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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000325704/article/allunder25-team-eddie-lacy-robert-quinn-among-rising-stars This is so cool to see. I think a lot of us didn't realize just how good Trufant played this year through the disaster.
  2. Cam's lucky his defense came around or he might be looking for a new job right about now.
  3. Just imagine if the Niners had Alex Smith. Good God look out.
  4. Charles is 4th running back taken? Article is invalid.
  5. i'm just really excited about our draft pick... although I think we go O-line which isn't exciting.
  6. I own Luck and Hilton in both of my leagues... when they connect on a deep TD it's a knockout punch for whoever I'm playing LOL
  7. Oh no! Not another Matt Ryan thread! Well, up until last night I was driving the bandwagon that thought our problems had to be anyone BUT Matty Ice. But watching Andrew Luck during the Colts game last night really made me think. I used to call people stupid for putting Luck in the top 5 conversation over Ryan, but I don't know. Luck has a terrible and I mean terrible O line that constantly allows pressure from every angle (trust me he's on my fantasy team and it's hard to watch sometimes). He also has a running game that could be easily considered as bad or worse than ours. His receiving core? As they both stand right now, I would call ours better (Gonzo, Douglas, Davis vs Fleener, Hilton, DHB). Another factor? He's in his second year. Now as I was watching the Colts play last night it made me think, would Matt have been able to win that game last night? Would he have been able to take a bunch of sacks in the first half and then come out unaffected and explode in the second half to win the game? I'm starting to think not. Now maybe Luck is that second coming of Christ (possible) or Matt is not as good as I think he is. FYI I know Luck can run but I can't remember him running once last night so that is not a factor.
  8. TD drafts extremely well. Most would consider Peria Jerry his worst pick and yet he still starts in rotation and a lot of people are saying he's been playing pretty decent. I'm in San Diego where the chargers draft a 3 and out every season it feels like.
  9. You mad? Jesus Christ we have a bunch of whiners around here.
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