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  1. I am with Roddy on this one. Reports is this kid is like Johnny Manziel without all the drugs, Many say he is a problem on and off the field.
  2. I missed the last few Falcons games because I had enough of the season. First time I purposely missed games in a long while. The only playoff game that I watched was the Chiefs/Bills game because my wife is a Chiefs fan. I have to watch the Super Bowl or she will kill me.
  3. me either, but man that took some balls of steel to do that. LOL
  4. The funniest part is he tried to hide. With the cameras, live spectators and everyone watching him. LMFAO!
  5. I loved Jerious Norwood. His running style was very unique.
  6. The question you asked was if he bombs in the game against Alabama will anyone's opinion of him change. You didn't say anything about his stock dropping.
  7. This would be a slap in the face to the Falcons fans if this happened. To me it would signal more of the same and a few more years of garbage football. No way he is coming back.
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