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  1. I know a lot gets made of AS being creative and too conservative but take a look at this play in particular. This is exactly what we heard about and saw all off-season and what leads me to believe this is more about the oline gelling and guys understanding the offense more than it’s about AS. I apologize, I don’t know how to upload just this play but you have Matt in the gun with Davis to his right and Ridley and Pitts lines up in tight to the right. Giants are in man and AS dials up a great play to beat it. At the snap of the ball Davis digs hard to get out to the flat and immediately you have the linebacker and Peppers covering Pitts bunches up together side by side and you have Ridley slow playing his route trying to get his man to come up and really cause a cluster. The oline by the ways absolutely handles their business upfront. But once the linebacker realizes he’s got to get out to the flat, Pitts does a great job of avoiding him, ridleys guy said hen realizes the rod is sitting down on a short curl and has to come up on him and in doing so forces peppers to go around him giving Pitts plenty of separation and then KP does the rest. AS hasn’t been perfect on every play but these type of concepts take time to get the timing down. It took Davis digging hard to the flat and Ridley setting his route up perfectly to cause that schemed up separation for Pitts route. This play is exactly what we heard AS would bring and I think he’s doing it but a lot of factors such as timing and a players understanding of what has to be done on that play are things they are still working out on a lot of other plays as well.
  2. Yes it is impressive but when you look at our formation I think the Bucs line is playing the run instead of pass rushing. Looks to me JPP, and maybe that’s Barrett, are setting the edge more then getting after the QB. So this play is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. 1. KPs block. He does a great job fighting and leverage. 2. These are the things we want to see from AS. I formation, get the defense thinking run with formation and play action, Matt can turn his head and hit an easy throw. It doesn’t always have to be all this motion and great play design, sometimes you just have to use the situation against the other team as he did here. Just because it’s not some super great play design doesn’t mean AS didn’t beat them situationally. Ball is on the 41, first down marker at the 46, probably was 2nd and 5 and AS used that to his advantage. 3. Both 33 and 45 are keying Pitts. Love the attention he is already getting. 33 reads him for a moment and then back pedals out, 45 watches him all the way through until Matt is throwing the ball. So while the line is getting it together, it’s good to see the team hit some easy go to plays we will see all season while they are still trying to open this offense up.
  3. I don’t know, I know when I played, and that only went as far as High School by the way so I am by no means a physical specimen, the first away game we played I was so amped up giving so much energy by the time the game started and they drove down the field on us, I was absolutely exhausted. So that may not happen to professional athletes but his first game out there, drive went 14 plays I believe, he could have very well felt spent. And not playing any preseason games except for a few snaps, I don’t care how much running in training camp he did, isn’t the same as your first regular season game im sure. His heart was pumping a little faster and his breathing was a little heavier being amped up. And I tend to buy it for the fact I felt he looked sluggish all game. I know they say he runs way faster than it looks but he just looked heavy all game long to me.
  4. On this one you are. We all know based on how the play went he knew he didn’t do his job. It’s why he started chasing immediately. Collinsworth broke down the play. Gronk read the blitz and he read Lawrence getting too far upfield in his rush and leaked out for the TD. Gronk saw it perfectly. How many Defensive ends do you know turn and chase the TE if they are supposed to be rushing the passer? Not many, Lawrence was supposed to rush the passer had Gronk stay in for pass protection. For a split second he did and Lawrence forgot his responsibility and got too far into his rush. This one is to easy, no doubt it was the players fault.
  5. Who said it was his job to cover Gronk down the field? His job could have easily been to read the play, it Gronk pass blocks he rushes. If he runs a route, jam him and play a zone. Just because he realized he messed up and chased on the play doesn’t mean it was his job to cover him man to man. And while he gets paid to rush the passer, neither team did much of that so why keep doing the same thing over and over knowing your going to get picked apart? The definition of insanity got thrown around here a lot with DQ yet he was apparently supposed to do the same thing over and over the other night knowing it wouldn’t work. And truthfully he called a great play. Based on what Lawrence did and where the blitz was ran, he had a pretty good idea where the hot read was going. Wasn’t executed. And this isn’t me taking up for DQ like he did no wrong the other night. But you run a blitz and ask your best player to read the situation and do your job and they don’t do it, it can’t always be on the coach.
