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  1. They are ok. I guess I will get used to them. Really don't like the cheap looking ATL on the front.
  2. Yes they definitely are. Also as much as I enjoyed seeing them go down once again in flames today, I would also say we are cursed just as well. But I must say losing like they have three years in a row in such entertaining ways is food for my soul. Can we get a fourth year?
  3. Agree, If we can get the offense on board this could get real good
  4. I am enjoying this. It's like I returned from the misery and depths of this hellish season
  5. We might be in bizarre world, but the refs always remember us.
  6. Man if we were playing like this to start the season, we could be dangerous!
  7. Never thought I would see Beasley and pressure in the same sentence. Amazing
  8. Stupid refs can't do anything right unless they screw us over
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