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  1. Titans got to change it up. This is where a creative play caller can bait a defense based on the fact he knows what they are looking for. Would really like to see a screen to the short side of the field vs the zone. Got to get the ravens to hesitate just a bit so they can start running downhill again.
  2. This game is gonna be a flat out brawl. Love the intensity. But I do not think it bodes well for the Titans to keep throwing the deep ball on third and medium. Caught the second one but it was covered very well. Titans have to stay on track on early downs.
  3. That’s a fumble. But makes sense with all the other miscues they’ve had today.
  4. No doubt. The colts at the moment are blowing this game but they still have their chance to make it right. Bills had their moments but it’s felt as if the Colts have been the better team today.
  5. I know the Bills are good but they are getting too much credit in here. The Bills have a very slight edge in this game but the Colts can play. Gonna be a great game.
  6. Team really looks like they don’t care. Wish they wouldn’t have cared more this season.
  7. Tanking? People look read dumb at times talking about tanking. Nothing about this team is tanking. Bucs and Brady came out hot and the mental toughness this team has shown under Raheem has been great. They’ve weathered the storm and are in this game.
  8. I think if the QB is there that you like, you take him. Does anyone honestly think we may be picking top 5 again anytime soon? I don’t, I believe a competent OC will get this offense rolling again and even if that doesn’t lead to playoff success, it could lead to 1, 2 or 3 more wins and that obviously gets you out of top 5 range. Big time QBs don’t hit free agency and if you trade for one your gonna give up way more than the third pick to get him and I highly doubt any legit big time QBs will be dealt. If the new GM and HC isn’t about that life right now and thinks that a team that h
  9. I disagree with how that opinion is for isolated but it’s not far off. Your crazy of you don’t think Matt feels like he has to try and make something happen out of thin air in this offense. Where as Mahomey doesn’t have to feel that way and he doesn’t feel that way. He can play freely and move on to the next play. Matt is always pressing all the time.
  10. What in the world are you watching man? He’s 12-15 doing everything he possibly can while getting pressured all the time it feels like or we are running 25 yards routes on 2nd and 3rd and mediums. DK isn’t helping these guys at all yet they are out their giving it their all. Yes he holds on to the ball too much from time to time but so does every QB. And after the pick we decide we don’t want to run the ball anymore? What got us in this tight game in the first place? The balance. All of a sudden DK wants to forget the flaws we have.
  11. What a ridiculous opinion. DK is absolutely terrible in today’s NFL. Just like they showed on his 3rd down rub play, even that took too long to set up. He has no clue how to scheme things open and only DK would run i formation twice just to toss it outside. Nothing about his play calling is smart or tough.
  12. DK has poor yard line awareness. We’ve been in situations quite a bit where we are goal to go from the 8,9 or 10 or we have a first down around the 11, 12, 13. And too many times we will come out and throw on first down and not pick up anything and then DK turns to a run on 2nd down and because it’s so predictable, we’ve struggled to pick anything up on those second down runs and it’s leaves you in these long 3rd down situations where either it’s got to be a TD or it’s a first down around the 2 or 3. In short that ball has to go into the end zone and the defense knows it. Outside of
  13. Keanu as of late looks to be a must resign. You really feel the physicality of this defense with Keanu and Foye and because of Foye, Deion is back to flying around and not getting caught up in junk. I’ll add Fowler into that as well. He may not be racking up the sacks but his physicality is felt as well. For the most part I feel a lot of pieces are in place already with this defense. And I hope we retain Keanu because he is a big piece of the physicality identity this defense is starting to obtain.
  14. Very well if our offense puts up touchdowns. And no they don’t need to score every possession to win either. Deion and Foye can handle Kamara while I expect Deion to handle that the most. But during last years game you saw Rico in man coverage against him as well and he did a good job of closing the grass in between and keeping good angles on him. Hope to see more of that as well. But the Saints do have a quick pass game these days and as long as we can score touchdowns, it will allow us to be creative as we have been with our LBs. I think their quick pass game over the course of 4 q
  15. I think yesterday was more on offense than the defense. Yes we need them to make plays but they were on the field a ton especially the end of the third and the majority of the 4th qt. You churn out 20 minutes of TOP in the first half and then it seems we just flipped the script on how we wanted to attack in the 2nd half. I wish we would do away with single back formation. We can’t run out of it. We run the rock the best with Smith in at full back. You get Todd Gurley to the LOS without being hit yet and his power, just like it did for his TD run, is going to get you 3 or more yards e
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