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  1. Career average.... Wholio 6 td avg per year Ridley 8 td avg per year He's ready.
  2. Ridley and other receivers had better numbers on deep passes from Ryan than Julio did. Julio doesn't know how to track a deep pass.
  3. Juliwho had nothing to be disgruntled about. This franchise gave him everything he asked for. If anyone should had been disgruntled it's the franchise.
  4. Embrace the suck fellas...embrace the suck. ūü§£
  5. ūüĎć Matt has to be the toughest player in the NFL. Most QBs would fold and throw in the towel.
  6. When had Matt not shown up? Lol. I'm about as worried for Matt to "SHOW UP" as I am about dragons flying out my butt.
  7. Huddle House between the twenties is now TN's problem. I know "Julio was a team player" bull...this is a better team without him.
  8. But just couldn't get back to back winning seasons with a "better offense and defense"
  9. Smitty accomplished a lot for this franchise. Not saying it was perfect in the end, but as of now he remains the best HC Atlanta has had. IMO
  10. Wow! Am I the only one shocked he didn't pull out a "embrace the suck" t-shirt?
  11. It means its approved for emergency only...30% of healthcare workers have not received the vaccine....why?
  12. That onside kick vs Dallas was the straw that broke the camel's back for me with Quinn.
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