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  1. He has become a punching bag now, the announcers might as well take their shot
  2. He is a used slogan seller, not a coach
  3. These announcers, don't look back the Cardinals are back. LOL
  4. A Diamond in a pile of ****
  5. This defense is going down in the record books. They are setting records right and left
  6. I think they are just quitting on our clown coaches. The stink is strong with these guys
  7. they have been lying all day.
  8. Every minute this Quinn led defense breaks another horrible record.
  9. With this team, all very bad records can be broken.
  10. We are getting torched by the Cardinals, let that sink in,
  11. This team is locking up a lot of records for being horrible
  12. This team is close to the most pathetic Falcon teams ever. Also, I witnessed many of those 80 teams.
  13. Man, I am in tears laughing
  14. At least you can own up too it. Nothing but respect for that
  15. LMFAO! We weren't fooled and Beasley is still whiffing even more
  16. Lol, I don't wish this on anyone else
  17. I remember when it was announced that Quinn would take over the play calling. A lot of people were happy
  18. I would take Crisp Houston or Owens over Oliver
  19. Adjustments? we didn't make no stinking adjustments