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  1. This team over the last few years make me hate zone defense. Our team always plays man better. They seemingly can't comprehend zone D
  2. Idk if it is a concussion during the game it was wierd they reporter said it was not a concussion but a neck injury whole the little note in the screen send under evaluation. So who knows
  3. Since mainly Terrell gotta hurt and Moreau also did at the end
  4. If the team wants to make the playoffs they need to go 4-1. With a. Loss to the cowboys. Realistically this team could go anywhere between 1-4 - 3-2
  5. Until we get rid of the stigma of being the best opponent for a "get right" game ilwill assume any player playing bad will go nuts. I half expect 350+ and 3 tds from Tua
  6. About the Oline playing poorly. My bad forgot to keep typing earlier
  7. No lie people will say where is that in Long Island
  8. So with the Panthers making all of trade for CBs and playing well this first half of the year. They are definitely try to make a play to go deep into the playoffs this year. So what is worse Panthers winning the Super bowl leaving the Falcons as the only team in the division to not win one. Or Brady goes back to back and we have another off-season of the media sucking Brady off.
  9. I'm from the smallest state in the country (which oddly enough most people have never heard of and think I love in NY) and I've been stuck in Patriots territory which has become more of a buccs territory lately because most people around here are just bandwagoners
  10. Cap experts what we looking at cap hit this and next for a trade why the deadline or to start the year of 2022
  11. If Ryan want out I don't blame him. Team sucks try to get something at the end of your career Matt you deserve it not this ***** *** coach and team
  12. The league does care. They know ATL is finishing 4th in the division. I wlcan also bet without looking Dallas Washington is either week 17or 18. They need them to win they love end of season NFC east games for the division
  13. A football move can be classified as turning upfield. I've seen that called made hundreds of time. This game had an agenda to it
  14. Smith was terrible at the end of the game but it should never have gotten to that
  15. Come at me any day I will make you drop when it comes to football knowledge. This game was lost due to conservative play calling with a 2 point league because of what the refs ensured happened on the 2 earlier drives get the **** at of here ya fool
  16. Your a fool then. The picked up flag against Ridley that lead to the TD to make it 30-28. Then through a. Flag in Terrell on a love tap when it would have been 3rd 15. The incomplete pass which was clearly a fumble. As soon as the 4th Q hit the game was fixed
  17. The refs gifted this game to WFT. Me er new they get better ratings with WFT challenging Dallas for the division while we are abad team and known for it. It's pathetic NFL is rigged for ratings
  18. Offense gives up 0 sacks and Mike Davis gets 100 rushing yards
  19. Dont say that I mentioned this on another thread and was basically told to kill kyself
  20. Well the Falcons have always been the ultimate get right game for opponents so now Im getting us to get shut out
  21. There were a few plays he had plenty of time but he scrambled after about 3-4 seconds and got sacked not all on him cause the WRs just wouldn't separate. But you gonna no when to throw it away
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