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  1. LOL I could understand fantasy frustration. Currently I’m in a 12 man $50 league with 1st getting $500 and 2nd getting $100. With players being limited how they are (especially RBs) it’s tough to build a decent roster. Ie Ajayi, Fournette, Cook injuries, Bell holdout, etc etc...when it comes time for the waiver wire to take place, you having knowledge over multiple people can be huge. I’m just saying. Just my two cents lol
  2. Didn’t see it posted but this looks like it was after the Bucs-Falcons game and this guy is just having a blast yelling at the players. My favorite is what he says to Duke and the securities reaction is gold! I’m on mobile so hopefully this link works. Idk how to embed on mobile so apologies in advance
  3. Redemption 2014

  4. NFC South champs RISE UP

  5. Ready for some Football!!!!!