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  1. I hope we didn't leave too much time on the clock for the defense.
  2. Dan Quinn got fired up, lol
  3. I am certainly not. We have been here to many times
  4. Spit my ginger ale out!!!
  5. We are in a dog fight with the Cardinals, let that sink in
  6. This is the defense we know and hate. It's midnight
  7. These refs suck donkey nuts,
  8. SMH and Laughing at the same time
  9. Beasley finally gets the QB and gets two penalties. SMH
  10. The script is working for us now?
  11. I don't know what is worse the Falcons, Cardinals are the refs
  12. We are both trying to give the game away. We are usually the only one doing that.
  13. They must have a Falcon gene
  14. It's like we are in a parallel universe playing those Falcons
  15. This game is weird, it's like we are playing ourselves
  16. Thanks, just feels longer
  17. The Cardinals might be the team that can out Falcon the Falcons
  18. Ryan is slinging the ball right now