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  1. But we beat them last year...with basically the same coaching staff now minus quinn
  2. Yeah I honestly think Hill starts the first play then its 95% Winston. And Winston always torches uss for 300+ a game. So its not a gimme
  3. This is what I've been thinking since they announced it
  4. Well a scramble wouldn't technically just be run plays. Unless they specify that idk could just be scramble to extend plays
  5. Gotta love how they contradict themselves
  6. Well you do have to take account how many years he's been in the league and minus the 1 year he was out
  7. The real funny thing is so many people are mad as if they know better....although if it was up to them in 2008 we'd have Glenn Dorsey and Brian Brohm just saying
  8. I dont know anything about this guy but I have a feeling if the hires aren't Reddick(who iwanted nothing to do with) and Bienemy then people are going to cause an uproar even if they decided to pick like Houston over ATL
  9. I'm not fully opposed to Raheem,but I'm scared he'd keep Koetter and that I don't want
  10. Not gonna do secondary since it doesn't change much and I'm going to assume we don't really resign any so I'd say but ill fill in blanks with Fa/draft pick RDE-Grady Jarret NT FA/Draft Tyeler Davison LDE-Marlon Davidson John Cominsky OLB- Dante Fowler ILB- Dieon Jones Mickal Walker ILB Foye Olukon OLB Fa/Draft
  11. The wierd thing about this is they just recently added the post June 1 trade option. I play with cap stuff allot because I'm a nerd for numbers but I've never heard of a Post June 1 trade. Its not like trading someone June 2nd would change much. As too my knowledge there has never been a trade where the team was able to split the traded players cap hit like if a player was cut.
  12. They say they do but they really don't and its because the NFL doesn't want the bad stigma of bad refs being talking about when the reports come out and a ref who sucked is now reading another game. Refs should definitely get fined suspended and doct pay. There should be a limit to when that happens but there are game changing calls and nothing happens.
  13. Koetter doesn't scheme, he had players run routes which is just completely different
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