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  1. Dimitroff doing the picking....wtf does it matter?
  2. AB has way too many yes men around him. He needs to clean house and hire somebody that can draft players. I honestly can't believe how big of a cluster f this has turned into.
  3. So Was Oswald trying to get away or get caught? (For those of you that think he did the shooting) If you've been to the depository then you know he didn't have time to stash the weapon (where it was found) and get to the 2nd floor to get a Coke. Just because you claim to have been somewhere doesn't make you the official expert on the case. The people that were standing there when it happened said shot came from behind picket fence.
  4. Falcons need a major overhaul. Starting with Dimitroff & Matt Ryan.
  5. Dimitroff....with another swing and miss
  6. Blank should have cleaned house. Now the mess runs deeper than ever. Layers & layers of bs.....
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