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    playing violin, reading, surfing the web, watching television (when I have time) and cooking. I also love sports (particularly football, tennis, and sometimes NASCAR). I like to play with my children, and I love to listen to music.
  1. I'll try to watch as many matches as possible.
  2. It would suck to break up the Big 12. One of my favorite college teams is in the Big 12, and I want the conference to stay like it is.
  3. That's such a shame. I wonder why she wasn't taking her medication? That really is too bad, and I feel terrible for the entire family, including the mom.
  4. That was excellent. Thanks for the video. Awesome song too.
  5. Call a wildlife specialist and have those poisonous things killed. They could really hurt your dog, and if you have children, the consequences could be even worse. I found a wildlife specialist to kill one that was in my garage (at least 4 years ago) I'm so terrified of those things, I still can't go in my garage w/o looking around. Your best bet is to have them beheaded.
  6. {{{Statick}}} I'll say a prayer for you and her.
  7. One song I like is "Family Affair" by Mary J. Blige. I just don't know how to post the video.
  8. Doesn't it seem a little unfair to host an SB in an einvironment prone to ice or snow when the commish said Atlanta wouldn't be able to host another SB due to ice?
  9. Harper's Island was excellent. Do you know if it's on dvd? I'd love to get it.
  10. I hope they find the jerk that shot that Eagle and throw him in jail. That's disgraceful.
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