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  1. ...gain of 1. Marching down the field with the explosive talent we have.
  2. ...really? No wrap up tackles, 2 absolute failures on DeCoud and letting them pass all over us. The only people who have come to play are Abraham and Bryant. Biermann is doing well with his snaps.
  3. Dude should have stepped up when he wasn't on ST and got more sacks then. If he became a sack monster - we'd have kept him fresh.
  4. He looked good pass blocking, alot better. Still has a way to go but at least make some sense Dr. Billings. If Turner is in - we know it's a run. If Rogers is in, at least we know it could be any play, except a screen - that's too much to ask.
  5. In simple, Vel wins because Owens actually hasn't given up much since MIA. Those are Owen's plays, the ones where he gave up nothing/next to nothing.
  6. I guarantee, the intelligent people and other GMs around the league, do not underestimate/underrate Babineaux
  7. Meier for me will be the #4 WR - and when you think he'll be going against some of the smaller, weaker #4 DB's, he'll make plays. Weems is decent, and yes he catches alot thrown his way (no longer everything as we know), but Meier runs crisp routes and has prototypical size. Give him chances, he'll make plays. He attacks the ball really well.
  8. I don't even live in Atlanta, Georgia or let alone even America, but I still found it an interesting read. It's great you've got 3 teams to be proud of. It's a shame some idiots can't appreciate that.
  9. No - he was severely over-rated after having his 1 good season. He was suspect last year, yet still got paid a fat contract.
  10. I'm going Julio for 2 reasons. 1. He has Matt Ryan throwing him the ball. 2. He's so humble, and has a very professional approach to the game. He'll no doubt learn from Roddy who will tell him personally, it takes the dedication and sacrifice to reach the heights - he'll do it instantly, whereas Roddy took a couple years.
  11. We already have to re-sign about 6-8 of our own FA's - once that's done, how do we then sign 7 rookies? Who get's cut? Where do these magical roster spaces appear? He got rid of a few picks, knowing we can't afford all of them, and bundled them into one guy who he figures will have a salary cap, but still be a productive, top tier player. Shrewd business.
  12. I want my slot guy to be quick and agile - to make the breaks on shorter routes with the potential for YAC, Jenkins isn't that guy.
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