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  1. Cash back when you make everyday purchases. Sign up and add your card. Just like the cash app.
  2. i thought the red endzone looked great in LI. And honestly thought they would do it for the new stadium but guess not.
  3. Sign up for the free trial for YouTube live TV. They have a ton of channels. I believe there will be like a 30 second delay like other services but it’s better than nothing
  4. Sucks for them but Sark better exploit this or Matt better have the pair to step up and take over. This is a HUGE opportunity for us right now when it comes to the playoffs
  5. Right now we have a 10 man, yes 10 man DL rotation going on. I never knew it was this deep and the depth is just insane. You have Beasley although he's listed as an OLB he'll have his hand in the dirt rushing the passer. Reed, Hageman, Shelby, Upshaw, Poe, Crawford, Jarrett, Takk and Clayborn. I mean, what is it gonna look like on game days? Who will be active/inactive? Will it depend on the game plan and who we're playing? I'm just so pumped to see what this line does this year. Chicago, you're victim #1
  6. Redemption 2014

  7. NFC South champs RISE UP

  8. Ready for some Football!!!!!