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  1. Saints fans are like a bunch of imbreded wild dogs.
  2. When the Taints got manhandled by both Cards and Browns, I think Ravens will manhandle the Taints also.
  3. I guess so, if I was that boy I would of brought 2 American flags today.
  4. They can hate but at least we are the #1 NFC team, Giants only beaten one good team so far.
  5. If we lose, we choked... we lost to 3 potential playoff teams and we already lost 2 of them, it make be 3.
  6. Doesn't really matter how much more talent he has over Nate, I still think he would follow Nate's path here.
  7. If your an illegal immigrant, you should be locked away for stealing from us. If your here legally than you have a right to go to college.
  8. Rasmus would be another Nate McClouth here.
  9. Of course we wouldn't go after a top FA OF (don't have the cash) so Wren is wanting to continue his ways by trading for average players that wouldn't do sh!t for us.
  10. I think he will be back soon, better safe than sorry if you ask me.
  11. A knee injury isn't something you can just get over with, it takes time to heal.
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