufault. Your time is up man, bounce!
  8. You really hit the nail on the head with this one!
  9. Trufant is a straight p***y !!! He hesitates and avoids contact, we need a lot more from him for that contract he just got!
  10. I know for a fact we are stacking the box and sending blitzes way more than we have in the past! We will have a top 5 defense this year and for years to come, bank on it!
  11. Why would any team cut a premier corner? No team just cuts a guy of his caliber, c’mon now be serious!
  12. When was the last time we drafted a wr before the 5-7 round? It would be a whole lot easier to find Julio’s replacement in the 2-4 range. I would say it’s about that time now!
  13. Now imagine if we could draft the next big time wide receiver in this draft instead of having to sign OBJ to a billion dollars! It can be done! Draft one early and we are good!
  14. I don’t know if you are serious are just hungover from the weekend
  15. Now if the front office would quit dragging their feet on mr2 restructure, this could actually be a possible signing in the falcons offseason. Seeing how we are broke, don’t see this happening unfortunately!
  16. Draft Payne in first round! Will it be enough to compete against Philly though?
  17. No! We had an oc with no sense on how to close the most important game of his life! Oh and also a head coach too pu$$i to over rule him in the most critical time of the game! Offense was clutch, game management and critical decisions is where we lost the ball game.
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