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  1. I have some ties to ND grads and season ticket holders...Ill keep asking and let y'all know if I find more
  2. I got lucky, getting mine from a season ticket holder with 2 extra. Can't believe they are 5 bills.
  3. Dang you Sac! Ya need a like button!
  4. Gilbert Frierson perhaps?
  5. Andrew Ellis just put in a crystal ball for Fields to the good guys! Good way to start a Saturday!
  6. Thought the same thing!
  7. Saw a couple of crystal balls this morning for a 3* rb to UNC...maybe a good sign?
  8. Looks like Kipp and Rusty put in crystal balls for Fields this morning...loving the smoke surrounding our recruiting right now!
  9. Crystal balls are rolling in for Adam Anderson!
  10. He'd be a nice get if Fields goes elsewhere.
  11. Matt Corral decommitted from USC
  12. Crystal ball from Jake Rowe for Fields
  13. And we just got a decommit from Donovan Georges.
  14. Good to hear. Lots of buzz from Ohio fans up here that Zeus is leaning towards them for some reason.
  15. Dameon Pierce decommited from Alabama. Someone we can get?