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  1. The NFL is totally fixed there is no reason the Texans would have all their DBs play that far back. There is a script to EVERY game
  2. So if Gono is good to goooks like with how bad the oline is we will see a whole new right side of the line in only the 2nd week of the season...gonna be a long season smh
  3. The worse thing about all of this is this Guarantees the Patriots in the superbowl and probably winning it again.....I gotta move out of New England cant deal with these ppl anymore
  4. This is where my NFL conspiracy thoughts come in to place. The patriots have spent the last coue weeks restructuring contracts for seemingly no reason then this happens makes it seem so rigged
  5. Pat's punched their ticket to a Superbowl appearance
  6. Marcus Green going to the eagles
  7. 1pm teams can start making their practice squad
  8. I honestly expect Larkin and Miles to get claimed in waivers tomorrow
  9. I dont agree with only having 3 true edge rushers on the roster. Seems like they really are hoping their are no injuries but only having Beasley Takk and Clay who can play thos edge position we having going with the 3-4 5-2 hybrid we have going on here. Losing 1 player can be extremely thin
  10. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet The #Falcons have released veteran TE Logan Paulsen, source said. A starter in 10 games in 2018.
  11. I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt but hes toast
  12. Gage on IR gonna have most players on IR this year
  13. May be pre season but the team looks like trash if it doesnt improve 6-10 season and hunting for another HC as Ryan's window gets closer to closing
  14. I've been looking for the breakdown do you have those cap hits available or where did you find them