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  1. Mike Smiths greatness and shortcoming imo. He was great at putting veteran guys on his defense to solidify the unit, he wasn’t so great at getting young talent to flourish enough to make the defense top notch. We were always just a step below.
  2. Man that’s awesome. Great game for her to watch in full. It was great from beginning to end.
  3. Agreed. Which sucks because I have no doubt we beat the Ravens. Flacco was hot but like you said, we were built to to stop pocket passers.
  4. Oh **** yes we did. Only thing and I mean the only thing I didn’t like about this game was you could see the issues we had vs the run at times.
  5. A lot of things to like about DK from this game that makes me hopeful the offense can get going. We receive the ball to start the second half and he’s looking for blood. Two deep balls. One to Roddy that was incomplete and then one to Julio for a TD.
  6. Haven’t made it all the way through just yet but Decoud did have a pick. It was a great call, they ran the quick slant at Asante because everyone knew Asante was going to play off and try to bait you. So 2nd and 11 they tried to get some easy yards and Mike Nolan runs Decoud down underneath like he knew it was coming.
  7. Watching some game pass this morning and I wanted to check out an old game and Falcons vs Giants 2012 came to mind. A few observations. And if you can, watch it. **** of a game. Number 1. Mike Smith was a **** of a coach and imo his best attribute was always finding the exact right veteran guys to fit into the team. Number 2. Asante Samuel, great addition by TD, picks off Eli on the first third down of the game, everyone’s boy Dirk Koetter comes out and slams the ball down their throat four times in a row for a touchdown. And number 3. 7-0 we are 3rd and 11 from the Giants 12, automatically I’m expecting to keep it safe and take the 3 if we have too, Matt says **** it, stares Tony G down, another obviously fantastic addition, and rips it in the end zone ONLY where Tony can get it and of course 6 points and a dunk to go along with it later, the Dome was rocking. Just a little flashback. I remember it being a great game but **** if I’m not in my living room getting pumped like I never saw it.
  8. Can’t see how a 3rd and 5th gets it done. Maybe our 1st and 2nd and get a 3rd in return to me is the best hopeful scenario. You can then package those two 3rd round picks off to jump back in to the 2nd. Based if the value chart that could possibly gets us back in the 52-55 pick range. That would leave us with two 4ths and a 7th.
  9. Number 1. This list is mostly ridiculous. Number 2. I get Michael Thomas is a big time WR in the NFL. He’s not the best. He goes silent in the playoffs and for all those catches, his average was 11.6. When Julio put up 136 catches his average was 13.8 and he had more yards than Thomas on 13 fewer catches. Hopkins is obviously a stud as well, but best WR in the NFL is and will continue to be Julio. Also Julio have never averaged less than 13.8 while Michael Thomas has never averaged more than 12.4. Julio does work all over the field consistently.
  10. I like Queen a lot. I don’t know where he will go but if he fell to the end of round one I would love to trade up and get him so we have his 5th year option in hand. If I had it my way, we would sign Roby Coleman, draft Kinlaw, trade back into round 1 for Queen.
  11. I’m no cap expert, so my question is, are these restructures for the signings we’ve already made? Are they space for the draft class? Or will they allow is to make another free agent signing? Something that caught my attention is I just listened to Joe Whitt’s interview, maybe I heard it wrong or maybe he hasn’t watched enough film to say otherwise but he mentioned Oliver and Sheffield on the outside. We resigned Wilson. All that to ask, Would a signing like Roby Coleman in the slot A. Make sense B. Can we afford him with these restructures?
  12. They look like last years jersey to me. Follow the red from the shoulder down you can see it extending into the middle of thejersey.
  13. I like it. Sure he can be upgraded and he may not even make the team but the familiarity is there, we know exactly what he can and cannot do. Heading into the draft we have particular needs. We’ve already traded a pick away and I think it’s more likely we will move up in the draft in the second round to get a specific guy at DT, CB or LB. I think the goal in this draft is to walk away with two guys in the 1st and 2nd round that we feel can play immediately and we will sacrifice picks to do so but in doing that, we will resign guys that are familiar with the scheme and we know exactly what we can get from them like Neasman.
  14. I’m glad he signed. All the folks hating on the thought will see this man is still a beast
  15. Haha I’m out. Your apparently to smart for me.