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  1. Flying in Wed and Out on Saturday.
  2. I live in Canada and have not attended game yet, and this year is the year for that to end. When i saw the schedule for this year, I knew that it had to be the Thursday night Game against the aint's. If your Traveling this far for a game 1871 miles, it better be against a division rival that you hate! Booked flight and hotel for my wife and I so far, that was $1700! ( She's a pack fan but I'll bring her anyways) Now I am looking at tickets and tailgate parties, and to be honest I cannot tell what is good section for visibility. The falcons have tickets for sale in section 131 for 260 per that include a the Home depot something party, they don't tell you what row or any other information. I was looking at the virtual tour of the stadium and now i can't decide if the 100 level corner or the 200 level more middle is better? I can't afford the 600+ for the 100 level middle. I am looking for any advice on sections/tailgating that anyone wants to provide. P.S the falcons website is terrible for information!