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  1. Said that when drafted. Just like Weatherspoon.
  2. No. He has had how long now to build a defense in Atlanta? He needs to go now. Holding on to him at this point shows the ignorance of Blank.
  3. Oh look...another stupid *** post about what's not a problem with the Falcons.
  4. Lol. Only if Matt and the offense can put up 50+ points every week to help cover the horrible defense Quinn created.
  5. Tell me this smartazz...does Matt and the offense need to score 50+ for this team to have a chance to win because the defense can't stop anyone.
  6. Well according to the team I'm watching Matt and the offense will need to score 50+ to have a chance to win. Defense can't stop anyone.
  7. Why do people call Matt a stats guy? All he is doing is going out and doing the best he can for the team to win. It's time the rest of the players do the same.
  8. Agree!!! However, the defense will give up 7 TD's and 650 yards and we lose by 3 points.
  9. Sean Payton is why. He's a brilliant offensive mind, only one really close is Shanahan.
  10. Mike McCarthy.
  11. The defense is confused about this defense.
  12. Agree.
  13. If you would had listened to the game on 92.9 last Sunday you'd find out what happened to the receivers. Arch said at times the receivers just can't get open and Matt was going through his progressions but had no where to put the ball. That's why I believe it's coaching not using the talent they have and failing to prepare the team properly for the game. The system on both sides of the ball are not working and no adjustment is being made. DK needs to go to some quick passes and work on the screen game that will hopefully translate them into YAK to spark this offenses.
  14. I was listening to the game on 92.9 and Arch made comments about the receivers not getting opened. Saying Matt's looking and no one is open. The team has looked unprepared, it's time for a grest offensive mind head coach and an established d-cord. Can Blank convience Sean Peyton to come to Atlanta and see what he can do with Matt, Julio and Ridley...
  15. Typical troll or sh*t for brains response. Huge homer fan...LOL!
  16. You're just being a troll or have sh*t for brains, one or the other.
  17. Just one of the top QB in the business... And you have no clue what you're talking about if you really believe no team would trade for him.
  18. That was no miracle Sparky, that was two elite players along with their teammates doing what they do best. I believe folks just need to calm down these three games into the season and let this team iron out its mental mistakes. I'm confident they will.
  19. Have you watched a game this year? Really...have you? Matt's boneheaded int in the Colt's game did not cost them the game. The best you can say is the Vikings game it contributed, but still the teams overall mistakes cost that game too. Matt has a way of overcoming his mistakes, the team needs to be able do the same or better, stop keeping the other teams offense on the field by defensive non-sense.
  20. You see that coach, you see that? No that aint no pile of SH*T that's your defense.