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  1. So the defense will probably be all backups..welp its not like the defense can get any worse sooooo
  2. Here's a big thing to watch to. I expect Russell Wilson to have a good game. I can accept Dak having a good fame. If mitch the **tch Trubisky goes nuts on us its 100% over more then it was yesterday
  3. We both know Mckay will be with this team for all eternity
  4. How would you guys feel about moving Gono to LT when Mcgary comes back and trading Jake Matthew's away?I'm not saying Jake is trash or anything im just thinking more along the lines of Gono looked good yesterday this season is doomed and trading Jake gives a bit more draft capital and we shed a really high contract to ease next year's cap space.
  5. I'm done with this team this year. My dumA** will come back cause I'm just stupid but that won't be until the offseason. Hopefully quinn is gone when I come back see you guys then
  6. Attack the LBers for Cowboys most are hurt and their 1 remaining (name escapes me Smith I think) is bad at coverage. Defense gotta get interior pressure against Connor and Looney and take advantage of rookie TE
  7. Dan Quinn fully expects this pass rush to get there in 1.5 seconds so that not even a dump off is possible that's the only way this terrible scheme would work.
  8. He always talks about not missing tackles the problem is, even if they are not missed its still 8 yards
  9. I personally hate this cover 3 crap they try to do. When you know the majority id going to be cover 3 teams know they can dump off if they don't like what they see deep every play. Id rather have cover 2 Defense over this(though i prefer majority man coverage) atleast you got someone watching short routes
  10. I want Bienemy(I can't spell it) give Ryan a Offensive mind HC to end his career and get a real good DC you can just leave the defense too and forget about it.
  11. I'll sit and watch basically every game but this team is a joke. And they are so bad that they can't even lose enough games for a good draft pick they will always end up with 7 of 8 wins
  12. Can't even bea a BAD seattle defemse
  13. Feeling a repeat of 2019. Call me a whiner or whatever you want but the team is no better then they were last year.
  14. Don't worry Dan Quinn will go 8 and 8 and save his job again just like last year
  15. I keep seeing people be concerned that big nickle is gonna be like are pure nickle form. I think the big nickle will essentially be our 4-3 base except for maybe a few situations, but when teams go 3 Wide id say probably 90-95% will be a standard nickle with 3 of the 4 CBs on the field. Terrell Oliver Dennard and Sheffield.
  16. No they drafted him i think it was Steve Wilks 1 year as HC there
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught that
  18. I think they are just taking advantage of the extended PS this year as well
  19. I imagine they think Benkert could get stolen at some point and want someone as an emergency QB who is somewhat familiar with the system if needed
  20. I'm intrigued they kept 11 Dlineman I feel like that's really high if we make moves on waiver wire wouldn't be surprised if a Dlineman goes
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