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  1. Yeah 19 days would bring us to draft day 14th def seems like to go to day especially with the s hexule releasing in may
  2. Seems like hes not to liked on this board...welp welcome to the Falcons Henderson
  3. This always brings me joy. To see the same kid cry over the saints 3 straight years is amazing(though terrible parenting to allow the kid to do this each year)
  4. If they can get a late 1st round pick for their 2021 1st rounde I wouldnt put it past them but I'm sure they would have to love the player. I can only see if if they go DE/CB at 16 and someone at the other position they dont choose is falling and it's like pick 31 or 32
  5. Best wishes
  6. Depends on the move, they need to keep their 2nd. I expect a trade down in the 3rd or 4th to get some late picks but the lost I'd give up in the 1st is a 3re together to about 11. If not trade down unless we get the 25th or later we can only get a 3rd as well
  7. Now thatd makes since but I have a feeling it wont be till the week or the next after the bucs
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/nfltrade_rumors/status/1245114965180190720 @nfltrade_rumors Browns Signing DE Adrian Clayborn To Two-Year Deal https://bit.ly/2JqyoRV
  9. I have not watched him yet but I do think it is very likley we take him. Since he has been discussed as a 1st round player is a position of need and hes from LSU fits the standard of a DQ TD draft pick
  10. 1.Yuter Gross Matos DE 2.AJ Epenesa DT/DE 3.CJ Henderson CB 4.Javon Kinlaw DT 5.AJ Terrell CB 6.Neville Gallimore DT 7.Patrick Queen LB 8.Damon Arnette CB 9.Cameron Dantzler CB 10.Marlon Davidson DT/DE 11.Kristian Fulton CB 12.Zach Baun OLB 13.Jordan Elliot DT 14.Shaquille Quarterman OLB 15.Derrick Brown DT 16.Alton Robinson DE 17.Julian Okwara DE/OLB 18.Malik Harrison OLB 19. Lloyd Cushenberry OC 20.Matt Hennessy OC Tiebreaker 1 Dt DE CB OC LB WR Tiebreaker 2 DT CB Tiebreaker 3 DE
  11. Cant forget about Keith Brookings
  12. I need to watch some tape when I have time but I ieepnhearinf Murray doesnt have the coverage skills which we really need next to Debo if that's the case then Hendersin by Default
  13. I would not trade for him but I am confident he will be a Patriot because I'm cursed to deal with that team living up here
  14. So I'm guessing if Oloukun is gonna be The main MLB and we moved Debo back to WLB where he best fits. It makes since we just need a strong SLB now
  15. I dont think Freeman is a post June 1st guy. And only Carpenter would save any money this year as post june 1. Hed sabe 2.5m I think Brown would be like 5 grand for a post june 1st