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  1. Well technically 2019 2nd rounder was Mcgary since we used the 2nd to move up. I'd say it's be more accurate to say we didn't have a 3rd that year
  2. I know they have magic voodoo with the cap but they are at -90m. I won't discount it because of this voodoo but it be hard
  3. I think Houston will prioritize getting him to the NFC and will say if you want iut its to the NFC or sit out and we will fine you
  4. I'm sure they will turn Winston into a top 10 QB with There dam voodoo
  5. Imagine living in New England and all the pats fans are now all bucs fans and listening to it ever day. I would love him to be taken out of playoffs here...also doesn't hurt I have a cousin whose a bucs fan don't need him flaunting another SB on me
  6. Yeah i agree about the QB situation. I like the Idea of a QB but I've so far watched 5 guys and loke 1 maybe 2 (haven't watched Lawrence he won't be there not worth wasting time). Not disagreeing with your plan i just don't like Lance as a prospect lol
  7. Oh God no thanks. I'm okay with going QB to get ready for the future if that's the route they go I've watched about 5 or 6 games of Trey Lance and my god he is inaccurate. He gets the ball there but its always high or behind. Not a good combination when going to the NFL where the windows are much tighter. I always do not like his mechanics and throwing motion and trying to fix that for a QB is difficult to impossible depending on the prospect.
  8. Since Lawrence is going #1 to me its Wilson or noone in the 1st. I don't like Fields and I dont think Trey Lance as any shot of being good. Id rather take Mack Jones In the 2nd if he is there which is unlikely but you never know how QBs after the 1st "tier" are gonna go. If no Wilson pray someone likes one of the remaining QBs trade back get picks go from there
  9. Its Ollison's fault that this coaching staff forced Gurley on the field as much as possible. I'm not saying he will be a stud or anything but it was pretty obvious this former coaching staff were set in there ways
  10. Nah they just threw a dart at a spinning wheel of cap numbers
  11. Funny how they just made up a cap number for 2021
  12. All OCs and their offense have bad days. Look at what the Falcons D against the Chiefs
  13. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 9m The #Falcons had a second interview today with #Titans OC Arthur Smith, who then flew to New York to have dinner tonight with #Jets brass, sources tell me and @TomPelissero . Next up for Smith: The #Eagles on Thursday and #Lions on Friday. A red-hot head-coaching candidate.
  14. NFLTradeRumors.co @nfltrade_rumors · 2m Arthur Smith Wraps Up Interview With Falcons, Meeting With Jets, Eagles & Lions This Week https://bit.ly/35EIlqb
  15. I like this due diligence stuff but if you know the guys you want go get them. I'd rather regret the shot I took then the one I didnt
  16. Yeah I agree I dont think it'll be Rick Smith unless other teams hire the other 2 candidates
  17. I dont think that makes him fools gold. More like a high risk
  18. Funny how about a week ago everyone hated Hackett now he's a fan favorite
  19. Falcoholic Retweeted Jeff Schultz @JeffSchultzATL Spoke to NFL insider who's convinced Rams' Brad Holmes is finalist for Falcons' GM job with Sai
  20. Bro i don't even live in Georgia and don't root for any college team i just watch to scout. The only one with a bias here is you. And don't be throwing no racial accusations at me
  21. But it started early. Even the touchdown drives was mostly relying on dumpoffs and runs. I will give him credit on the 2 nice throws he hit but he's missed a ton.
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