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  1. I hired him because he was from new Jersey
  2. while playing backyard ball with the boys when I was 9 I said "there's no quarterbacks named Chris" which is my name. My friend said yeah there Chris Miller of the Falcons the rest is history.
  3. Watch us return one for a TD today requiring this thread to be bumped every game day
  4. Yes I lived in Carolina for 8 years and they as a group tend to have a low football IQ and think cam newton is jesus.
  5. This kinda saddens me cause some of the most insightful respectful and classy football people I know happen to be Saints fans. I even got a text from one fan I know sent condolences when Keanu got hurt. I guess real life and the internet are completely different things
  6. Falcons fan that lives in philly territory. We pooch the sb only to watch my friends live it up the following year. Now watch the Saints win the sb in Atlanta this year.
  7. Just went and looked at the 2015 draft definitely one of the weakest classes dont see anyone that stands out to me especially in the first round
  8. Cat scan would be worse and EKG would be worst case.
  9. Well there it is time to start talking draft in October
  10. I just woke up from my afternoon nap if that tells you anything.
  11. You must have an old soul brother
  12. Its quite apparent all the geezers hate the black black black.
  13. Other note I love how Takk came in to defend Kazee that man got some dog in him.
  14. On that screen shot for the yt video you can see his foot isn't planted how do you change direction in that scenario.