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  1. Man my wife and I were watching the game in Disney world yesterday in the lounging area and there were a lot of Eagles fans there watching with us. The one Eagle fan told me he had Julio and Freeman in his fantasy. Long story short, when Jake laid the Eagles defender out the whole bar went crazy. The one Eagle fan that had Julio in his fantasy was cheering. That might have been worse than the hit he put on Norman!
  2. Which he could share his heart with other members of the team
  3. All the pissing and moaning is because many of us would like too see the Falcons doing anything other than Falcon.
  4. No not cursed, just a really bad organization for along time. Mr. Blank is trying to change the loser culture, but he keeps hiring these soft coaches.
  5. Glad this farce is over.
  6. If there is one thing the Falcons can do, it's losing with team effort
  7. Lmfao, it like TD hears us screaming for the players and then picks the worse ones he can find
  8. I swear we are the only team that screens don't work for most times.
  9. Matt Ryan should have thrown his helmet at Dan Quinn or the offensive line
  10. LMFAO!!!!! You are correct!!!!!
  11. Did the Vikings player just point to the scoreboard and tell our player to look at it?
  12. I still think TD leads Beasley in whiffs. But I guess it's pretty close.