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  1. I'm looking forward to watching this team without Julio.
  2. HC. Why? Because Atlanta has a QB that's proven he can throw to anyone and make them 1000+ yard receiver and having Pitts who will prove to be a bigger threat than a part-time once dominate WR.
  3. Man...if he had the work ethic at the beginning of his career like he did in Philly.
  4. Oh...😳. Good thing he left when he did.
  5. Did you slap the living sh*t out of him?
  6. Matt was winning games here before Julio came along. Not hating on Julio but many have made the argument that Julio is Julio because of a QB like Matt Ryan. Matt has proven he can get the ball to anyone, know we'll see how Julio does without Matt. One things for sure, I'll try and watch as many Titans games as I can.
  7. If there is anything I'm looking forward to it is watching the TE game plan.
  8. 😄 well it was better left in my head than posted. Now that I read it, it's not as funny as I thought considering the context.
  9. Julio said he didn't want to be on this team.
  10. Since 79/80. My dad was watching the Falcons one Sunday and I decided to watch with him. Steve Bartkowski became my favorite player that day. You really should get a grip. That one post of fun is going to end up giving you an anxiety attack. Really man, you gotta let it go.
  11. No one thought a never before HC named Mike Smith could had taken the Falcons to the playoffs in 2008 but he did. This team has some great players that are very capable of going to the Super Bowl. Look, you choose to doubt them, I choose not to. My post originally was out of fun and laughs but you couldn't help your miserable self to take it to a negative place. Buh bye kiddo and have a great day.
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