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  1. You can, depending on your setup. If you have iphone you can airplay it to your tv. I use the firestick 4k and have casted streams to my tv before using the airscreen app. Works with android phones too I believe but you will need either a tv that accepts these casts or buy a firestick for like $40.
  2. Would absolutely love it. Everybody says they'll be upset about reaching but haven't the falcons reached in the first round several times and it's worked out great? Ryan, Julio (not a reach but plenty of people were upset at what was given up), Neal, Mcgary and Terrell.
  3. If it's a PPR league, you go for target-monsters. I'd go Hopkins in the 1st and Freeman in the second if it's a snake league. That way you have 2 studs who will catch a lot of balls but also Freeman will get you lots of yardage on the ground as well.
  4. None, period. I think it's ridiculous to require a certain number of posts before being allowed to post a topic. This is a public forum for all to come and express their opinions. If it's meant to be private, then make it private. If you don't like a topic, don't click on it.
  5. I thought I read somewhere that they asked him to take a significant pay cut to help their cap situation. Guess he opted to retire instead to keep his good health in tact instead of risking injury for minimal pay.
  6. I hear the Panthers bandwagon has a few openings now. Maybe you can jump on board?
  7. If this is serious, I can offer my services in producing said shirts at a great price. Even though I don't post much here, I lurk alot and would love one myself. I run a well-established screen printing & embroidery shop in Charlotte, NC.
  8. Actually after looking into again, I guess I was wrong. You CAN get it even if you can get DirecTV in your area. Just preordered mine. Here is the confirmation: http://www.amazon.com/Confirmation-question-should-answered-here/forum/Fx12UIDMYP4XREQ/Tx1FI1AG88E20CU/1/ref=cm_cd_fp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B00CF7KVMI
  9. The only way that will work with the preorder for Madden is if you CAN NOT get Directv service at your house. If you CAN, you only get a statement credit. It really isn't a deal unless you absolutely can NOT get DirecTV.
  10. After the NFL/DirecTV contract runs out next year, you can bet NFL will offer their own streaming service like they already do for people outside of the US. I highly doubt they will get into another contract with a provider the way people are jumping ship from cable and satelitte to internet streaming.
  11. It also only is available for people who can NOT get Directv at their house. Those who can, they only get a promo credit on their first bill when they sign up. Not a deal at all.
  12. Oh wow. That is way too expensive. I run a screen printing shop and have been in the industry since 2004 and never have seen screen charges that high. Maybe it's because of your location? Next time, come talk to me and I can get you a MUCH better deal on having these printed.
  13. I **** near got fired for reading this title out loud
  14. Yep, it's coming back this Sept. 4 but for $300. Still waaaaay too much. http://www.psu.com/a016738/NFL-Sunday-Ticket-returns-to-PS3-this-season
  15. Just found this today. Thought it was pretty interesting. I can't really see how they can keep up with working out to stay in football shape AND promoting their music through tours and live shows in what little of an off-season they receive. That is one band that I would not want to mosh with though. Most Metal Athletes
  16. Firefox and Chrome both are compatible with a mac.
  17. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/News/Articles/2010/06/11-20/Falcons_sign_Hawley_and_Franks.aspx
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