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  1. Yep. Let him walk. Maybe he goes to SF for a year or two as they keep poaching Falcons players. Hennessy is a Center only and was drafted to take over.
  2. They're overestimating his ability. Just like they did with Oliver.
  3. I remember chuckling wondering why this place thought Sheffield was just the savior to this defense.
  4. Exactly. He's been in KC since 2013. You know that lol so I'll partly be preaching to the choir, but like come on. That running game that Alex Smith leaned on? EB was a major part of that. Mahomes being ready to step in in 18? EB was a major reason for that. He's the one speaking to Mahomes more than Reid. He's heavily involved in play design and game planning. It's like he's not being given ANY credit for what's happening there even though he's the OC and Reid and Mahomes themselves have backed him up. It's just like folks who didn't like the Terrell pick but couldn't explain why (becau
  5. Don't know why it's difficult. EB is easily the best HC option that will be available. These excuses against him are lazy and flies in the face of the evidence for EB. Borgonzi is highly heralded and would be a very good GM hire. Both of them have been through transitioning a vet QB to a young replacement without missing a beat. That's what we'll be trying to do.
  6. So much of a problem. It's fine as a rookie, because they were rookie mistakes. But when he was a 3rd and 4th year vet making the same mistakes, I cooled on him quickly.
  7. Yep. He can't read a key to save his life. But loves talking trash on social media...
  8. I remember people swearing Campbell was a good LB here. He is athletic with very little awareness. Every time Foye stepped in the game, he looked better because he just didn't do stupid stuff. So glad they didn't bring 59 back.
  9. This is not a sexist comment, so please don't take it that way, but the woman ref has been bad every time I've seen her reffing. That spot is atrocious. I remember earlier in the year she called a Falcons game and was consistently bad then too.
  10. If the coaches, namely DQ, coached to the talent instead of an archaic scheme, they would be 6-3 instead of 3-6. They didn't lack talent. They lacked the talent to overcome poor defensive scheming. Sitting back in the same coverage for 100 snaps was stupid. Suddenly they are actually scheming and playing defense and attacking and it's....working? Not rocket science. If you tell the offense what the coverage is, they'll destroy you. Look at Seattle...
  11. The NFL's COVID policies are so plss poor. Like you said, it was all their own players in their own locker room. This is stupid.
  12. Been saying for a while this team needed to blitz. The best defenses in the league blitz. Relying on four is stupid honestly. It's so hard and expensive to build a defense around a four man rush. Send five or more. Confuse the OL and QB. Give yourself some benefit of knowing what you're doing and the offense not. When the Falcons would just line up and play, they were getting abused because it was SO clear who was rushing and the likelihood of them either being in Cover 1 or Cover 3. Now, teams have no clue what's going to happen and actually have to read the defense and make guesses instead o
  13. Harmon/Neal. Harmon would be a good vet signing to bridge the FS spot. He's been good for years.
  14. Lol exactly. "He gives up catches! He's supposed to be Revis!" I thought he would too, but I figured he'd settle in because he was the only CB in the draft that's been playing real snaps since his freshman year. Folks forget that. He was trusted to lockdown Chase 1v1. Nobody else dared even think that was possible. Even Oliver is settling in. I said a while back Oliver was a Cover 2 corner in a Cover 3 corner's body. He doesn't have long speed, so that's why he was terrible deep. They moved him to more nickel duties and suddenly he's not in the deep third defending and doesn't lo
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