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  1. that explains it. You're a flower child, aka a blooming idiot. Now leave you're smelling up the place. The Aints haven't been relative for years and all of a sudden you want to talk smack...ok pappy, now bye bye.
  2. So...what's it like being 12 years old? Now go away boy.
  3. "DQ was smart enough to realize that our offense carried us to our SB berth." Then why did he bring in Sark as OC? Quinn must not be too smart.
  4. Pass...we need oline first.
  5. So....we have Dirk, he's a better fit anyway.
  6. Woohoo! Excited!
  7. Just a guess but a think Aaron got who Aaron wanted. Rogers got him a coach he can coach.
  8. He ain't doing to well as a college coach either...well he doesn't do well with Bama.
  9. lol...why?
  10. Should have kept him as OC. Bad move coach Quinn.
  11. Matty Choke? Whatever... They are both a huge asset to the team. But if I had to choose, I'm going with the franchise QB every time.
  12. This team does not need to go through another OC change. Sarks is fine.
  13. Check out 2016 stats on Ryan's 40+ yard passes.