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  1. Ignorant. Sack he took? Like he had a choice. Stupid block Freeman missed. No qb could had avoided that sack. He play the SB at mvp caliber and was let down by a defence that have up leads all season long. Sad thing is even at the end of the 3rd quarter I had a feeling the defense once again wouldn't do their job.
  2. Your first sentence is rediculasly stupid. The last big game he played, he had the numbers to lock in SB MVP if the defense hadn't allowed for the big lead he produced to dwindle away. Nice try though.
  3. The difference is they have Bill and we have Dan...the Patriots have a way of exploiting the weaknesses of their opponents, the Falcons have proven they don't know how to exploit their opponents weaknesses. I'm just ready for the game to get started.
  4. I know if the receivers would had caught passes that hit them in the hands we'd most likely be 5-0 and Sarks would be hailed a genius.
  5. I just hope the WR will bring their catching hands...unless you are meaning that Sark should be on the field catching passes...
  6. Jake is ranked 19th of the starting left tackles in the league.
  7. Bill will make sure his defense attacks the Falcons o-lines right side without mercy.
  8. Per the Falcons norm...the Patriots this Sunday will have their best defensive outing of the season.
  9. I don't like it...the annoying glare is hard on the eyes. I hope this doesn't bother Matt while throwing to receivers.
  10. I'd not for Shanny and Ryan he'd never got to the SB.
  11. If not for M.Ryan, Kyle would not had been successful in Atl. He benefited from having a QB who worked his azz off to be better.
  12. If Sarks has no idea what he is doing, then why did Quinn go seeking him? Either way it falls into the lap of Quinn and him alone. He, in my opinion, is in over his head as a head coach. He should go back to being a D-Cord. Heck, I could even see him as a GM because he seems to be able to pick a good draft, but
  13. Has Quinn improved as a coach since he arrived? I certainly don't think so. This team will only be as good as the coach...if he isn't improving, neither will the team. We need a Tom Coughlin type coach in Atlanta.