  6. Why is it he was being asked to cover him? Why can’t it be as simple as Lawrence job was simply to jam him at the line? Could very well be wrong but I Don’t think I ever saw Quinn ask any of our defensive lineman to cover anyone one one one. Maybe cover a zone but hey I could be wrong. Also I think I read it in here how awful both teams were at getting pressure on the QB yet DQ takes blame because he tried to change it up? And asked his best player to be the one to make a read?
  7. Don’t disagree, but being bland and sitting back only rushing only 4 is going to get you picked a part by Brady as well. But hey, we view it differently, that’s cool. You say he should have being going after Brady in that situation, and I say you run a blitz thinking arguably your best player is going to make the correct read. People may love the call had Lawrence read the play, jammed Gronk at the line, not like he had to let him run down the field, and the blitz gets home. But that’s not what happened so can’t say I think your wrong.
  8. So when is it on the payer and not the coach? You say it happened twice so you would think a player of his caliber would recognize the situation knowing there’s a blitz coming right beside him and he is responsible for gronk IF he runs a route. I’m sure that’s his first read as well. Gronk read it the second time, Lawrence didnt. Gronk actually pass blocked for a spilt second and saw the blitz and made a play. Lawrence was too worried about getting a one on one op vs a tight end and went for glory instead of just doing his job. Cant always be on the coach. Especially if it already happened once. At some point the player has to recognize the play.
  9. I highly doubt it. This isn’t Dirk. Cox may cause some issues but there’s ways to scheme against him. Get him moving side to side as much as you can instead of downhill and Mayfield will be just fine. Literally like AS said though, there will come a time when it’s 3rd down and you’ll have to figure it out. But if we can keep it 3rd and medium instead of 3rd and long more times than not, Cox will only be able to do so much with all the motions and mismatch issues he will create. As long as Matt is making good pre snap reads, ball will get out quick.
  10. I’m not as down as some seem to be. That wasn’t just our 2s vs their 1s, we had some 3s and 4s mixing in as well. And by no means was it a clean effort from the D but you go into halftime and you’ve given up only 14 points and you think to yourself the type of offense we should have, should have 10 to 14 points and be in that game. And again, that was 2s, 3s and 4s mixing in, in the first half. So overall I came away very impressed with the overall physicality and drive these guys play with. And yes for those that may say it, guys played hard under DQ and Raheem but the difference tonight is while they were playing hard and it wasn’t clean, we were forcing the ball out quick at times and rarely gave up an explosive so we were forcing Miami to keep making plays over and over and they were able to do so but we were also a broken tackle away from getting off the field on the first 3rd down they had. There was a lot of good there tonight mixed in with some bad.
  11. I was very encouraged by the defense. That wasn’t our 2s vs their 1s. We had some 3s and 4s mixing in as well vs their 1s but only gave up 14 points. Only one explosive I remember on the 30 yard strike down the middle from Tua. im sure the coaches will be disappointed on a few plays because we could have held them to 10 or 7 but didn’t make the play when it was presented. By no means was it clean but encouraging for me.
  12. I think the best thing is even if a defense decides to double Julio, Ridley and Pitts, Hurst and Gage may not be pro bowlers but they have shown they can make plays. The question isn’t what we can achieve with all our options in the passing game. The question is can we run the rock and pass block just enough to let this thing really get going. If we are middle of the pack in running and pass protection, this offense will eat..... well as long as we have a defense that doesn’t allow other teams to ground and pound and keep our offense on the sidelines.
  13. And why was it called? Because the play took place. Why did the play take place? Because the chiefs took a timeout and allowed it to take place. Very simple. Your trying to blame the refs for a bad call which I will give to you, it was a bad call. But again the refs don’t throw that flag on that play if the chiefs do not call a timeout. And that’s not even a hindsight type of judgment. You go into halftime happy as can be only down 14-6 and getting the ball back. No reason to take that timeout BEFORE that play ever had a chance to even happen.
