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  1. Sucks for them but Sark better exploit this or Matt better have the pair to step up and take over. This is a HUGE opportunity for us right now when it comes to the playoffs
  2. Right now we have a 10 man, yes 10 man DL rotation going on. I never knew it was this deep and the depth is just insane. You have Beasley although he's listed as an OLB he'll have his hand in the dirt rushing the passer. Reed, Hageman, Shelby, Upshaw, Poe, Crawford, Jarrett, Takk and Clayborn. I mean, what is it gonna look like on game days? Who will be active/inactive? Will it depend on the game plan and who we're playing? I'm just so pumped to see what this line does this year. Chicago, you're victim #1
  3. 99% sure it's gonna be Green Bay
  4. not at all. some punkass pats fan started this fake news and of course the rest of those losers believe it
  5. Yea this too. He's what like 6'7? A batted pass is just as good
  6. Not even 10 am and you're on our board...y'all really need something to do
  7. Let's cut to the chase. We all know what Brady is capable of when he has time in the pocket and when he can step up in a clean pocket. This is last year's AFC Championship vs Denver. The guy was getting harassed and tossed around all game long. If we can duplicate this, even a tiny bit and get our offense an extra possession or two...or three...or four. We will hoist that Lombardi
  8. This kinda makes me nervous but I saw a post earlier in the thread that made sense. Maybe it's locked on an iPad or tablet.....then again maybe it's not but why the **** are you walking around with the game plan for the biggest game ever in your backpack on MEDIA DAY?!
  9. When Matt went to get Sanu and Julio straight about motioning
  10. My God it was horrific. Those guys played Osweiler/Savage, Matt Moore/Tannehill, Tyrod Taylor, CODY KESSLER (WTF), Jared Goff, Kaepernick, Fitzpatrick/Bryce Petty, Landry Jones and Trevor Siemian. I mean my God that is terrible
  11. The Falcons will leave for Houston on Sunday and practice sites have been announced. Atlanta will practice at Rice university and the Patriots will practice at the University of Houston. I googled those campuses and it looks like they are about 15-20 minutes apart. We all know how slick the Patriots and Belichick can get so do you think we should be worried about them maybe having some tricks up their sleeve? Bill is an excellent defensive coach but he may want some intel on an offense so high powered like ours. Just something to think about. It's a slow day and I'm ready for Super Bowl week! RISE UP!
  12. You win