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  1. Roddy White for me was the best WR in the league last year. He just got even better with the acquisition of Julio Jones, it will open it up for Roddy, Jones will make teams pay if they double/triple/blanket Roddy and Tony like they used to. Roddy/Julio/Jenks/Douglas/Meier - that's pretty immense if you ask me, but a lot of coin too. Is Jenks gone?
  2. Browns trade - it's going to be us for sure.
  3. Figured I'd share this per Adam Schefter - dude is usually spot on. Adam Schefter Atlanta came this close to pulling off a trade for WR A.J. Green. Its next target is Alabama WR Julio Jones.
  4. This is sweet. Definitely made an awesome choice in having Tuggle announce.
  5. and as it stands, Clausen behind center. Wow.
  6. 'I believe the Falcons realize their flaw with Dominique Franks' what flaw? I'm intrigued.
  7. You always go division first. Win your division, you're in the playoffs, simple as that.
  8. Not entirely sure, but from what I can tell - we don't face ANY teams coming off their bye week this season, should help. Ending against the Saints and Bucs could really determine this division.
  9. Start off strong and we're definitely in a decent position. The BYE just before the Colts is interesting too, should give us time to prepare for that.
  10. Agreed. The whole smoke screens etc is boring me now. Who says it isn't a bluff? or a double bluff? or not a bluff at all. We are predictable, yet Hawley, Johnson, Peters were all shock picks last year from 90% of the guys here.
  11. Haha, the sad part of that is that it actually may be true
  12. It is, it's time to change some awful toxic diapers! Enjoy, and congratulations!
  13. Yeah, noticed too. Thanks I was being optimistic and hoping it was another case of the Bucs being bitten in the ***, for taking chances on scumbags.
  14. I'll be there in my Ryan jersey, booing the Bucs then.
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