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  1. Because nothing happens to America. It's always a "there" issue. Wars, crime, corruption, terrorism, etc. This is no different. Wait until May and we're still looking at low tests and high death numbers and record breaking unemployment. They still will think it's an over exaggeration.
  2. This is actually VERY impressive in terms of structure. It's basically a one year deal with an out after that. I'll take it.
  3. I'm ready for Brees to retire, but I love the guy as a player man. He's so dam good. You gotta appreciate greatness. Wish Matt had a defense that was able to slow him down, but very few teams had that in the league. Will be glad once he's gone.
  4. Oh very true. Not a big knock. I just thought he was faster. He has very few flaws in my opinion. Complete safety. 4.5 speed and shoulder injuries are my only knocks. But he can be a CB1 day one in ATL.
  5. Jaylon Johnson has been one of my favorite watches. Hate he ran a slow forty, but he's got true shut down potential.
  6. How is he trying to say anything to a safety from that spot on the field? The only person reacting is Trufant. You're too focused on who the offensive players are. That doesn't matter. If that were the case, Trufant wouldn't have been guarding a TE to begin with. Also, he's not changing less than a second before the ball is snapped. Kamara goes in motion at :20 mark, Campbell alerts Trufant at :22 (turning over his left shoulder so no way possible he's talking to a safety), then again at :23 alerts Tru and steps up to jam the TE, the ball is snapped at :25. Sorry but there is nothing more Campbell could have done for Trufant there to let him know he's full on taking the TE. He's taking the TE because he can get a better alignment on the TE to jam and play man, he's more suited to match up a TE in space than Kamara, and Kamara has a two way go from his alignment and the only play who can defend that spot without getting caught in trash is Trufant. Regardless, here are the rules to guarding a stacked alignment. (Note: the diagrams will show CB/S but replace that with Trufant and Campbell) This shows you how they chose to defend this look. It was correct. Campbell, in the sake of the diagrams, is the CB and Trufant is the S. This isn't a matter of my opinion vs yours. It's like Football 201, not introduction stuff, but very basic in nature. Nothing exotic in how they should have covered this. This is all why Trufant has Kamara. He was the second man, the non-press man. He HAS to take the uncovered man. It's the rule, not an opinion. He also HAS to take Kamara because of the In/Out rules of this alignment. There is no way Campbell can align and apply this technique, which he did properly, and jam the TE while peeling to cover Kamara. He's neither in a position to do so, nor athletic enough to do so. You can't just ignore rules. That's what you're trying to do because you don't understand how it could possibly be one way, so you're trying to force it to something you understand. That's not a shot at you or trying to be disrespectful, just pointing it out. You know enough about football, but you're missing this one my man.
  7. The reason this is more Trufant, is because Trufant has the capacity to take the second threat. Even if he was prepared to cover the TE, which he was aligned over initially, all you have to do is see Campbell's alignment and see he committed to covering the TE in man. Then after the snap, you see Campbell is jamming AND carrying the TE. Trufant had two opportunities to take Kamara and didn't. Pause the clip at :24 and :27. @ :24 - You see Trufant stacked behind Campbell. It's a man coverage. Campbell declared who he's guarding. Trufant has to respond on that. Does he? Who knows... @ :27 - This is where you see Trufant is again in no man's land. Something he's done a lot in his time in ATL. He can clearly see the release for both threats. He can also clearly see one guy is going out, while Campbell is jamming the other player with no leverage to cover the outside route. So why doesn't Tru pick up the free threat? He can clearly see and react to it. Campbell clearly points out, alerts Tru, and clearly aligns over the man he's declaring to be his. Why leave Tru in man vs a bigger TE and Campbell vs the shiftier Kamara? It makes more sense to do what Campbell did, even with the motion. Not just that. I don't know the rules, because I don't know the coverage, but in a man with guys stacked like that, the CB takes the outside route since he was already the outside defender. Kamara is that guy.
  8. The Browns had a very good pass defense with a rookie Greedy Williams and second year Denzel Ward.
  9. Because Deion took the ball away and scored points the other way. Henderson needs to make up for it with takeaways. And I'm not saying he will be a slot CB. I'm saying he will have to go in there since Oliver has no business being anything other than a boundary CB. If he's soft inside, teams will eat him up.
  10. Oliver is a full time, boundary only CB. Not even a slot guy. He's a linear player. Sheffield played the slot. Rico has been listed as the nickel on two released depth charts (obviously unofficial). Henderson is fine, but going back to last year, when they went heavy man, Oliver tended to be the CB on the bigger WRs (Evans/Thomas) with Sheffield on the other and Rico taking the shifty WR/RB. If the CB1 you take at #16 is going to have to play more WR2/Slot/Nickel type of duties, I don't think Henderson fits that. The moment he gets in the slot, a smart team is going to make him tackle. You just can't get around that issue. It's not a lack of technique. It's also a lack of want to. He makes business decisions all of the time and his cover skills aren't that good to accept that in my opinion. I think his ceiling is that of DRC, a fringe top tier CB with flashes of elite play, but not a special guy overall.
  11. Like primetime said, it rarely happens well. Yet, it's been treated like the norm. Safeties have to have good feet and COD. Like you said, Oliver doesn't. So he's dead on arrival at safety. He's only played man really, so saying you don't see him as a great man to man cover guy ignores everything about his game. The reason he fell in the draft was because of his lack of snaps in zone coverage. Yet, you throw him 20 yards off the ball with poor COD and little zone awareness and you are talking about an UDFA type of player.
  12. Need to replace Crawford on the DL. Other than that, safety. Just take one look at SS and you see the massive hole that spot has been the last two years without Neal. We've seen them patchwork that spot with guys like Carter and Ish and Richards and Neasman. None of those guys are Neal and we can't even say with confidence that Neal will be Neal. He's more likely to be a LB convert based on the projected speed loss. Rico played more nickel down the stretch and this is the second time I've seen him listed as a nickel. I don't think that's a coincidence. It would make sense why they'd be comfortable with their CB group if Rico is back to being a CB and they are looking at adding a very rangy safety at #16.
  13. I just don't get the vibes for Henderson. Still trying to figure it out, but if he's not willing to tackle, I can't look passed that. Is he that much better than Gladney or Johnson or Fulton? To me, no. If I'm an OC, I'm just running a shlt ton of tosses to Henderson and making him play football until he taps. At that point, he has no legs to run with my #1 WR. Also, what is this place's infatuation with projecting CBs as FS converts? What is that about? Oliver does not show anything that would make him a safety. But that shows me yall still don't understand safety play.
  14. Football speed. People look at combine numbers and not tape. Hurst plays much faster.
  15. This. They clearly wanted the June 1st savings.