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  1. I haven't seen it mentioned much, but Rubin got injured and left the game. Did he ever come back in? Hopefully he's fine and will be back this week.
  2. I was a big fan of DiMarco. I hope Coleman can improve quite a bit. Wasn't Coleman supposed to be suspended 4? games? Whatever happened with that? I'm surprised I haven't seen it talked about.
  3. Great write up. I think it's also worth mentioning that #16 Anthony Dable made a lot of catches Saturday. I don't think I've seen him mentioned anywhere, but my girlfriend and I kept saying that's that #16 catching it again. He is 6'4" and 220 lbs.
  4. Actually, now that training camp is in the morning it's not bad. Camp was over by 11:30 and Saturday had much lower than usual humidity. It seriously was not bad at all and water and Gatorade is only $1. I went to many camps in years past that were in the afternoon and it was in the high 90's with high humidity. Those days were fun, but the heat sucked big time.
  5. Thanks. I guess I'm not remembering super clearly either, but it seemed like he had one defender to beat once he cut outside and if he cut it up field it would have been a big gain. It looked like he ran almost straight toward the sideline. I thought it was going to be a big run and then was surprised when it wasn't.
  6. Funny, I thought that play was Hill, but I kept getting them mixed up all day so I'm likely wrong. Are you talking about the play where he cut it out to the right side and then ended up pushed or tackled out of bounds? I commented to my girlfriend that it should have been a huge run, but it looked like the running back couldn't turn it up field. Maybe I had a bad angle, but it looked like he could have easily cut up field and made it past the defender, but he kept going outside and the defender got him.
  7. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned, but Saturday a helicopter flew around camp at least 3 times. They showed up and flew around in a big circle just on the outside of the field. I was curious who it was and wished I could have been up there looking down.
  8. Yikes! They just said on NFL Network that that the Steelers offered L. Bell more per year than the franchise tag. The franchise tag is $12.1 million so they offered him more than $12 million per season and he turned it down. They mentioned the guaranteed money wasn't very high, which makes a big difference. I'm glad he didn't sign for more than $12 million, but still if that's true I'm sure Freeman's agent will be all over that.
  9. vaughn mcclure‏ @vxmcclure23 31m31 minutes ago Falcons have Damontae Kazee listed as a safety on the roster handed out before rookie minicamp. He's a CB on the web site. Will play both. vaughn mcclure‏ @vxmcclure23 24m24 minutes agoFalcons Takk McKinley out on field with helmet for rookie minicamp. Had March shoulder surgery. vaughn mcclure‏ @vxmcclure23 21m21 minutes ago McKinley running on side field away from rest of rookies. Doesn't appear to have protection on shoulder. Doing drills
  10. What about Ricardo Allen? I never saw it reported that he signed his tender, but I assume he did since it hasn't been mentioned.
  11. Oh yea, I remember something like that now. I remember he had a couple of good pass break ups.
  12. I'm surprised I haven't seen him mentioned today, because I thought he played pretty well. I had my usual Sunday buzz and need to go back and watch the game again so I'm wondering if anyone here watched him closely. I saw him in the game early on and was surprised at that and then he played quite a bit when Collins got injured. I want to say he got more playing time than Goodwin, but not sure. I have a feeling he has been looking really good at practice and Quinn wants to get him some playing time.
  13. Falcons Inactives vs. Eagles: CB Desmond Trufant, RB Tevin Coleman, TE Jacob Tamme, OL Wes Schweitzer, DL Cliff Matthews, S Sharrod Neasman, RB Stevan Ridley,
  14. That's one of the best photos I've seen in awhile. Perfect shot of that hit.
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