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  1. I guess its not all final yet. https://mobile.twitter.com/vxmcclure23/status/1288988433529044994 vaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23 Falcons are still working on things in terms of possibly adding veteran CB Darqueze Dennard, I’m told by someone close to the situation. So nothing finalized just yet. Dennard agree to contract with Jaguars in March but reached an impasse and became a free agent again.
  2. Who was I wrong about i dont see any prominent Bucs or Ain't ooted out yet?
  3. I expect atleast a few to opt out maybe not name brand players but somebody will. I don't expect any Aints or Bucs players(well prominent players) to opt out im pretty sure Brees and Brady have out a hit out on anyone. Especially Brady lord knows he went to TB just to prove people he doesn't need Belichek
  4. If fans are allowed me and my buddy are looking at the Raiders game since he's a Riaders fan and I'm still trying to get down to ATL for the 1st time and finallygl got someone to come with me
  5. No they will Def saves that till mid season. They are confident both teams will have great records maybe even undefeated records and want to make sure Brady will be acclimated to the offense before that game happens
  6. You don't k ow how right you are. I live up in Rhode Island almost right i. The heart of Patiot Central. Sooo many people have already quit on the team and are rooting solely for Brady and the bucs now. I want to say atleast 40% of the "pats" fans are now with another team
  7. Looks like they are accounting for all of the UDFA we signed for 2021 as well for about 700k so its kinda skewed
  8. Yeah I literally look at a list ic prospects and go i gotta get the 1st 2 rounders right then get lucky
  9. Wouldn't mind grabbing one of the Edges available and also some Kicker competition and then maybe 1 LBer
  10. Thank you. I can't believe I got more then 1 this year. A few years ago under a different account before passwords were forgotten I lost due to a tiebreaker. But it is cool to finally fully win this year.
  11. Shocked we didn't get a kicker. I know we drafted a Punter but shocked no kicker competition has been signed for Koo
  12. If it were to happen. You draft Trevor Lawrence and let him learn for a year or 2. I know allot of people want Roomie QBs to start right away but sitting and learning doesn't hurt.
  13. Seems like barring a post draft trade for a DE we are 1 injury away from looking extreme bare at edge just allot of DT and DT tweeners
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