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  1. The team doesn't need Julio. Julio needs the team. Julio needs to not be a leader in dropped balls. Julio needs to stay healthy. Julio needs to be with his teammates at ota's. Julio needs to break away from T.O.
  2. So should a 50% Julio take a 50% pay cut?
  3. A 50% anyone isn't worth a dayum to his team. Heck...even Ryan got 1000+ yards out of HD when Julio was out with another gimp.
  4. Agree!
  5. Gimped up receivers who don't produce touchdowns, who don't show up for OATs, who has a problem practicing in July doesn't deserve a reworked contract.
  6. Riley/Ridley...who gives a dayum, we all know who's he talking about.
  7. Maybe someone should inform TD and Quinn of this? It's apparent they have no clue.
  8. Oline not giving any kind of a push????
  9. We will hear this season what we've heard for sometime now..."Julio ain't 100%" time to move on. Test the waters see what we may can get for him.
  10. Trade him while there's still hope at getting something for the gimped up "star when not injured" receiver.
  11. Do you really think your post is worth waiting a perfectly good flaming? Not mine. I'll keep my flame in my pocket until something more challenging comes along.
  12. If he can't make it on the O-line, sign him anyway and use his as RB on short and goal situations.