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  1. Agreed, I'd rather sign the other Jackson( William), but he may be out of our price range.
  2. We only scored 30 in 5 games and they were all Ws except 1, so that narrative is false. It’s more true that our def played well enough for their talent level down the stretch and were hurt by our offense being anemic in the red zone or failing to convert short 3rd downs.
  3. that was exactly the point he was making lol
  4. Its ridiculous we ran right into their def selling out on first down nearly all game putting us at 2 and 12+ and expected to be able to play offense all game like that. Koetter needs to learn that establishing the run doesn't mean the drive always has to start with a run.
  5. Apparently CCI only takes into account offensive play calling on fourth down which makes sense given the rankings. A lot those bad coaches face a much higher percentage of 4th downs lol.
  6. Neasman was held and had his helmet ripped off by oline man no call on Kamala’s long run, no call. Just bs
  7. Yea, that's kind of what i meant by "false gate keeper" as his advice was to follow his lead and only his words along with a few other examples. Now whether hes usually right or wrong didn't really play a part in my observation, the observation would be that it was clear following his lead would only serve to ostracize me from the community I was examining.
  8. It wasn't much just some social commentary on a little bit of the differences in interaction between users, regarding differing views. The conversation with police thread offered some good insight as well as the predict the presidential election thread and some of the commentary on the protest. I was disappointed I didn't look more into the larger thread at the top of forum that changes names all the time before turning in the project lol. That would have been good/fun, well, maybe not good but definitely fun. Wfw also provided a sort of false gatekeeper example as well lol.
  9. Better than? No. He is similar archetype and if he stays healthy has a chance to have a better career but even with Julio's missed games due to injury it will be tough to emulate.
  10. lol I'm just about done, but if I ever need an easy A on a biography i'll hit you up.
  11. The plan was to do a little bit of both and do some compare and contrast on differences between the two. ABF definitely has a better variety of topics and more interesting takes but there are some post and tidbits I can gain some knowledge from in TATF. Those somewhat informal rules are exactly the kind of thing I'm looking at/for. I do thank you all for the feedback.
  12. I get what you're saying lol, its more of a social/cultural anthropology class though so Pokemon wouldn't work, I also been member here since 2010 or something so I didn't come in blind. Just never posted much myself.
  13. Hey everyone, I have to do a project for my Antrhopology class where I am observing an online community from an ethnographer's perspective in lieu of actually being able to do it in a real life community due to the pandemic. I chose this forum since I have lurked here for quite a while and thought it'd be interesting. Due to the ethics of it I had to atleast make my presence known and be transparent, Idk if this is cool with you all here but giving it a shot. Feel free to comment or if anyone has questions I'd be happy to answer them in either pm or here. Also if anyone wants to volunteer
  14. Did you really just include Watson in the same breath as Winston? If you think Watson is a bust your football acumen is sorely lacking...
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