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  1. I'll give Smitty credit. He never overestimated his talent. As much as we wanted better, they couldn't be better. DQ thinks he was trotting out the LOB last year.
  2. Hooper was a very good TE. I'll give him that. I didn't agree with paying him, but I'm not going to downplay his talent. I thought he was able to be a seam stretcher, but after three OCs not using him that way consistently (Kyle, Sark, Dirk), I guess that's just not his game. I hope he develops that part, because it was the only thing missing for me to put him in the fringe elite category. Again, every player doesn't have to be elite, but he's only 25 with still room to grow. As for Hurst, I think he can easily step into Hooper's role. Dirk's offense has always been TE friendly. Hurst seems to be more football player than athlete in his play style, more physical in his demeanor than Hooper's finesse style. That's not to say he's better, but could bring a different dynamic. Also, Hurst was treated to more vertical assignments than Hooper, albeit in limited fashion. If Hurst brings that element, while recreating the underneath threat that Hooper was, he could be a big addition to this offense that we frankly haven't seen before. But it's all potential and that doesn't mean shlt.
  3. I just don't trust Dirk. They had some well designed running plays later in the year, but rarely went to them consistently enough. I'm fine building the offense around the passing game, but if you don't have any bread and butter run plays, it doesn't matter. Even the Saints learned that over the course of their 7-9 spree. You've got the horses to run it. Run it.
  4. Not wrong. The youth is terrible. That's coaching. But also, we've drafted some old rookies. Ridley and McGary were older than normal rookies. This roster is positioned for the next 3-5 years. That's about it.
  5. This. I've said it countless times, we've had too many players that just couldn't do what they were supposed to nothing. Nothing over the top, but the assignment. Little awareness of down and distance to adjust accordingly. Just stupid athletes playing football.
  6. I would but with two season ending injuries, I'm not betting on the same Neal. If we get that, then great!
  7. That's a fair enough reason. I'm all about a strong middle of the defense so having both just makes me happy. Need to get safety to their level and we'll have a good defense.
  8. Gono got snaps late in the year. No Sambrailo this year in his way. And again, the best OTs available are fringe starting quality. Don't see them settling for a swing OT role.
  9. Oh I don't know if I'd say hands down. Both are arguably top five at their positions. Debo has ended a couple games that Grady hasn't. But give me 11 of either of them and I'm ready to go to war.
  10. Doesn't seem like they're taking chances on uber athletes this year. They loaded up on football players. First and foremost. Can't play football without em.
  11. You got your OT/OG swing in Gono. With all of the money on the OL, doubt we'll see that one with OT ability unfortunately. I think the guys worth signing will hold out for a starting opportunity/money. Agreed on DE/SLB. Would welcome Clay Matthews with open arms.
  12. Brees. The Saints would then proceed to be terrible again. The Panthers and Bucs don't concern me so don't even care.
  13. You literally made up a reason for calling the Terrell pick questionable then when I pressed you on it, the story shifted from questionable pick to questionable skillset that matched the skillset of the CB you had no issues with. But run with me not knowing Murray's nickname was K9. Yea that proves what? Again, your stance on Terrell is based on one game. You've danced around that since the jump.
  14. Oh definitely. Not downplaying Freeman at all. But it's more Kyle vs Koetter for me. Gurley in that 2016 offense would have broken records. Teco has been mid since Kyle left, which is no coincidence. Kyle was the massive part of the engine of that running game.
  15. Again, you said adding Dennard would make the pick of Terrell even more questionable. Then you claim it was a comment on his "questionable skillset" and mention only his tackling and a side comment on him not being a true ballhawk. So help me out, because if you didn't complain about Trufant, how are you calling Terrell questionable? The knocks on Tru were his mediocre tackling and he didn't intercept passes, the same knocks you're using to call the Terrell pick questionable lol. You think Terrell is a questionable pick because of one game and the media making that the narrative. You had the chance to lay out this questionable skillset and didn't have anything but tackling. Shame.
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