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  1. Praying for all those affected by the storms, I know some have evacuated and some are staying put...either way please be safe.
  2. At work too...I'll get home at 9am and wake up at 12:30pm..gotta check my FFB lineups last minute lol....thanks for the post almost forgot to pick up some 5 hr energy on the way home
  3. I don't know how you do it...I can't even bear to see a glance of pats on the internet or tv...I just scroll past it as fast as possible
  4. What kinda question....! lol that being said, I for one never give up regardless...still watching...still cheering...it will be what it is meant to be
  5. Welcome Mrs. Papachaz and all Falcon spouses!!! So nice to be supported! My husband wears this shirt all the time...I say he I upgraded him....he doesn't need really his Detroit Lions anyway...
  6. I'm sorry but this is one heck of an overreaction...he's done a ton of positive...people used to think our D was a joke and look at them now, room for growth sure but they have come a long way And if you want him to use his veto power all the time then what's the point of an OC? He trusted his OC that's what that was. He might as well be like KS in San Fran and not even hire an OC if that's how you want to play it.
  7. I was just playing, yeah I've been watching on Sunday ticket too just miss being around other fans. Thanks for the info!
  8. I remember when you first started doing this it was a nice read for those of us who couldn't make the training camp that day
  9. Hey I said don't beat me if we did this recently LOL I'm in Bristow, any falcons bars nearby?
  10. I'm in the DC Metro area too, didn't know that thanks for the info. We are definitely looking into the pats game
  11. I feel like that's what will happen if I do. I just can't, I scroll fast past the little 30 second sound fx clips on IG like they might bite me if I look too long. I'm just scared it sounds so crazy. Just now starting to feel better but I'll be angry all over again. It's like a bad breakup, you're hurt then angry then start to forget then you feel better but those stupid little reminders throw you back in upset again...is it July yet?
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