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  1. Lol he's truly downplaying the importance and ability of Leonard for a rookie
  2. Exactly. They do deserve credit for winning in the postseason though. But when you only have to win one game to get to the AFCCG...
  3. Eh 2020 picks his side and waits for enough evidence to shift him one way or another. I don't blame him. A lot of fans are stuck on Dirk from his first stint, but ignore who he had to work with. If we had an OL of Lamar Holmes, Justin Blalock, Joe Hawley, Peter Konz, and Jeremy Trueblood and Dirk was ripping off 5 and 7 step pass plays, Ryan would be retired like Andrew Luck. They ignore 2012. It's selective memory to save themselves from heart break.
  4. Lol I don't have any angst with 2020. He's right to not be impressed by Dirk if you look at the raw numbers. But when you factor in the player error, you can't fully judge Dirk yet.
  5. That's not on Dirk though. That's where I land. For instance, that outside run with Freeman where Jake was at LG, it was there, but Hooper got blown up. Stuff like that isn't on Dirk. They were moving the ball versus MIN. Two red zone turnovers means you had to get to the red zone. Same with the Eagles. Matt throws a stupid pick in the endzone and Bryant misses a FG. That's 10 points. Even on the first TD to Julio, it was a called run and Ito would have scored, but Matt pulled it and threw to Julio. That's not on Dirk. He gives him the option to RPO it, but his play calling has not been an issue.
  6. Jeez I hate lazy comments like: Until "Throw an INT" is in the playbook, I'm not onboard with these kinds of comments. Koetter has been fine. Could have hung 30+ on the Eagles if not for Matt throwing another red zone INT.
  7. Man I said this the other day on Twitter. It's fascinating how inept those three franchises have been for two decades. I couldn't imagine the stress free life of playing the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills for the division every year. It's a cake walk. The Pats lay an egg here and there like every team, but they have the easiest road to the postseason I've ever seen for this long. Even Peyton got some comp in the AFC South occasionally from the Titans and Texans. 6 of their games are JV contests. That means they just need to win 4 out of 10 to win 10 games.
  8. His playcalling isn't injured, but I'm not giving Teddy any benefit of the doubt until he shows he can play again. He was decent in 2015. Since the injury, any game action he's seen has been hard to watch at best. He was missing very simple throws when he stepped in for Brees last Sunday. He's not mobile any more either. Until he shows otherwise, Teddy is a check down specialist that is miles below the QB Brees is. That offense works wonders because Brees knows how to manipulate the defenders while the play works its way through. Teddy doesn't.
  9. LMAO I would love it if this were true!
  10. Exactly. People like the idea of Teddy more than actual Teddy. His peak was very ordinary. But he was a Pro Bowl QB so people are enamored.
  11. Agreed. I'm focused on them going 8-0 at home. I think that'd be the first time under DQ. That creates plenty of room for error on the road. Win 2 on the road and that's ten wins.