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  1. Other note I love how Takk came in to defend Kazee that man got some dog in him.
  2. On that screen shot for the yt video you can see his foot isn't planted how do you change direction in that scenario.
  3. Bottomline: we need to find a way to keep Coleman hands down I've been chanting this since last year.
  4. Something happened in the offseason involving Keanu,Freeman and Debo. This is textbook NFL shadow banning. They all "went down" week one with rogue injuries. Now looking back it wasnt such a coincidence seeing Kazee ball out,Duke starting at MLB and Freeman basically sitting out. No wonder Jones held out he caught wind of this and knew back in August he's carrying the team. This completely sucks I would rather find out what happened and see the suspension instead of injury shadowbans.
  5. I dont mean to be a conspiracy theorist but I honestly feel that some injuries in the NFL are a real life version of a Twitter shadowban. You did something wrong but instead of publicly suspending you, you go down with a foot injury in the 3rd qtr. Shhhhh
  6. I must've shifted realities again...Debo and Neal same week? Sheesh
  7. Can somebody here tell me how that throw that Foles threw to the ground when he was in the endzone not intentional grounding?
  8. If that's not a catch I'm completely done
  9. Ok can someone explain how that wasnt intentional grounding and a safety?
  10. It was real ****** up at the time but looking back at it 8 years later it made me do some manning up I had to do. I cant believe you remember that. I hope it just ain't hive sop dap classic lol
  11. That's lightyears behind me lol
  12. Did you guys see Marquand in the hallway!!! Ready to kill
  13. Are you a timekeeper as well I'm guessing 12:47a
  14. I'm thinking closer to 1am