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  1. Let this be a lesson to the children out there. Don't use drugs. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ex-alabama-qb-jeremy-pruitt-scares-me-more-at-tennessee-than-kirby-does-at-georgia/
  2. I'm about an hour outside Cleveland having dinner and the Browns fans actually cheered when they picked him
  3. He'll 100% be on my fantasy team this year. Great fit for a DGD!
  4. If you're in the car Nick Chubb is on Sirius channel 88 right now talking about the draft.
  5. Y'all see Sergio take that 13 on 15 today?!? Tough to watch.
  6. I love CKS.
  7. Although I'm not sure I believe this, I'm ok with it if true.
  8. Campbell is a Dawg!
  9. Unreal finish if true. What! A! Class!
  10. Gonna have this thread up all day today....and my work is gonna suffer!
  11. Gosh Dawg fellas!
  12. Weather the storm. I trust we will make the correct adjustments
  13. This day has been dragging. It's finally gametime! Go Dawgs!
  14. Thinking hard about this one. Really want to go.