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  1. Saints fans are like a bunch of imbreded wild dogs.
  2. When the Taints got manhandled by both Cards and Browns, I think Ravens will manhandle the Taints also.
  3. I guess so, if I was that boy I would of brought 2 American flags today.
  4. They can hate but at least we are the #1 NFC team, Giants only beaten one good team so far.
  5. If we lose, we choked... we lost to 3 potential playoff teams and we already lost 2 of them, it make be 3.
  6. Doesn't really matter how much more talent he has over Nate, I still think he would follow Nate's path here.
  7. If your an illegal immigrant, you should be locked away for stealing from us. If your here legally than you have a right to go to college.
  8. Rasmus would be another Nate McClouth here.
  9. Of course we wouldn't go after a top FA OF (don't have the cash) so Wren is wanting to continue his ways by trading for average players that wouldn't do sh!t for us.
  10. I think he will be back soon, better safe than sorry if you ask me.
  11. A knee injury isn't something you can just get over with, it takes time to heal.
  12. Whites going to play, if he came back against TB, he should play against BAL.
  13. Does this mean that the Falcons will always be part of One Tree Hill now? Start at the 40min mark.
  14. Start at 5:15, this song has been stuck in my head for years.
  15. That would be stupid to saw off his hand when he could just saw off the hand cuffs lol.
  16. Where did you hear this? If true then this is some good news.
  17. By the looks of it, it was a legal hit.
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