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  1. I don’t disagree with you. But to me there’s a big difference in the strike zone Debo hit and Adams kind of lunging high. Did they need to fine him? Doubt it but I also don’t know Adams history. I don’t know if or how many times he’s been flagged before or fined for certain hits. Now I would say it would be quite different if he hit Baker in the strike zone like Debo did and they still fined him. But again, in my opinion there’s a difference between committing to a tackle within the timing of a QB just getting the ball off, Debo, and lunging up around the shoulder area of a QB especially one that’s around the sideline where there’s always a heightened sense of a flag being thrown. By no means an easy thing to do but either you do it like Vic did and people get mad or you get flagged and fined.
  2. Wow Jake was hauling. No doubt in my mind we will see it again but it will be a toss to Free. If that play would have been a toss I doubt it mattered what Hoop did as long as he stayed in front like he did. Jake was going to lead the way on that one.
  3. I get what he is saying but the rules are the rules no matter what people think of them. Unfortunately either you play it like Vic did against the Vikings and people get upset or you get flagged for going through with the hit. IMO he could have done more to not lay him out but that’s my opinion. Also, I didn’t see the Falcons playing two hand touch on Sunday night. You can very much still be extremely physical but you have to be smart about it. Thats just how it is now.
  4. Big talk from Simms. Our oline is terrible? I think they did a **** of a job vs the Eagles. Freeman done? Let me the man get warmed up. How long has he not played meaningful games and then comes out and faces a lively D week 1 and a very good D week 2? To many kind of absolutes from Simms for me two weeks into a season. I see he’s still sticking to his pregame crap about us being desperate.
  5. Thank you. Turnover killed us last week and they **** near did it again. Lets just hope this is the defense we are gonna get with a much improved offense.
  6. No he was expecting help on the drop. As for the 4th down stop, it was a great play. They kept going with the same formation to see how to attack him and he played it tough and made the stop.
  7. Been here since 2009. Since 2015 we’ve won game 2 every single year. Beat the Panthers last year, Packers year before, Oakland the year before and the giants the year before that.
  8. Not even close. Josh Donaldson is a very good player, but no one had a clue how he would hold up. If they did, he would have signed either a larger contract or a longer contract and he wouldn’t be in Atlanta.
  9. Not really a stat. It’s very much a trend. Under Dan Quinn wether they win or lose, this team is up and down game 1 and under Dan Quinn they are very imposing game 2. I think that’s an indictment on his preseason philosophy but also a great sign that shows his ability to get issues improved quickly.
  10. But DQ is also 4-0 in game two with the last three the offense hanging 30 plus in each team. As much as I hate it, DQs teams come out of the gate slow but it doesn’t take long apparently to get it rolling. This team will be just fine. Long season. Hates when Smitty said it but it’s the absolute truth. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  11. Week one always lies. I think everyone knows that. Everyone also knows it’s the teams that get hit down the stretch that make big time runs in this league. Just how it is. As for yesterday, I think the offense moved the ball well. Free’s fumble killed a very good drive. Matt’s int killed a very good drive. His int around midfield killed what looked like an offense that was on the verge of settling down. Then you have the holding that knocks us out of field goal range and on 3rd and 19 Matt went for the first and it cost us a chance at 3. Right before half the injury cost is 10 seconds and a chance at 3. on the Vikings first legit TD drive, TWO 3rd down penalties cost us a TD. Yes we struggled vs the outside run, have to get it cleaned up. But as ugly as it was at times IMO the self inflicted wounds beat us. Not the Vikings. They had some say for sure, but the fumble that landed nowhere near a Falcons player hurt. Would have had a short field coming out of halftime. This team will be badass. It will happen.
  12. May be wrong but I thought during the last preseason game they said if DQ had to play Gage he could have.
  13. Would be awfully risky to go into the season with just Gono and McGary at RT, not sure I would feel comfortable with that at all but trading Sanu, Ty and a draft pick should work. Like most people have said, I don’t know how the cap works but I’m sure it’s doable in some form or fashion. But I will say this, it’s hard to imagine we make this trade and Clowney or Vic is not a Falcon next year. Hard to hit on edge rushers and even harder when your pick very late in the first round.
  14. Don’t know why I even clicked on the video. He had a good run, and when the Harbough era ended, so did his run. He showed success and then he also showed regression, he showed that what he “thinks” is true of this world was more important than his performance. For the, I guess/hope not, small amount of people in this world that love football because it’s a team sport where so many people come together to try to pull off something amazing, nobody care if he has a job. Nobody cares if he is still waiting. Just because you speak out doesn’t make you more important than others. It’s performances based. Eric Reid has a job. He spoke out.
  15. I thought Sheff had a very good game. Had tight coverage on the balls thrown his way and contested them. Sometimes the receiver just comes up with them.