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  1. I don't listen to anyone that tries to tell me that Chevy is a good car.
  2. it looked the same to me... and Mathews had the same monster block
  3. I live outside philly their **** talking is on par with a saints fan...I hope we destroy them
  4. but what If having the playbook you would know the exact play... execution wouldn't matter
  5. where's the doubt? you get signed by a new team they guarantee you a spot you just have to hand over the playbook what's stopping you? integrity?
  6. it could happen I wonder if there is anything in the cba that would prevent this kind of activity. It is plausible and honestly if it did happen none of us would know cause NFL security would keep the lid tight on such dealings just to save face.
  7. look at my post Haha we're on the same page!
  8. So I happened to stumble across Eagles Free agent signings the past day. They signed Marcus Green, Logan Paulson and former Saints Safety Chris Banjo. I honestly wonder if these signings were an attempt to get access to playbooks. Do these sort of things happen? Also I find it rather convenient that NE basically got Clayborn on a one year rental. Did we send him there for inside information? Do players sell scheme and playbooks for side money? What's stopping a guy making 400k a year selling all the signals and playbook for 2 mil.Whats 2 mil in a multi billion dollar industry?
  9. yes need to see some Italian ice 49 yarder situation. I'm still not too happy about money going to the cards
  10. After many years of mediocrity in the special teams department I am excited to see what Ben Kotwica has done with this unit. I also am looking forward to seeing what Marcus Green brings to the table. My eyes will be glued to special teams cause it's easier to score from the 40 than the 25 yard line....thoughts?
  11. for mere $1000 donated to a charity of his choice Ryan will intentionally throw a pick in TC so the secondary can get on the highlight reel....shhhhh dont tell anyone I told you guys I just got the job emptying the trash at Flowery Branch.
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