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  1. I just want all of Falcon Nation to know...I am straight and proud of it.
  2. No one in that locker room or organization is counting chickens or expecting anything to be handed to them. We as fans are just talking. I'll let the team and it coaches worry about other matters.
  3. I love that you love this team that I so love myself.
  4. I hope Campbell gets back to form. Any updates on his injury?
  5. Song of Solomon 4:5 KJV Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies.
  6. If they give 4 quarters like the first 3 in the Super Bowl...look out! Too bad when Shanny had the chance to bail them out when is was obvious they were gassed, he didn't. Sorry, had to throw that in to make me feel better.
  7. Their last two Super Bowl wins came about because two offensive coordinators had Super Bowl brain farts. I know if's and but's will drive you nuts, but if the outcome of those 2 Super Bowls were what they should had been, all this GOAT crap and other pedestal jargon would had been muted. Are the Patriots good...of course. The best ever...not at the moment.
  8. This is the one that gets me. This was the perfect time to seal the game. Yes the defense was tired, yes they gave up too many 4th quarter points, but with that Shanny had a chance to help the defense that keep Brady at bay for 75% of the game and he gets sloppy prideful. He did exactly what Bill wanted him to do.
  9. But Kyle wouldn't be the Kyle of the 2016 Falcons if not for Ryan. Ryan will prove we don't need Kyle here to be a successful offense. Let's see how Kyle does in San Fran.
  10. Hangovers are for Panties, Aints and Succaneers. Looking forward to this season...immensely.
  11. What gripes me the most is the almighty Patriots won two super bowls because two OC had huge brain farts!
  12. Agree!
  13. I can understand fans talking smack about the collapse, but another team who didn't even get a sniff of the SB, makes them look like fools.