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  1. Looks pretty interesting and its only $34.99 to follow just your team. You can also watch games from 2009-2010.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/n..._content_stream Coaches' film available for every play on NFL Rewind By Gregg Rosenthal Around The League editor Published: June 15, 2012 at 04:58 p.m. Updated: June 15, 2012 at 07:15 p.m. It is a banner day for people who love football to an unhealthy degree. Word leaked out Friday that "All-22" coaches' film will be available for every play on NFL Game Rewind this year. A screenshot of the viewing options offered with NFL Game Rewind. (NFL.com) Yes, we confirmed this news with the appropriate NFL overlords before posting. You'll have a few options to watch the games. You can watch using the broadcast feed, with the option to click on the coaches' film on any play. Or you can just go all coaches' film, all the time. That's all we ever wanted. Well, we also asked for Game Rewind to be available on tablets. That wish will come true too for iPads and Android devices. We also heard about another very cool feature that has yet to be revealed as well. There was coaches' film available on Game Rewind last year, but it was only there for a portion of the plays. It was a tease. Getting every play offers fans a chance to see what coaches and players see. It could even lead to better analysis on ATL. We just need to find the time to watch everything. This post might seem like an extended advertisement for an NFL product written on NFL.com. That would be accurate. But I've been a Game Rewind addict for years before I arrived here and will remain one years after they come to their senses and fire me. And I know a lot of you folks out there are as excited as I am.
  3. Like what Im hearing... In The Rearview DC.com's Look Back At Offseason Practices Best Player: Most Improved Player:
  4. You sure you didnt leave out Jonathan Stewart?
  5. The idea in Dallas is that Garrett plans the practices and manages the offense. Rex Ryan is responsible for the defense. The reason I said that "this man gets it" is that our defensive personnel is not as great as people want to say. As in, we arent as talented as people say. Ill argue tooth and nail when it comes to our offensive players. We have some the best in the league at the offensive skill positions, but our safeties are serviceable at best. The safety getting the most press in camp is rookie Matt Johnson, that should tell you all you need to know. I think we are average to above-average on the Dline, we are above-average to good at LB, we are above-average to good at CB, and we are average to above average at safety. *EDIT* Interesting...
  6. Where the Cowboys' defense is still weak June, 15, 2012 Jun 15 2:30 PM ET By Dan Graziano | ESPN.com Of all the great players from the 1990s Dallas Cowboys glory days, Jean-Jacques Taylor writes, Darren Woodson has proved the most difficult to replace. The Cowboys may have overhauled their cornerback corps, but as they head into the 2012 season, that safety position remains a real question mark: The position is important because the safety should be the quarterback of the defense, the guy who gets everyone lined up properly and makes the right adjustments based on the offensive formation, personnel and motion. It helps the defense when one of its safeties is a thumper, a hard-hitter who makes others nervous when the ball is caught in the middle of the field. A safety can also impact the defense if he excels at reading the quarterback and makes plays as a center fielder, knocking down passes that seem destined to be completed. When the season begins, the starters at safety will be Gerald Sensabaugh, who's never been more than average, and either journeyman Brodney Pool or Barry Church, a former undrafted free agent. Yawn. My biggest current issue with the Cowboys as we look ahead to 2012 is that I don't feel they did enough -- if anything -- to upgrade any aspect of their defense besides cornerback. And yes, cornerback was their biggest problem in 2011, but it wasn't their only defensive problem. Swapping out Abram Elam for Pool feels like a rearranging-deck-chairs-on-the-Titanic kind of move. And if front-seven players like Jason Hatcher are looking around wondering where the team's leaders are, it's probably no coincidence that no one has been able to step forward from the safety position in recent years and fill that role. The big things with defense in the NFL these days are pass-rushers and cover guys. The thought is that you can't have too many of either. The Cowboys added good cover cornerbacks in Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, but they didn't add a pass-rusher, and I'm with Jacques in believing they still don't have what they need at safety. And I'm not sure they've done enough to make the leap to be one of the league's top defenses. They don't have to be the best defensive team, because they should be one of the best offensive teams. But they do need to be better at stopping opposing passing games than they have been the past two years. And while they worked hard on one aspect of that, there are others that still seem woefully under-addressed.
  7. Im not an Insdier so I cant read the rest, but this should put to rest quite a few debates. http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/story?id=8048656&_slug_=nfl-top-10-most-versatile-players-nfc-2012&action=upsell&appRedirect=http%3a%2f%2finsider.espn.go.com%2fnfl%2fstory%3fid%3d8048656%26_slug_%3dnfl-top-10-most-versatile-players-nfc-2012
  8. Hey, if nothing else, I bet he'll be a solid nickel. With the league the way it is, that would be huge.
  9. Please go back to TAFT, they miss you...like a village without its idiot...
  10. after a really ****** start to my day I really needed that ...
  11. This reminds me of when they took dodge-ball out of school, because competition squelches the weaker kids growth.
  12. Holmes is good, but if we give up Jenkins I want a WR. Jones is a proven play maker, thats the only reason Id go after him. Also, Beasley is making waves this offseason. Could be the next big UFA to make the team.
  13. Sean Lee is becoming that guy...according to camp reports.
  14. Every - each excluding none: each member of a group, without exception Pardon me, but I think you used the wrong word there...
  15. Ah, thats where Norman went...Mike Mayock was raving about him at the Senior Bowl and East/West Shrine Game.
  16. Yeah, because a third receiver that will be on the field more than a 4th CB just isnt worth it...regardless if Claiborne pans out of not, I dont see Jenkins starting this year. The only thing Ive heard is **** be competing for the nickel. Which, I bet, Scandrick's pay check will win.
  17. I was sure this was a Cam thread...good job Homer the Clown...
  18. The fact that you would say that someone "does" something they have done in almost a month is proof you 1) dont come here often enough to know what you are talking about, 2) are a troll and only want to stir things up, and 3) are indeed an azzhole.
  19. Yep...azzhole...that was rude as ****. Rev is dealing with his mother and you come in here popping off about just moving on like hes not even a person. Nice, stay classy Dtan...
  20. Well, using a past tense thing against a poster, especially one that is almost a month in the past, is an azzhole move. So I call them how I see them.
  21. Tucking him away isnt anymore fair to him. Im not scared to play against him. Dont you have faith in Austin and Dez?
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