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  1. Wow are we all for real right now? Kirby lead us to the national championship game with a freshman qb just last year. Yeah we got beat but either way we have to beat Alabama to get into the playoffs. We sucked today but ya'll calling for the end of the world is crazy! Did anyone believe we were last years team with 31 senoirs?!? Whatever. Go dawgs! Our future is still in front us us! I trust CKS.
  2. Quote of the year. 100% this.
  3. Alright we're in trouble
  4. Campbell getting humbled today ...should be a good thing in the long run but hopefully it doesn't cost us today.
  5. Familiar face Todd Grantham just got into it with Vandy coaches following a targeting call on Florida. Benches cleared momentarily. Vosean Joseph for UF was ejected.
  6. Vandy up 21-10 nearing halftime!
  7. Let them drink of the kool-aid and fill thier bellies with confidence and hope. It will make thier tears all the more delicious.
  8. Been to a few whiteouts. Good school, great atmosphere, great people and worth the trip. Penn St does it right. Go PSU!
  9. Swift! Fresh legs paid off on this drive!
  10. Thank you Herrien.
  11. What is going on here?
  12. Syracuse 16 - 7 in the 3rd. I just turned the game on and the announcers said Trevor Lawrence was injured but may return. Go 'Cuse
  13. Kelley Bryant is transferring from Clemson https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/clemson-quarterback-kelly-bryant-announces-intent-to-transfer-after-18-games-as-starter/
  14. Agree. We are not ready for Alabama right now. Hopefully this game serves as a wake up call. This team will be the "Championship game" for every team in East this season and will get everyone's best shot from here on out. I trust CKS and staff will be all over these guys to avoid the rat poison. Glad for the win and proud of our DAWGS!
  15. I think it shows just how well CKS and staff are doing at targeting the right guys and those guys buying into working right away. If you work hard you play. Keeps the vets working to keep their spots as well. Competiton level is through the roof! Also love how CKS stresses freshman can get on the field through special teams.