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  1. Hes a blocking TE to replace Toilolo not a bad person to bring in
  2. http://www.nfl.com/transactions i you searh Ben Garland on the nfl.com transactions list it shows as the tender not being executed as well
  3. So he got cut when Vinny Curry signed in Tampa.. anyone think he'd be a good addition
  4. http://nfltraderumors.co/falcons-re-sign-rfa-g-ben-garland/ If this is for less this could work out very well for us
  5. I imagine if this were to happen itd be for a 7th and to cut shaub to lower are cap hit for a backup qb http://nfltraderumors.co/falcons-jets-potential-landing-spots-broncos-qb-trevor-siemian/
  6. They must have saw my post
  7. With about a hour and a half before legal tampering is set to hit there's been no news on the falcons tendering Allen. Wondering if I have missed any news or do they have a plan to replace him
  8. after these last 2 years as much as I would like to believe this I just cant see it happening
  9. yeah sark will be here 'till quinn is fired however long that is from now. and im the same giving myself 24 from the end of the game last night then imma dissapear till september probably
  10. Its just never going to happen if this team even has a shot they will fail this team is forever the Failcons. I know till the day I die this team will never accomplish the one goal every fan wants but my dumb a** will keep watching every year but i really hope my future children dont fall for the fate if suffering with this team, dont want them to have to live in the ineptitude of failure
  11. Which Nick Foles will we see I wonder. Though neither opponent is a great team by any means these are the only 2 full games of Nick Foles I believe for this season. But if he places like he did for the Giants this will make a very tough game even tougher. If we get his performance against the Raiders the game will be a tad bit easier for the team Foles vs Giants 24/38 237 yards 4 TDs 0 INT's 63% Completion Percentage 6.23 yards per attempt or Foles vs Raiders 15/29 140 yards 1 TD 2 INT's 51% Completion Percentage 4.82 yards per attempt.
  12. Iv'e heard allot of people talk about the vaunted phili defense but looking at the year stats there isnt to much difference other then Turnovers and Rushing yards. Though I find it interesting since phili have faced lowest rush attempts against in the league that thier defense hasnt been tested if run at allot to see if get tired out or not. Also the falcons defense has gotten better of last month or 2 so I wonder the stats if they played like they have for a complete season Phili D- Points per Game Rank 4/32 18.4 PPG Passing yards a game Rank 17/32 227.3 ypg Rushing yards a game Rank 1/32 79.2 ypg (interesting do to having lead allot early season they have lease run attempts agianst them in the league) Sacks Rank 15/32 38 sacks Turnovers Rank 4/32 30 TOs ATL D- Points per Game Rank 8/32 19.7 PPG Passing yards a game Rank 12/32 214. ypg Rushing yards a game Rank 9/32 104.1 ypg Sacks Rank 13/32 39 sacks Turnovers Rank 29/32 16 Turnovers
  13. At this point its pretty much every week the aints have a big important home game the refs make these "bad" calls I really am starting to question if the nfl is influencing these refs to make certain calls that way they get better ratings part for the controvsy and partly for the next game
  14. Im still pretty sure if case keenum doesnt sh*t the bed that the nfl will have the katrina refs ready
  15. I can already see next week whoever wins the falcons/eagles game will be playing the Aints if Case keenum doesnt finally implode like hes overdue do for the nfl and the katrina refs will **** well make sure they win this game they make wayy to much money promoting those running backs to not to. and with ratings down this year they want every penny they can get im sadly seeing a patriots aints sb