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  1. 0 HOFers, 0 Super Bowls, 1 back to back winning season.
  2. Good one, Its too bad I'm not a Saints... -_-
  3. Britney Spears looked worse afterward. And that christina aguilera picture is terrible. She is smokin
  4. The Lions agree. They went 4-0 and won the SB that year. O wait, they went 0-16
  5. What has Matt Ryan done? Its Michael Turners team. BTW the comparison to Russell is terrible. He had 0 work ethic.
  6. Freeman will be 10x the QB Ryan will ever be. You can quote me on that!
  7. He'll be back in time to own the Browns. Sucks to have him out during this critical time for progression. But JJ gets some starter reps now which he will need if Free goes down during the season.
  8. Your offense is showing, what we have seen this entire time. Ryan is afraid to take shots down field. He locks onto Gonzo all the time now it seems.
  9. If you think making an assisted tackle 10 yards down field is good :mellow:
  10. This happened to my friends cat not too long ago. . Sorry for you lose bro.
  11. Its over now that Meier is out!
  12. Chances are Falcons will go down the crapper and blame is on new players not being in the system long enough. BUT ITS ALL APART OF TD PLANS! BRING HIM HOME TD! Even know the dude is from like Cali
  13. What if the Falcons drafted Dorsey over noodle arm Ryan? Probably would be SB champs by now!
  14. If we came here to do that, this forum would be empty. Nothing great about the Falcons.
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