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  1. Long time, you still owe me a madden rematch!

  2. T-mInus 12 hours and 55 minutes!!!! LETS GO!

  3. Less than a day...FINALLY we begin! So happy to be back in the Dome

  4. Is getting ready to watch our falcons take over the NFC souths top spot!

  5. we can get on the sticks sir

  6. I've BEEN ready, I staying killing madden lol. and yeah I'm in the wave pool like hmm he looks mad familiar...ohhh wait a minute...TD? shouldnt u been training or something!? get ya *** out the water! lol

  7. you KNOW i am! what kinda question is that? lol I need to get a new ps3 so i can get back on madden. btw I saw TD28 a white water the other week...kinda weird... lol

  8. been pretty quiet with ur weekly themes :P

  9. lol I GREW up on saved by the bell now...I'm not sleepin on it trust me! but dang every status i've seen of yours in the past 4 days has been about saved by the bell! lol

  10. Can't wait to see how Sunday goes in your house :) GO Falcons!

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