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  1. I really tried to give Sark s chance but this has sealed it for me...he needs to go. What can we do as fans to do what Tennessee fans did?
  2. Agree! It just pizzes me off they are going with this loser. And too many fans are ok with it.
  3. Enough proof Sark has to go! Defend him all you want to. He doesn't scheme our players to succed and it hinders good player execution.
  4. Is the play calling causing the bad execution? It's been a problem all season...what as a coach was Sark doing to fix it? Every game seemed like a preseason game...kust throwing plays out there to see if they'd work. They play an injured RB and pretty much shafted the RB who obviously was the better back that day. The problem is a coaching problem. The team was rarely prepared on the offensive side of the ball.
  5. Julio is a huge threat between the twenties. But once he's in the, no worries.
  6. If the players haven't executed all season...yes it' the coaches.
  7. You don't think Quinn's job will be on the line if we have a bad 2018? Ok.
  8. Why not on 1st and 2nd try Coleman behind Poe to get the 2 yards needed...Coleman was the best offensive weapon all night. Sark lacks creativity. There's more to it than looking at a play sheet and think...hmmm, that looks good let's try that one.
  9. The play shouldn't had happened in the first place, too much to go wrong on a rollout. They were falling in the Rams game...why were they not prepared better for this game. The coaches did not prepare the time to succeed.
  10. Where'd it go? Ask the coordinator that question.
  11. Oh yes please, please, please!
  12. Then this offense will not go anywhere and Quinn will be out of a job after next season.
  13. I understand your point, but this has been happening all season...why, as a coach, has he not fixed it? You mean to tell me this great offense forgot how to execute? LOL...ok.
  14. We lost to Foles...anything could happen. Sarks is a liability to this team, his history alone proves that. If Quinn and Blank want to continue down this path they can suffer with the stadium being half full.