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  1. And this is why i look like a nut job 50% of the time. I ALWAYS talk junk whenever I see a gold Fluer de lis (sp?)
  2. This is from that night. I had drove all the way to NC from PA lets just say it cured my bi-polar tendencies. I never went from a high so high to a low so low so fast. It fixed me.
  3. Me and my friends grew up listening to Mobb Deep. I always told myself I know I'm getting old when my favorites start dying...Prodigy was the first. This video is almost unbelievable but it was awesome. Salute to the writers over @wsbtv
  4. I will never forget LSU dad reaction to picking up Riley. In reference to the Saints "You'll never beat them again" and he also called him a "vicious dog" Im looking forward to seeing "Duke the vicious dog" on the field!!
  5. My favorite player... I wonder how Willy Mo feels about him... Definitely a good successor. He was soul snatching last year.
  6. Two words: NFC Champions .....that takes care of the NFC teams talking smack. Patriots kicked pretty much all the AFC teams over the last several years so theres that.
  7. I hate the Saints as much as the next man but this post was honest and insightful: I agree. This may be the best division in football once again.Also, I'm gonna get downvoted for this. Here is my post draft projection.1. Falcons (11-5) - This team is extremely talented on offense and has a median level defense. They are built like the 09 Saints. Unless there are some key injuries they will be in play for the NFC crown. I know my fellow Whodats don't want to hear it but it would be foolish to not recognize them as the team to beat. Plus, it will make these two games must see TV.2. Panthers (10-6) - cam could have a bounce back year with the additions they made in the off-season: Locking down their defensive line, upgrading the offensive line and adding some playmakers on the offense. If Newton stays healthy they will be a potential challenge to the Falcons and wildcard team.3. Buccaneers (9-7) - I seen this team fight for everything they earned last year. The off-season seen them add playmakers on offense and strengthening the interior defensive line. They have built a young and talented team that has the character but may not have the maturity to challenge for tops in the division, yet.4. Saints (7-9) - the offense may not improve overall but may be more efficient and balanced. Still, there are several question marks on one of the leagues worst defenses. Can Breaux return to 2015 form and can the defensive backfield stay healthy? Can they manufacture more pressure from the front 7 other than just Cam Jordan? What will the linebacking corp look like? If this team can solve these issues then they are the joker in this division, they are the boom or bust team in the NFC.
  8. I'm sorry this video got me that excited
  9. I had enough I'm bumping this all month we are the NFC CHAMPS wipe those tears
  10. Seriously I had to bump this !!??
  11. I think we can all agree it's as absolutely delicious beating them in the off-season as beating them during the season.