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  1. I actually like this idea. It's bold and different. I'll give you that. High risk, because there is NO proof he'd be good. But why not? Ozzie was a former player that ran laps around teams because he actually knew football because he played. It'd be a big story, create buzz around the team, etc. F*ck it!
  2. Yep. When you have a 16 point lead with 6 minutes on the clock and you don't believe a four minute offense is worth going to, that's coaching. You have to factor player error in this situation. You have the lead. A strong lead. Assume every pass will be an incomplete pass. Only pass if you HAVE to. Even then, make them high percentage shots. Those deep shots were so unnecessary. It's exactly what they did in the SB. It's DQ's thing. He doesn't know what "stay aggressive" means. What he does is get stupid. You can wear a team out staying aggressive but eating clock. These coaches are just
  3. He's good at giving you a lot to think about. That's the biggest problem with both of our schemes. That's why they lose late. The Bears were sending pressure early and often, so when it was late, they didn't have to because the Falcons believed it was possible. When you believe the opponent can run it everywhere, you try to cover for it, but you realistically just can't. But if I know it's always going to be between the tackles, just bottle it up. It's so basic.
  4. When your run game lacks imagination, you don't believe you can run it to put it away. That's when you dust off the fun. The inside trap, outside zone, jet sweep, toss, power, dive, off tackle. The defense would know I'm running. I wouldn't give a f*ck. Figure out where it's going. Even if he was stopped, like you said, they were ripping off good chunks on the ground. You didn't need points.
  5. Three straight runs with no timeout takes off a guaranteed 120 seconds. That's two minutes. Two three and outs and that's four minutes off the clock in a game that Chicago needed the ball twice two score at least ten points in 6 minutes. One drive took 11 seconds off the clock. In a game they gave up the game winner after the two minute warning. It's so ridiculous, the bullshlt excuses they keep pumping out. They dropped the ball as coaches again. A week after they just did the same thing. They clearly didn't learn a dam thing from last week. Why should I believe differently after this w
  6. I would make a joke about the running game being ineffective because of Koetter and that's why he'd abandon it, but over 5 yards a pop on the ground and he still wouldn't lean on it to close out a game. The playbook should have been run plays only at that point. Especially with how many times Matt got hit. There was just no benefit to passing. You didn't even need big plays. Just run out the clock. I'll take a 1 point win over the loss we just got handed.
  7. That's what's so f*ckin frustrating. The tune around here would be different if we were 2-1 with a blowout of the Cowboys and Bears, showing week one was just week one. Instead, we're hoping for a 5-4 record going into the bye, assuming we don't plss down our legs anymore.
  8. Basic situational football. They've never had it under DQ. How do you not know how to just keep the clock running as much as possible in the fourth quarter with that kind of lead? Even if they were all losses and the same three and outs, the Bears just run out of time. The same thing happened last week. The same thing happened in the SB. When you're repeating the same mistakes over and over again, you aren't learning and it's a cemented flaw. This is a DQ issue, not a coordinator issue. He doesn't get it. It happened four years ago with Kyle. It's happened twice in two weeks under Koetter. The
  9. Haha I just posted this in the AJ Terrell has potential thread from last week. He showed well again. Same thing I said about last week. He's not been thrown at a lot, which is very rare for a rookie CB. He's been in good coverage consistently and tackled well. He's just a good CB. Excited to see him shine in a shltshow
  10. The problem? Even if Oliver lands a solid two hand jam, by nature of his positioning at the LOS in press, he's going to always be in a trail position after the jam. So even if his technique was perfect, he was beat because he can't cover a vert from press with no safety help. He has to force the ball to be thrown over his and the WRs head, which it was. But with no safety over top, Oliver will never make that play. This isn't a talent issue, it's a positioning/physics issue. Look at Ramsey vs Gallup at the end of the Rams-Cowboys game. Ramsey is vastly a better CB than Oliver, but
  11. This is always such a stupid stat to quote. Completely ignores game flow/situation. Just run it 25 times to open the game and we win. Game over. Not how it works. But that's how it's presented.
  12. Both. With Kazee, it looks like he's spot dropping every snap. But the rules are still the rules. The problem is the entire NFL knows the rules to how they defend and the good ones will just manipulate it to no end. Then they try and spot drop and they look foolish because they largely lack awareness as a unit.
  13. We're just civilians KOG. Plain guys in street clothes. We don't know anything.
  14. Because Morris wasn't putting him in any position to. None of the DBs made a pass deflection. Yes, they all sucked. I'm not saying they didn't. But they were all put in a shlt situation and I'd wager Terrell did a decent enough job trying to wade through that as a rookie. It's relative. He's going to get his lumps vs Cooper, Gallup, and Lamb. But if they actually put the secondary in positions to make plays and not just sit in soft coverages and look to defend the run, then I'll be ready to properly judge the group. But the coaches let this group down before they even stepped foot on the
  15. Diggs got to play a less daunting WR corps with a better gameplan behind him and a QB named Jared Goff. Terrell had to play Lockett and Metcalf with Russell Wilson with a gameplan designed to stop Chris Carson lol I can't fault him. Diggs is going to get embarrassed vs Julio and Ridley and rightfully so. If Morris trots out a better gameplan and players play more assignment sound football, Terrell should look better as well.
  16. See stizz! I even gave the video evidence for your example. I have no problem calling a spade a spade, I just don't roll with hypotheticals bc somebody said so. Give me proof baby!
  17. Lol that's why I always ask for examples. The eye in the sky don't lie!
  18. Lol naw he's right on the jet sweep. Foye should have been in position to make the play though, not Terrell. That's two of the three plays listed ironically where Foye left AJ out to dry. Poor fella got baptised!
  19. Jeez stizz here's what you said: I'm not the one making stuff up here. But ok, the Wilson option play one. The jet sweep, he got his as smooth ran over lol that was a welcome to the NFL moment. See! I have no problem calling a spade a spade. But he went for it. Can't say the same for when Tru was here. The play vs Metcalf he's going for the ball while his safety is correctly coming over top to clean up (Kazee's first play outside the numbers?). He was in no position to make a tackle. Again, desperation. Did you expect him to somehow catch up and drag Metcalf down from behind there?
  20. Lol haha oh I got it! Truss! But I think they are adamant on the single high to make him fit. They have no plans for Hawkins, which is a shame. Hopefully Neal can find some semblance of himself by midseason, but I don't trust this staff putting him in positions to do it.
  21. Waiting on the multiple plays he shied away from contact...
  22. Not at all. I understand football. That's where we disagree. I have no qualms about placing blame. I have no attachment to Terrell like you seem to think. Go ahead, show me the multiple times he shied away from contact. I'll even give you my Gamepass login so you can show All 22 shots.
  23. If he makes a pick and potential pick six, it's a MASSIVE play. If he gets beat on the double move, it doesn't really change anything. They were in a desperate position needing a play to be made. I can live with a rookie having the balls to shoot his gun. That's something you can work with.
  24. There are rules. When you start bailing on the rules and freelancing, it leads to big plays. AJ's man is the WR. If Foye doesn't crash like a mad man, he's there to read the play correctly. You're literally taught "QB in the shotgun, slow play the handoff in case he pulls out and runs". Foye crashes, leaving nobody out there. It's basic RPO key reading on the edge. That's my point. AJ did the correct thing. Yes, it looks "bad" because he just "runs by him". But if the other guys do their job correctly, AJ is there to make the tackle on Lockett. You're basically saying AJ should have
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