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  1. Another Troll that's gone M.I.A.

  2. 0 Football knowledge, pitiful smack talk, and now spineless.

    See ya, Dolphake fan.

  3. nothings worse than a fan that talks crap for months and then doesn't show up after his team nearly gets shut out. that's a punk move.


  4. The only thing Craplanta Tweety Bird fans are going to eat besides the burning feathers flying around, is crow. And a nice big plate of it that will be shoved down your throats.
  5. We don't rely on the Wildcat... We ran it for less than 10% of our offensive plays last year.... Only a nitwit would think the wildcat is everything we do on offense. But I know you're scared of the 4 or 5 wildcat plays we run per game, with Pat White included in the mix... Or else you wouldn't have brought it up. You can run but you can't hide... Just like your sorry overrated team won't be able to hide tomorrow when they face a Real NFL TEAM who will put Craplanta into the ground begging for mercy.
  6. yeah, we know you guys are scared sh*tless. Too bad for you, that you will be the first team to face the new Wildcat version 4.0... I heard we drew up and practiced over 15 new plays that we never ran before. Poor Falcons.
  7. All the Tweety Birds have is Abe, and he will be playing on a bad knee. Meanwhile Miami has over half a dozen players who can get to the passer well. Our OLB and D-line rotation is awesome. Unlike you, we don't rely on one guy to get to the QB.. We have many guys that can do it, and do it very well.... You'll see tomorrow.
  8. Yes..... At around 4 o'clock when the game is over and this board starts panic thread after panic thread right after you get your sorry butts whipped by the Miami Dolphins.
  9. Atlanta fans won't be excited at 4:10pm tomorrow when Miami opens a can of whoop a$$ on that incredibly overrated Craplanta team. Make sure to DVR the game so you can re-live the pain, and see all the black holes you have on your team. There will be AT LEAST 100 panic threads on this board that will bel started between Sunday and Monday.
  10. Haha. This shows how people in Craplanta have no life. You gayboys in Craplanta will get your A$$es kicked by MIami fans....Go ahead and go !! You better hope you're alive in the hospital after their boots are removed so far up your A$$ they have to take your neck off to remove the sole.
  11. Blah.... ! Ronnie Brown had 1000 total yards in just 6 games.. And an over 5 yard average on the ground.... Something Turner didn't do, and Turner will NEVER EVER have in a 6 game stretch because he is not as talented all around as Brown.. The ONLY thing you can say is Brown didn't look himself last year because he came back early from a devastating knee injury.. But now, he is back 100% and will blow your sorry tweety bird laced doors off.. You have No chance, you faggotronic f*ckos. Take your Peachtree St. bullsh*t and f*ck two dead pitbulls with it, you sh*ta$$ Coca Cola-sponsored town.
  12. This represents your sissy weak losing franchise rather well.. ===
  13. When I was at the game in Toronto last year, there was more Miami fans than Buffalo fans. And Toronto is just an hour away from Buffalo. Miami Dolphin fans are the best.... And as you said, we span the world.
  14. The only sissy franchise in the game tomorrow with be the joke that is the Craplanta falcons.. Miami has the best winning % in NFL history.. Sissies cannot accomplish that in the toughest sport on the planet. While your franchise has always been the laughing stock of the league. Miami is so BadA$$, that when we had the worst season in our history 2 seasons ago, we bounced back with such ferocity that we had the best turnaround in NFL history. Your crappy Craplanta team is toast tomorrow.
  15. Miami is 7-3 ALL-Time against the pathetic Falcons. It will be 8-3 tomorrow. Miami has the best winning percentage in NFL history, while the embarrassing Tweety Birds have one of the worst. You can't even win a back-to-back winning season in your 44 years. The Falcons have never been relevant.. The Miami Dolphins are an iconic team in the NFL, and in all of sports. There is no comparison between the two franchises... The Miami Dolphins had the best winning percentage in ALL OF PRO SPORTS up until 2002, not just the NFL, but in ALL OF PRO SPORTS... But then early this decade we had some bozos r
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