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  1. Think I am going to put my jersey on the wall as well. Think I will pour out some liquor for Julio today.
  2. me either ya_boy_J, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. It's been what seems like many years.
  3. I wish you Luck Julio, you have been a real one for Atlanta. I hate to see you leave, but I guess it is time. If you stay healthy, you and Brown might be a deadly combo.
  4. Yep, wanted to see if Fields would be all over the board. I was correct.
  5. I am with Roddy on this one. Reports is this kid is like Johnny Manziel without all the drugs, Many say he is a problem on and off the field.
  6. I missed the last few Falcons games because I had enough of the season. First time I purposely missed games in a long while. The only playoff game that I watched was the Chiefs/Bills game because my wife is a Chiefs fan. I have to watch the Super Bowl or she will kill me.
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