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  1. I don't need anyone telling me that the Falcons are gonna win.
  2. MVP: Matt Ryan Offensive Player of the Year: Roddy White Defensive Player of the Year: Curtis Lofton Coach of the Year: Mike Smith Comeback Player of the Year: Someone on the Falcons Offensive Rookie of the Year: Julio Jones Defensive Rookie of the Year: Patrick Peterson
  3. I think it's a little early to be grading TD's drafts. I'm pretty sure it takes time for players to be great.
  4. Bye week smack dab in the middle!
  5. There's a poll on NFL.com's front page and the question is "Which playoff team will not make the playoffs next season?" and the choices are Atlanta Falcons --3% Chicago Bears --15% Kansas City Chiefs --20% New York Jets --8% Seattle Seahawks --55% # Total Votes: 65472 I was actually pretty surprised that the Falcons got such a low vote... I guess it's kind of nice to be recognized as a playoff contender?
  6. We've been seeing the same things throughout the season and especially during the Green Bay game. Receivers catching balls 3-5 yards right in front of Dunta Robinson. I still don't understand why Van Gorder refuses to allow him to play his strength which is press coverage. Zone obviously hasn't been working so why not play press?
  7. And when we win, it'll be a fluke because of home-field advantage, extra week to prepare, Green Bay mistakes, etc.
  8. I like how when Matt Ryan's 33rd win ties with Dan Marino's record, Matt says that it was a team effort. That's what I love to hear.
  9. To be a good quarterback you need good judgment. To be an analyst you need good judgment. Trent Dilfer wasn't a good quarterback and ISN'T going to be a good analyst.
  10. I love how in the video, they all pick Josh Freeman or Sam Bradford and Matt Ryan is barely mentioned.
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