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  1. Ahhhhhhhh.....not sure who you are speaking of?????
  2. I commend him to the highest standard.
  3. The Saints have played basically the same teams the Falcons have and they beat those they should have and the Falcons haven't. Simply put, they are the better team at this time.
  4. I always lol when they say that. I want them to blitz Matt.
  5. Durn! I was sure it was Weatherspoon. I demand want a recount!!! It was those dayum hanging chads wasn't it????
  6. Ryan had SB MVP wrapped up if not for........................
  7. Mack and Matt are lock-ins. Julio possibly.
  8. Dayum recovers! Dayum you!
  9. WHAT? WHY?!?!?! What about Richard Sherman...oh my bad...
  10. What is I would had chosen to save $15.00 by switching to Geico?
  11. To have any chance at the division they will have to take both games with the Saints and the final Panther's game.
  12. Funny you started this thread after the monster game Clayborn had, I believe this is what started the thought in your mind.