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  1. We are gonna have D Watson on carolina and Russel Wilson on the Saints aren't we. And for TATF purposes that means another decade of multiple franchise QBs to deal with
  2. You no prior to the 08 draft with Ryan and Flaccid all rookie QBs waited 2-3 years. I know these kids get ready faster but sitting isn't a terrible idea sometimes putting them in right away breaks them. Also I am in the don't draft QB train though
  3. But that's one thing we don't know about the no FO yet. Does TF or AS want to out there stamp on this team since they don't think they will pick top 10 again without a trade up. Just gotta hope they don't get desperate or jumpy on draft night
  4. That's completely fine if they actually like the players. My big thing is I don't want them to take a QB just to say "hey we got a QB) if the draft goes QB QB WR, I don't want them to take the 3rd that they may be meh on just to say they got their next guy. If the like a QB I will trust them because they get paid to do this and I don't. But just don't take someone you aren't sold on just to get a QB because the draft "looks good"
  5. If I'm misunderstanding then my bad but if you are really trying to turn this into a race thing that's just sad and pathetic by you. Fields doesn't make reads and has an issue find the 2nd route option if his 1st guy isn't there. Lance is the biggest boom or bust guy in this draft. Could be a top 10 QB but could also be terrible 1 year and 1 game of tape against subpar talent is hard to evaluate. There's only 1 game where a team had allot of time to prepare for the player and make him do things he's not good at. That 1 game was to start this year and he struggled pretty bad. I'm sorry everythi
  6. Though you are presuming which ever QBs that are left are "franchise QBs" I honestly don't think a move will be made till draft night but if Lawrence and Wilson are gone I'd want out of 4. Fields ain't it and Lance is such a huge risk. Mack Wilson Id take over Fields but not until maybe12th but I'd also rather go elsewhere in the draft
  7. Definitely seems like they really want to go QB in the draft. I just hope they dont just take QB#3 or 4 if the draft goes QB QB, or QB QB QB ahead of the just to say they took a QB. That's how you become the Browns. I know everyone loves the "hype" of these QBs but history shows out of the 5 that are in 1st round conversation probably 3 will Bust
  8. Denial must be an interesting life no matter what you can't believe when your wrong.
  9. I'm going to laugh so hard if we restructure Ryan and make him unmovable until his contract ends the crying will be so fun to watch
  10. 190m is the minimum we'd want to see that way we would only be like -11m after today's cuts with allot of room could be made depending on the direction the team wants to go.
  11. Yeah after June first you save more but you don't get it till much later (June 2nd) so it's only useful for draft class or emergency guys for the season. And it makes you eat a couple mill the next year
  12. I'm just shocked Carpenter wasn't cut with them
  13. I got him right now as my 3rd but I need to watch Lance more. People will call me crazy but I got 1.Wilson 2. Lawrence 3. Jones 4 Lance 5. Fields
  14. I think It may also mean he like a specific QB and won't just take a QB to take one if his guy isn't there
  15. What is everyone thinking when it comes to Kazee? I know everyone was done with him as a cover 3/ single high deep safety. But with Dean Pees who implements more of a cover 2 scheme does anyone think they bring him back to compete to start. Instead of him having to cover the whole field it will be half of it. It may be a better role for him. Thoughts?
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