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  1. I just got my Amazon gift cards. It sucks the Falcons promo ended but its nice that you can still get prizes from the swagbucks parent sidte.
  2. Anyone know what happened to the Falcons Search site? Looks like the promo ended. But you can now redeem your leftover falcons points for Amazon gift cards.
  3. No I just subcribed to the thread so every once and while I get an email about it. Besides there is enough adveritising for the site on the top of the forum so the ad rep really wouldnt need to do much else.
  4. You know you can download a Falcons toolbar for chrome. You get the same built in address bar only it has a Falcons logo on it (which in my opinion makes it way cooler!)
  5. Wow that's crazy. I'd be super mad about that. I am surprised you didnt hear back from them. I never had a problem getting the stuff I'd ordered.
  6. It doesnt take much to make Tikki Barber look stupid. After all this is a guy who bad mouth his former team only to have them win a super bowl without him. A guy who left his pregnant wife for his teenage next door neighbor. Nuff said.
  7. Has anyone else used their points to enter the contest to win the Matt Ryan autographed football?
  8. Has anyone else noticed that their points total have gone up by 10 times and so has the cost of the prizes. It's like they added an extra zero to everything for inflation!
  9. So has anyone else donated any on their Falcons swagbucks to the toy drive?
  10. I know a lot of people on the forum have been using The Falcons official internet search engine site "Search With The Falcon" instead of Google: http://myfalconssearch.swagbucks.com/refer/getfreestuff I've been using the site to get free prizes from The Colts but now you can help a good cause too by donating your extra Falcons Swagbucks to their holiday toy drive. They are trying to raise 1 million swagbucks to donate $100,000 to toy drives at Little Company of Mary,Torrance Memorial Hospital and the Harbor Regional Center. The Toy Drive goes to Dec 20th. So if you have any extra unused Fal
  11. You sound like that chick college soccer player who went postal on the BYU team!
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