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  1. Why call a timeout? What adjustment should have been made? 4th down and the defense was locked in man to man. They needed to make a play and didn’t. No timeout needed to be called though.
  2. I’m pretty pumped for week 2. I’m a fan and want them to win every game but man I was thrilled with the pocket Matt had. Early in the game there was nobody around him. The running game looked solid. Defense wasn’t stellar but showed me what I needed to see upfront. I know Russell completed a ton of passes but in the first half they didn’t really amount to much. Sure we need to make a few more plays on some passes and can improve on coverage but there was a lot there to like. My biggest takeaway going forward is be aggressive on 4th down but let’s put our D in a favorable position. Pi
  3. Yea was really hoping AJ would blow Wilson up but I’m sure he’s played that option play a ton in his college career. Take away the pitch, flow from the linebackers and safeties should be there but Seattle had a heck of a play call to get everyone flowing the opposite direction and creating that mismatch. People would be ticked If AJ took the hit and the pitch went to the house. Always a flip side.
  4. I can’t harp on Kazee for that deep ball. 4th down there’s no way your bailing on your assignment and being the guy that gives up the 4th down conversion and your definitely not going to help anyone when they are beat the way Oliver was right off the snap like that. Call it exactly what it is, a horrible play by Oliver and it cost us big time.
  5. Yea, never understood the hate Kazee gets, you tell me another Safety in the league that can play in the box AND in the middle at the same time. Better yet, tell me another safety in the league that has cloned himself apparently like Kazee?
  6. Man this is pretty crazy. Sure Tru’s game wasn’t the same to me after the 2016 injury, although 2017 was still pretty good, but what d line did he ever have? Im not taking anything away from Rhodes but my perception of the Vikings tells me he had a much better D line and being a bigger bodies CB, if he can hamper your timing off the line of scrimmage with that D line, then he’s done his job the majority of plays. Tru was a pure coverage corner. Quick twitch, unbelievable closing ability. But in his best seasons, IMO, Tru was better than Rhodes and that’s no disrespect to Rhodes whose
  7. I think that’s a little much to say anyone one of us fans could have done it. If I recall correctly. Patriots had 3 timeouts, you had 8 guys in the box on first down with Mccourty clearly playing run first. You know they are selling out to stop the run, your still gonna run it three times? The only thing I didn’t like was the play all ok second down. Don’t go shotgun. We were deadly with the play action. Put Matt under center, let him go play action and boot it out so he has three clear options, hit your target, run the ball, throw it away. They were biting hard ok run. Think it would hav
  8. The only thing I wish would have been different in that game is that we had Tru. I’m not saying they wouldn’t have come back still but back then Tru was an absolute beast very much in his glory seasons. No doubt with that lead you tell Tru to play the absolute best he can for 1 half and lock his man down. Could have given all the help possible to Collins and Poole in that situation. And I’m sure had the Patriots lost a lot of fans would have been saying they wish they had Gronk. Works both ways, I get it.
  9. Till the day I die. I understand wanting another taste after a while after you’ve won one, but I truthfully would not give an F about these last few seasons had we won it in 2016. That historic offense, beating Tom and the Patriots, blowing them out, it cannot get better than that. Only having a perfect season could have topped that for me. Would have bought every SB Champs merchandise possible and my wife who always thought I was joking when I said that, knew at halftime of that game we were about to put out some money and the best part about that was she was absolutely cool with it. Sh
  10. We’ve got our Falcons vs Raiders tickets ready to go. Father in law is a Raiders fan. Only been to the Benz once, first time my work gave us tickets back when we played Dallas and Julio lit Heath up. Seats were in a suite, food was off the chain, definitely wish we had tickets to sit in a suite again but seeing as how I had to buy these tickets and how I’m not rich, we will settle for section 247. Anyone got an inside scoop on how the looks view in section 247?
  11. Also KOG, I don’t know if your post was in response to our talk in this thread, but I never said your some crazy negative person. I said to me, you tend to lean on the negative side. Just want to clear that up. I’m not getting into it on that other post. It can stay right here if this is indeed what your referencing.
  12. Man you took that way too far. If I came off as a jerk I apologize but other than that I didn’t rant about you, I don’t know you and Its not my job to know you. Outside of me saying you tend to be negative, that’s all I said. But I didn’t rant about you, take shots at you or try to degrade you in anyway. Again, If you want to tell me why he’s not legit, I’ll gladly explain why I think he is. And again, until then, you tend to lean on the negative side so I’m not gonna waste my time going in depth when I don’t think it will actually lead to good football talk.
  13. What the **** is Brooking doing. I mean ****. Typical Mike Smith team though in the early days. Wasn’t the most talented and that game certainly wasn’t a shining moment by any means but late in the 4th quarter we are only down 6 with a rookie QB. Mike Smith was a **** of a coach.
  14. Look I’m cool of you don’t think he’s any good. But back it up. Calling him *** cheeks is cute and all and throwing out some crazy scenario where he gave up two touchdowns before he got his interceptions is cool I guess if it were true, but back it up. He May have started at safety against the Seahawks but I know he did vs the Saints and Panthers where we didn’t allow a touchdown at all. That credit doesn’t go all to him but your crazy if as a safety, you don’t think he played a huge role in those games. And being that he had a pick vs the Panthers and they didn’t score, I don’t see where
  15. Don’t try to run from it. If your gonna ask me to tell why I think he’s legit, then tell me why you think he’s not. I’m not gonna go through all the trouble to say why I believe he is legit for you to blow it off and act like I’m wrong or crazy for what I think. Like I said, you tend to lean on the Falcons suck side so you want me to explain why I believe in Kazee, then you can explain why you don’t.
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