  14. It absolutely matters. It doesn’t happen if the chiefs don’t take a timeout. Doesn’t matter what I’m referencing. The play only happened because the Chiefs took a time out with 55 seconds left after the Bucs came out and ran the ball. You can’t pick and choose what fits the narrative your trying to make. In a 60 minute do or die game every decision has a consequence wether good or bad. The chiefs made a decision that led to the refs being put in a position to throw a flag and they threw it.
  15. Defender trips...... how about you don’t call a timeout after the Bucs ran on first down just trying to get it to halftime. Could have easily gone into halftime 14-6 and yet the chiefs wanted to be dumb with 55 seconds left in the half.
  16. I hate this argument. What does Matt Ryan owe this team? He owes exactly what he gives this team day in and day out. Leadership, effort, production. Why in the world does he owe them any team friendly type of deal? You wanna know what the team owes Matt Ryan? They owe every bit of the contract they agreed to give him and they owe his *** a defense capable of winning at the highest level. Its not on Matt Ryan to do a team friendly deal. It’s on the general manager to put talent around him with the cap and draft picks they have and it’s on the coaches to get that talent to produce. I never hate on players for getting what their owed. Don’t hate on Free either. He put in the work and had the production. He was owed exactly what the team agreed to give him. Did it work out on the backend? Nope but that was his value and he signed that contract. And just for the record I’m not a stick it to the owners type. Players are paid to produce. Matt Ryan has always produced and therefore he doesn’t owe the team anything in terms of friendly deals. Just like the team has the right to say at any moment we are moving on it’s over. At the end of the day the team holds all the leverage not the players. This isn’t the NBA where players tell teams what to do.
  17. Titans got to change it up. This is where a creative play caller can bait a defense based on the fact he knows what they are looking for. Would really like to see a screen to the short side of the field vs the zone. Got to get the ravens to hesitate just a bit so they can start running downhill again.
  18. This game is gonna be a flat out brawl. Love the intensity. But I do not think it bodes well for the Titans to keep throwing the deep ball on third and medium. Caught the second one but it was covered very well. Titans have to stay on track on early downs.
  19. That’s a fumble. But makes sense with all the other miscues they’ve had today.
  20. No doubt. The colts at the moment are blowing this game but they still have their chance to make it right. Bills had their moments but it’s felt as if the Colts have been the better team today.
  21. I know the Bills are good but they are getting too much credit in here. The Bills have a very slight edge in this game but the Colts can play. Gonna be a great game.
  22. Team really looks like they don’t care. Wish they wouldn’t have cared more this season.
  23. Tanking? People look read dumb at times talking about tanking. Nothing about this team is tanking. Bucs and Brady came out hot and the mental toughness this team has shown under Raheem has been great. They’ve weathered the storm and are in this game.
  24. I think if the QB is there that you like, you take him. Does anyone honestly think we may be picking top 5 again anytime soon? I don’t, I believe a competent OC will get this offense rolling again and even if that doesn’t lead to playoff success, it could lead to 1, 2 or 3 more wins and that obviously gets you out of top 5 range. Big time QBs don’t hit free agency and if you trade for one your gonna give up way more than the third pick to get him and I highly doubt any legit big time QBs will be dealt. If the new GM and HC isn’t about that life right now and thinks that a team that has led 8 games by 6+ Only to lose is just a few tweaks away then I think you take the best Olineman at 3 or trade back and take the best lineman and then trade back up if needed for Bamas Harris. I think that scenario certainly plays out if Arthur Smith is the HC. But I do believe the next HC will be an offensive mind and offense will be the first pick or two we make.
  25. I disagree with how that opinion is for isolated but it’s not far off. Your crazy of you don’t think Matt feels like he has to try and make something happen out of thin air in this offense. Where as Mahomey doesn’t have to feel that way and he doesn’t feel that way. He can play freely and move on to the next play. Matt is always pressing all the time.
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