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  1. One day to late. But it had to be done. Guy has two left feet.
  2. I don't think so. The o-line sucks that bad that it appears that way.
  3. We have our 2021 twin coming in next week. We can win that one. I hope.
  4. No, I see your point. But it was a close game until that punt. It killed the momentum. The TD off of that shank punt put the nail in the coffin. The int's put the icing on the cake. JMHO
  5. We also learned that if your punter punts a ball 30-35 yards deep in your territory, it marks doom. A total momentum killer.
  6. Tanking, You talking about tanking? Even though we lost this one in typical Falcons fashion, they showed heart for a while.
  7. When we are clicking on all phases, one player screws it up. It was the punter this week
  8. I was just telling my wife that. Their fans deserve better. Lol
  9. Agreed, Ryan is tough. Hope he is not seriously hurt this year.
  10. My hands , feet and face or sweaty right now. Who are these Falcons!!
  11. Arthur Smith must have took this team to OZ. He have some heart!!!
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