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  1. Dang they had the SB won...
  2. The SB was like many of our games last year. Take a commanding lead then watch a gassed defense crumble. Bill saw this on tape many times and simply waited patiently. That's why the Patriots never stopped fighting. They knew all they needed was some stops on defense in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately, our coaches help by not running the ball and eating clock on our last meaningful drive...out coached.
  3. Why the heck would you spend 150k on ear rings?
  4. Ahhhh the era of,
  5. Meanwhile, back to more serious matters...Don't let this distract you from the fact that Ray Finkle blew a 26 yard field goal in Superbowl 17, costing the Dolphins the game! #LacesOut
  6. I got an extra pair...wanna borrow them?