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  1. Now just protect the crib fellas. Next three games at home and right now we playing our best football.
  2. Been years since I posted on this board but here is my two cents, beat Dallas today and Seattle next Monday then go 5-1 to close out the season and we will make the playoffs. Every good team makes a push and runs off 4 or 5 games in a row. Its time to make make our push fellas. L.A. Falcon Fan
  3. Much respect to him, we had so much fun in our section. One love!
  4. Tell me about it. Spent $50 bucks on parking at least they could of sent me out of there with a win lol
  5. Love it. I went to the 49er game this year and was planning on going to the Oakland game next year. Now I can add an extra game to my schedule 😁
  6. This shyt is amazing. Roddy Whites contract is the least of this teams worries. Brooks Reed just got 9 million guranteed and had 14 tackles no sacks. Back in 2000 thru about 2008 this board had some pretty good posters around here. Now I'm starting to see why a majority of them left.
  7. Roddy is right on point with this. Norman is not just sitting on an island locking up number one receivers ever week. Look at the scheme that Carolina plays. It's easy to sit in a zone and cover 2 with the linebackers that they have. Put Norman on an Island with Julio, Dez or Watkins and he gets killed out there.
  8. Nobody players or coaches showed any fire or emotion today besides him.
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