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  1. Cool. But its only Watson and Wilson...I see no reason to worry about either one of them. But it's fantasy anyway and will never happen.
  2. Or one of those players who throws an int to lose a Superbowl. What has he done since that SB? I wouldn't worry too much about Wilson...
  3. Or...if Fontenot and Smith can't turn the ship around with Ryan and company...did Blank make a mistake?
  4. We trade to the Colts so they can pick up there QB Justin.....? Whats his last name? The dude from Ohio State.
  5. I'm a Jones fan as well and a perfect QB to sit under Matt.
  6. I was rooting for the bucs. Really doesn't bother me at all. Im not a Brady fan but to see a player win their 7th SB is pretty amazing.
  7. Well he potentially has 3 out of 4 correct.
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