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  1. Was wandering YouTube and came across this here. Basically chatting with his former teammate about the knee and what he’s doing to stay in shape due to this virus going around, expectations for the Falcons, being cut (jokes), NFC South talk, a possible number change to 21 and more
  2. Greetings from Afghanistan my fellow Falcons fans! I haven’t been signed in on these boards for sometime because I’m currently deployed overseas for about 4 months now, but I have been keeping track with our Falcons and all the moves they’ve been making. From FA to the draft and looking forward to the future transactions as well. I’m not well known on these boards as a poster I pretty much just “like” and comment every now and then but after paying close attention to this past draft I had a thought. So as you know the Falcons will be playing in this years Hall of Fame game giving them an
  3. LOL I could understand fantasy frustration. Currently I’m in a 12 man $50 league with 1st getting $500 and 2nd getting $100. With players being limited how they are (especially RBs) it’s tough to build a decent roster. Ie Ajayi, Fournette, Cook injuries, Bell holdout, etc etc...when it comes time for the waiver wire to take place, you having knowledge over multiple people can be huge. I’m just saying. Just my two cents lol
  4. Didn’t see it posted but this looks like it was after the Bucs-Falcons game and this guy is just having a blast yelling at the players. My favorite is what he says to Duke and the securities reaction is gold! I’m on mobile so hopefully this link works. Idk how to embed on mobile so apologies in advance https://twitter.com/RageeOfficial/status/1051817073897279488
  5. i thought the red endzone looked great in LI. And honestly thought they would do it for the new stadium but guess not.
  6. Sign up for the free trial for YouTube live TV. They have a ton of channels. I believe there will be like a 30 second delay like other services but it’s better than nothing
  7. Sucks for them but Sark better exploit this or Matt better have the pair to step up and take over. This is a HUGE opportunity for us right now when it comes to the playoffs
  8. Right now we have a 10 man, yes 10 man DL rotation going on. I never knew it was this deep and the depth is just insane. You have Beasley although he's listed as an OLB he'll have his hand in the dirt rushing the passer. Reed, Hageman, Shelby, Upshaw, Poe, Crawford, Jarrett, Takk and Clayborn. I mean, what is it gonna look like on game days? Who will be active/inactive? Will it depend on the game plan and who we're playing? I'm just so pumped to see what this line does this year. Chicago, you're victim #1
  9. not at all. some punkass pats fan started this fake news and of course the rest of those losers believe it
  10. Yea this too. He's what like 6'7? A batted pass is just as good
  11. Not even 10 am and you're on our board...y'all really need something to do
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