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  1. Was wandering YouTube and came across this here. Basically chatting with his former teammate about the knee and what he’s doing to stay in shape due to this virus going around, expectations for the Falcons, being cut (jokes), NFC South talk, a possible number change to 21 and more
  2. Greetings from Afghanistan my fellow Falcons fans! I haven’t been signed in on these boards for sometime because I’m currently deployed overseas for about 4 months now, but I have been keeping track with our Falcons and all the moves they’ve been making. From FA to the draft and looking forward to the future transactions as well. I’m not well known on these boards as a poster I pretty much just “like” and comment every now and then but after paying close attention to this past draft I had a thought. So as you know the Falcons will be playing in this years Hall of Fame game giving them an extra preseason game with a total of five. So what does this mean? More evaluation time. More film. More reps. More opportunities. I feel like this is s great chance for the young guys to get up to the NFL speed having an extra 4 quarters of preseason football. All eyes will be on both offensive linemen we took in the first round as well as guys like Cominsky and Sheffield. Also what this does is benefit Rashede Hageman. Hageman has been out of football for the last two years and this is a good chance for him to get back into game speed as well as being that force and beast we all saw during the super bowl run. These types of opportunities don’t happen too often for the Falcons so what are your thoughts? An extra game, is it beneficial or does it hurt due to the possibility of more injuries? Hand being tipped a little more for the regular season opponents? Me personally I think it’s great. Especially for the revamped O line,
  3. Redemption 2014

  4. NFC South champs RISE UP

  5. Ready for some Football!!!!!