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  1. I am sick of hearing the loud circus music when this team takes the field.
  2. Oliver makes crisp Houston and Qwens look good. He reminds me of Charles Dimry back in the day. Always getting abused.
  3. Yes they do, and you too!
  4. Yesterday's game was weird, I swear it looks like we were playing ourselves. You are right though, that was entertaining.
  5. I sit through them fine. I like being in the game thread LMFAO! You have to laugh at this team right now. The game thread is the best part of watching these games.
  6. Mine is renewed now just thinking about it.
  7. As I said before, I am glad we don't play Miami. This defense would let them score at least 30. This Franchise is always the laughing stock
  8. I wish Quinn could evaluate him. Because he would want himself gone. Just like us.
  9. You mean this **** can get worse OP? Right now we only have an offense that we are fielding.
  10. Oh, they will be when they play us. Will look like last year's super bowl team.
  11. I don't agree with tanking. But if you suck and can't win, well that's good and I think that's where this team is at. Ryan and Hooper and other players on offense are trying. The defense is just bad. Judging by last year Flowery brans isn't going to tank,
  12. Good luck man, but these loveable losers are in your heart and mind,
  13. Everybody drinks from the fountain of youth and all stars when they place the Falcons. He will return to his regularly schedule form next week.
  14. Beasley got two penalties on the same play. He was so close to the sack
  15. Can the replacement play defense? Sack the QB?
  16. It was gome the moment Quinn announced that he was calling plays for the defense. Carry on
  17. Chase Young would come to this team and be Beasley Jr. He would thrive with most other teams.
  18. Whenever you get that feeling with the Falcons it usually ends bad.
  19. I feel bad also, so I am pouring out some liquor for him.
  20. Beasley almost had one, then he got two penalties. You can't make this ish up.
  21. New Head Coach has a nice sound to it.
  22. Look at it this way, if we win Quinn stays.
  23. I think we will get one soon enough. No way is this dumpster fire going to improve anytime soon.
  24. **** you defense and Quinn.