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  1. Now with this lost vs the eagles if the falcons want to have any chance of making the playoffs (other then sark getting his head out of his ***) This Panthers game is a must win now with the Aints game in week 3. With only 3 teams in the history of the nfl making the playoffs starting 0-3, this team cannot lose to the Pnthers then have to face the aints. when even though noone here can stand them we all know that that team is a top tier team in the league this year and we cant gaurentee a win there
  2. Yeah he jumped out to me allot looks like he was beating his man on a very consistent pace
  3. Only reason I'm really upset with the Julio situation is that him taking up time with management that it's taking time away from resigning Jake Matthews and Grady Jarrett especially Jarrett
  4. We happy if they manage to get another DT a FB then the rest is gravy
  5. Definitely no consensus. Most people want a DT but people have different opinions on all 4 first round DTs and some people want to go outside that position then go DT in the 2nd. Truth is we got no clue what the falcons gonna do
  6. NFL Schedule Leaks‏ @nfl_leaks 15m15 minutes ago More Week 6 Falcons @ Steelers MNF
  7. Would love to get pettis he is one of my favorite WR prospects in the draft and he is also a great returner
  8. A couple things I just found on the internet NFL Schedule Leaks‏ @nfl_leaks 2m2 minutes ago More Here are some week one games that are confirmed Falcons @ Eagles (season opener) Jaguars @ Dolphins 1:00 Colts @ Texans 1:00 Panthers @ Redskins 1:00 Saints @ Vikings (SNF) 8:20 (These are the confirmed games) This one looks like there it say Falcons @ Packers week 3 Steelers week 6 NFL Schedule Leaks‏ @nfl_leaks 15m15 minutes ago More Week 6 Falcons @ Steelers MNF
  9. 1-BJ Hill DT 2-Taven Bryan DE/DT 3-Daron Payne DT 4-Tim Settle DT 5-Justin Jones DT 6-Nathan Shepard DT 7-Tyrell Crosby OT 8-Hayden Hurst TE 9- Troy Fumagalli TE 10-Dimitri Flowers FB 11-Kolton Miller OT 12-Dante Pettis WR 13-Anothony Miller WR 14-DJ Moore WR 15-Isaiah Wynn OT/OG 16-Isaiah Oliver CB 17-Uchenna Nwosu LB 18-Rashaan Evans LB 19-Duke Ejiofor DE 20-Da'Shawn Hand DE Tie breakers 1- DT OT TE DT OG 2- BJ Hill Taven Bryan DJ Moore 3- WR 4-1 trade down
  10. 1. Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold, QB2. New York Giants - Bradley Chubb Edge3. New York Jets - Josh Rosen QB4. Cleveland Browns - Saquan Barkley RB5. Denver Broncos - Quenton Nelson OG6. Indianapolis Colts- Denzel Ward CB7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Derwin James S8. Chicago Bears - Minkah Fitzpatrick CB/S9. San Francisco 49ers -Termaine Edwards LB10. Oakland Raiders - Roquan SMith LB11. Miami Dolphins - Josh Allen QB12. Buffalo Bills - Baker Mayfield QB 13. Washington Redskins -Vita Vea DT14. Green Bay Packers - Marcus Davenport Edge15. Arizona Cardinals - Will Hernandez OG16. Baltimore Ravens - Calvin Ridley WR17. Los Angeles Chargers - Da'ron Payne DT18. Seattle Seahawks - Isiash Wynn OG19. Dallas Cowboys - Taven Bryan DT20. Detroit Lions - Maurice Hurst DT21. Cincinnati Bengals - Josh Jackson CB22. Buffalo Bills -Mike Mcglichy OT23. Los Angeles Rams - Harold Landry EDGE24. Carolina Panthers - Isiah Oliver CB25. Tennessee Titans - James Daniels OG/C and if the Falcons find no takers to trade down With the 26th pick the Atlanta Falcons Select???
  11. So for Taven Bryan would he be a better addition as a 3tech DT or as a replacement of Clayborn where he can play 3tech as well as 5tech then we would have 2 draft 2 othe pure DT in the draft. I haven't been as high on Bryan since i dont see him as a pure DT at all and I think he may be best fit as a 3-4 DE but if he would be a Clayborn replacement I think Itd fit better but we'd still need multiple other DTs
  12. Hes a blocking TE to replace Toilolo not a bad person to bring in
  13. http://www.nfl.com/transactions i you searh Ben Garland on the nfl.com transactions list it shows as the tender not being executed as well
  14. So he got cut when Vinny Curry signed in Tampa.. anyone think he'd be a good addition