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  1. Can we draft 1 player from Michigan plz TD bring home Peppers, Butt, wormley, charlton, or smith
  2. Shelby and clayborn would get 8 to 11 sacks splitting reps wit the addition of POE ... drawing a double team .... and Beasley being game planned for leaves Grady and shel/born seeing less blockers.... equalling more 1 on 1 ... and with a cover FS ... more coverage sacks on default. Adding a DQ guy in the second can rotate in and provide that energy .....jus a thought
  3. Why not get Neal his robin Then edge, OT Then RB
  4. A lot of mocks have the falcons drafting a edge rusher.... I happen to think that slime is one of our strongest positions) check this out De= Vic Beasley, hageman, reed Dt=poe, jarrett, Upshaw, babs, joe crawford De= clayborn, Shelby If we trade up ... who are we sitting??? I sure hope we trade up for a starter. Me personally I'm okay with staying at our current pick unless.....???? We are adding a starter. Let's move to our next level of defense OLB=Wheeler, beasley, MLB=Jones OLB= Campbell, Reynolds, reed I see OLB upgrade. And our
  5. It will be Neal next year ..... This year it's pw and coaching from the side line ... Telling Jones to bark out orders after spoon went down
  6. I see your point ... But I like Goodman's ball skills .... Any chance he gets the nod at fs ... Or outside for Alford to slide back?
  7. Jarrett has the moves to rush He needs a gap plugger next to him So Jarrett can rush hageman can rush and Shelby can be moved to the edge rusher and setter ....
  8. 1.The line up I love seeing on the field Shelby Clayborn Jarrett beasley Jones Campbell Tru Alford Poole Neal .. I hate to put Allen lol... 2. Line up I hate seeing Reed Jackson babs Clayborn Wheeler Jones Poole Tru Alford Neal therieze 3. line up I'd love to see Shelby Jarrett hageman Clayborn Vic Jones Campbell Tru Alford Neal and Goodman a good long fs ... Good speed and makes plays on the pass
  9. Collins Poole Goodwin..... I think we should try Collins or Goodwin at fs..... Good length and they will play facing the ball ... Back pedal turn an sprint ......... G.C.P. > Allen What y'all think?
  10. Ok it seems like I am one of few, but call me optimistic about this team here. I know that we look a lot like last year with this pattern for me, but I am hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope Okay so here is my take on it. Whatever happened to the Blitz. There is an art form in football in which you send multiple people who normally don't rush the quarterback at the quarterback. I am born an raised in ATL, so I am a Homer Can we plz blitz ... Send guys at different points. From different spots .... Dan Quinn should have some nice packages and concepts th
  11. With everything that happened n the game ... We where in position to compete better and possibly tie or take lead ... An extend the game ... Matt ryan is way above average all qb's have down falls....but this game he could have increased his value and took his name matty ice back..... That woulda been krazy momentum... Oh well
  12. But tou do get a chance to see what your front office thought was acceptable to put on the field to represent us an compete for the ultimate prize..... SB
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