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  1. Agreed. That's the preference. Let them come up, stay in the top ten and get a good haul
  2. I had the Lions pegged as one before they got Goff back. They made a lot of sense. Denver and San Fran are the only two I would seriously look at. Below #12 and you get out of blue chip territory.
  3. Easily. Brady has had top ten defenses for most of his career. He threw 3 INTs in the NFCCG and won. That's never happened before. Because his defense was legit.
  4. I missed that but makes sense. You don't necessarily have to take a QB top ten to win. It's a first round investment most times, but there are available QBs. Build a very balanced and complete team and a QB can play and win. But folks want a QB to overcome shortcomings of a poorly built roster and then get mad when he can't.
  5. Given the high number of QBs coming out every year, there is going to be an overflow and market inefficiency of QBs. The Bucs were able to stash Josh Rosen behind Brady. Rosen is a very talented QB who never got a fair shake. If he pans out after getting time to learn from the best, the rest of the NFL will be kicking themselves. Titans turned Tannehill around after putting him in a stable offense. A guy like Sam Darnold or Daniel Jones could come available after being stuck in such shlt situations. But a great team for the next QB.
  6. Would be fine with me. Jake has some struggles with soft edges. Could be an All Pro LG.
  7. Well because your post says "Get him first and then get your RB". No mention of trading back in the OP. That's what I responded to.
  8. Doesn't matter. We have Jake and McGary. Taking Slater or Sewell moves somebody to OG.
  9. I just don't see this happening. Not at #4. Even the Colts traded down and picked up two seconds and a future second before they took Nelson.
  10. Ole man if you don't give us our nickname for Fontenot by the end of the week, you will be perma banned. You hear me!? @FalconFanSince1970
  11. Pretty much. Build a complete team. The QB is important, but still just one position. It's almost like 12 years of Matt seeing his defense fail him hasn't shown people we have not had a complete team.
  12. Yep. If you can trade back and pick up a future 1st and still get your BPA, that's the VERY best case scenario.
  13. Yep. If the Chargers hire someone else, I think Gannon comes to ATL.
  14. I never even read the Breer quote but: So I guess Gannon is already open to the co-coordinator idea. Wonder why he's considering it again.
  15. Hadn't heard about Eagles or Chargers. Go to Chargers and it's "Staley's defense". Staley was in a stable situation. McVay was at no risk of being fired. Nagy made it by the skin of his teeth. I think they're different situations. But I agree that he may turn his nose up at having to run things Pees way. Very real possibility there. Of the four, I think Falcons and Chargers are his best situations if he's leaving a playoff team. Eagles are a cluster and Bears don't promise much stability beyond 2021 under Nagy. We'll see.
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