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  1. yep, and he got that young superstar of a QB rifling passes to him.
  2. or Dee Ford coming off the end.
  3. What is your ranking of him?
  4. , so true
  5. Great may be a little too much. I would say is somewhere between below average to average. Great coaches don't lose big leads like we did in the Bowl.
  6. Good post man, and thanks. I will tell you I don't believe. I used to, but after so much disappointment over the years I have lost all faith. Yes, I watch because the Falcons are my team, but they will have to win it all before I believe
  7. All I hear on these boards lately are a bunch of tankers. Cheer on our Falcons for the next three games and when they lose them all you will feel better about yourself. If you want them to tank, they will probably win the next three.
  8. I am still a non believer!
  9. Seriously though, I think he might use that hat to finish us!!!!
  10. It's all good man. But I knew as soon as Ya boi j responded with you bull****ting right that I had been misunderstood. You didn't miss, I was busy trying to correct myself.
  11. Lol, he kinda got that look also. I liked using Cam in Mortal Combat
  12. No, it was funny, I was like no guys you are taking my quote the wrong way
  13. Yes, now I understand. I was answering the OP pretending like I couldn't tell the difference with Cam's fashion. I was phrasing the answer like Jeopardy.
  14. Mary J was my girl back in the day. I don't what the **** Cam is trying to do.
  15. Yes, I know who it is , but it's very close with his style.