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  1. I think if we expected him to be straight up #2 option I'd be worried as many forget he's only been a WR for 3 years and is still developing. But with Pitts and Hurst running allot of 2 TE sets I'm not too worried
  2. I don't think that's how it works the 8 mil was already apart of this year's cap hit that was already taken out and could not be removed from the trade we should be gaining the 15.5 million and cap space now in addition to the 300K that we had
  3. In all honesty we have no idea what is being offered. It's been obvious since the beginning that no trade would happen until after June 1st for cap reasons. We could find out a team like idk the chargers offer next year's 1st for Julio but we won't know until atleast June 2nd. Do I think that will happen no but we don't no what the offers are. Heck a deal could already be down and the teams are keeping quiet.
  4. What do you think the falcons get for Julio Jones. Not what you want but what you think they get. Honestly I got a bad feeling since yesterdays tv show outed the whole situation I think they get a 2022 3rd and 2023 3rd
  5. I know I know another Julio thread but let's focus this more on the depth if he's gone. We would be look at Calvin Ridley Russel Gage as starters Zachheaus Blake and Darby as the 3,4,5 guys Then you have Patterson who is not really a good WR and will probably be more used at RB And then it's a bunch of Practice squad players who would need a miracle to succeed I feel if/when Julio goes this team is going to heavily rely on Pitts and Hurst to do well as Ridley will get allot of double teams to start the year. I also don't know if Gage is ready to be a #2. I do l
  6. I think with Jarrett it'd be an extension not a trade
  7. Well with our current set of pass rushers we will need him to take a leap in production
  8. Since allot of teams are starting to out big WRs in the slot it makes sense he's doing better there
  9. Think about Senate is he might be the only other DT that we have that can play 0tech if we go 3-4 after Davison
  10. I don't have the link but it's in their youtube channel in sure
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