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  1. He will. Get ready. Ridley is the Roddy replacement and Pitts is the Julio replacement. We move.
  2. Debo didn't seem to care last year. If the real Debo returns this year, he'll flirt with All Pro status.
  3. Exactly. It's a match up proof group on paper. Too many players that require extra attention and can be lined up in various places. Play too far deep because of Julio and Ridley and you've just opened up the underneath wide open for Pitts/Patterson/Gage. Play up and you risk a big play. Play 8 in the box and you only have one safety to help over top. The defense should always be in conflict vs this group of players.
  4. This. Having Pitts puts teams in such a bind on the back end that they can't sell out to stop the run. If they do, they are so short handed it's not even funny. Put Pitts and Hurst out there with Julio and Ridley and shift to a 3x1 set and it's literally unstoppable.
  5. I'm fine with it. Means 10/17 is a bye. Week 6 bye week. Hopefully we go into it with a winning record to make a second half season push.
  6. The Chiefs gave us Tony G for a second. We stole him back then. The Falcons aren't idiots. Julio will cost a team a first rounder. Easily. Especially when you consider how cheap he'll be for the team that gets him compared to the dead cap TF will be left with. OBJ cost a 1st and 3rd. That's my starting price if I'm TF.
  7. This is what I found annoying. You couldn't talk about one side or the other without it being some declaration of you either wanting Matt Ryan gone or thinking he's washed (because you could see QB at #4) or you think this QB class sucks (because you didn't see QB at #4). It was such a polarizing topic that nobody cared to ACTUALLY talk about it anymore. It was just a bunch of virtual yelling and name calling. Like you said, some of the arguments were just so illogical, I found more time confused at how people were trying to force their side of the argument to be true instead of seeing both could coexist.
  8. I like Payton Turner a lot. Surprised he went so early, but he fits that DL. They are trotting out guys in Cam Jordan, David Onyemata, Marcus Davenport, and Payton Turner. All four of those guys are VERY hard to deal with 1v1. They are all long and stout at the POA. It won't be pretty.
  9. Man I had to bump this thread. All that talk about pocket passer this and that to justify Mac Jones and he's STILL sitting in the green room.
  10. Man I had to bump this thread. All that talk about pocket passer this and that to justify Mac Jones and he's STILL sitting in the green room.
  11. Man I had to bump this thread. All that talk about pocket passer this and that to justify Mac Jones and he's STILL sitting in the green room.
  12. Yea he came from the Express to the Bucs. He won like 4-5 games in two years with the Bucs. Bucs took him in the supplemental draft. I think his stint with the Bucs is just written out of history lol he was in the creamsicles
  13. Steve Young was considered a bust with the Bucs. Rodgers entire rookie contract was under $8M. Neither of those are good examples.
  14. Lol man that trade is going down in history as one of the absolute worst! But yea, the trade won't happen because the compensation will never work. The Falcons aren't settling for a 2nd for Julio to eat that kind of dead cap. Unless they are rebuilding... Which no signs show that's their plan
  15. If paying a rookie QB to sit on the bench is stupid, why is paying your star WR $15M to play for another team not just as stupid.
  16. It'd be like when the Chiefs traded Tony G to the Falcons. The Chiefs weren't going anywhere soon and Tony wanted to win.
  17. You draft Pitts because of how rare he is. A 6'6 250lbs man who runs a 4.4 forty and the biggest wingspan ever for a pass catcher. How many defenders exist that can defend that? If we didn't have Julio and Ridley, I wouldn't be as for Pitts. But it's their presence that I'm all for it. You have two WRs who require safety help, forcing two high defensive looks. With that, Pitts is being covered by a LB, a third safety, or a nickel corner. We saw what he did to teams best defenders at UF. Horn and Surtain covered Pitts in college. They will have to cover Julio/Ridley in the NFL. Pitts would be an oversized mismatch in a situation unlike any we've seen. It's like giving this offense Calvin Johnson. Literally.
  18. The thing I find funny about people talking about Arthur Smith needing a Derrick Henry to make his scheme work completely ignore him constantly saying he'll work just fine with the talent he has. Give him Pitts and he'd have two unicorns in Julio and Pitts. With a former MVP QB, I'd say that more than makes up for no Derrick Henry and gives you something no other team has.
  19. I was not a White fan when he was coming out. His lack of coverage production scared me. He's in the perfect scheme, because Bowles doesn't make him cover. Parsons is a bigger, faster version of him. Put him in a high pressure scheme and he'll be an All Pro.
  20. Go ahead. Roddy even asked for it. Maybe you're still compiling it. I'll wait.
  21. This is so annoying. Yes, Peyton wasn't drafted this century, but he makes up 33% of the All Pros this century. Which is only 21 years old. But let's make it sound 100 years old....
  22. That's exactly what I was going to ask next. Rodgers and Brees wouldn't be generational based on your definition. I think you're a little tough, which is fine, but it leaves out so many greats because of timing. It's like Jordan. He's an all time generational guy, but the guys in the league at the same time were just as generational but were overshadowed. For me, I just see them in 10 year windows. The game changes so fast, it's hard to comp eras. AP would destroy the times behind him. He'd be Bo Jackson. But would Barry be better than Devonta in 2016? Not a matter of his talent, but the competition he's playing against. Guys are a LOT faster and stronger and the game is different. After Barry came along, guys who could defend Barry came along. It's because he was generational. Tony G is the same. Yes, Kellen Winslow and Shannon Sharpe existed, but Tony changed the position to where a new breed of defenders was born. Guys like Isaiah Simmons and Derwin James didn't really exist before and it's a product of the generational talents before them.
  23. Yes and no. There are few true studs, which isn't normal, compared to multiple quality QBs and offensive weapons. Add in a light DL group vs a VERY deep OL group and it tilts towards offense. We have a good CB group. We have a good LB group. The edge group has promise, but no beast. Safety group is the same. I think you'll have less busts from the defensive crop though. Just a lot of contributor types vs "circle this guy on Sundays" types.
  24. His HWS is similar to Jared Cook while is production is similar to Calvin Johnson. The only reason he won't put up crazy numbers is because of the presence of Julio and Ridley. Give Pitts 150 targets and I'd be willing to bet he can crack 1000 yards and 10 TDs too.
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