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  1. I'm going with C Hennessey.
  2. Surprising only if a team actually picks him in the 1st round.
  3. Why would he have a chip on his shoulder? He has nothing to prove...
  4. We are about to find out... I say he will struggle out the gate a bit and then settle in.
  5. Judging from the time Quinn has been here and the lack of a consistent pass rush, best I can say is much fewer than he has had in the past.
  6. Swift in the first round. Lol...no.
  7. So tired of these haters failing to prove that Ryan's contract is the reason we have a crap defense. I remember Ryan gave the defense a huge lead going into the 4th quarter of the SB only to watch the defense crap it all away.
  8. He was no threat to run. TN knows they cannot rely on Tannehill to run to win.
  9. Another duel threat QB goes down in the playoffs. Matt with a back like Henry...goodness. Play action would be rediclous.
  10. 1 thing the Falcons and Aints had in common this season... Neither won a playoff game.
  11. Dominance and success doesn't belong in the same sentence that contains anything about the saints.
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