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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if they buried it for money purposes. Just like when andre johnson and finnegan fought and it was ignored because johnson was playing on nfl network the next week
  2. I'm sure espn wouldn't be throwing out this talk as if it wasn't a big deal like I saw them doing this morning.
  3. I'm confused weren't people crying about how roddy needed another WR to help him out? Now as soon as we get Julio people want to dump Roddy and put Julio in the same spot roddy was just in. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  4. being completely honest vick would've over thrown that pass lol.
  5. only commercials I like now are the e trade baby commercials
  6. I dunno why, but when I saw this topic the first time I laughed uncontrollably for a while
  7. As long as I have been here this is a bunch of the most panicky (is that a word?) fans everlol. Last year we had people freaking out the same no matter how good we do that's just what our fans are like. Not saying we have nothing to worry about, but just that this board has always been pretty negative and panicky from what I have seen
  8. We are 13th in points per game though....I find that to be a bit more important
  9. Ice man is playing with these grown men like children
  10. It's embarrassing when the commentators talk about how lame our crowd is
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