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  1. Actually that would be a pretty sick idea. I would love to make it our "war" uniform ie when we play the Saints.
  2. There's no way we trade Julio.
  3. Thank you for this watched it with my 5 month old daughter her eyes were glued to the TV cant wait for our first season.
  4. It doesnt day anything about a shoulder ala hit on Evans by Neal....If they get tick tacky though the game is screwed big time.
  5. Exactly OP people lose their minds and take what the media says as 100% gold. I haven't heard anything from Julio and I doubt you will. All of this is all fluff. Even if he wants a new contract we have one of the best GMs in the league in TD ...he will get it done. Now, with that being said if he does get a larger contract he better have a career year that is all I'm saying. 120 rec 1988 yrd 10tds in that realm.
  6. Kinda like how kraft buys TB12 stuff....
  7. Not like I want to admit this but after this he actually had a decent season...
  8. I remember he had an epic drop against the Saints I believe his rookie year...he was WIDE OPEN for a chance to win the board almost exploded calling for his head and how much better Michael Jenkins is.....we all see how that panned out
  9. ***hive sop dap alert*** Ridley and talk8mg bao7t
  10. No no no.... this has to be fixed by any means possible.... what if you had this shirt two years ago a year ago... this might be the missing piece!!! We need to get this done asap!!!!
  11. Wait a minute Hive sop dap doesn't have a hive sop dap shirt???!!!
  12. I just hope Sark is stronger, sober and working hard. I hope he is really going mad scientist with it pacing the floors at 3am throwing markers at his dry erase board while having three TVs with film playing one of them with the Julio drop in the end zone on loop. I hope he comes to training camp with a beard.
  13. Like a taco slumpy supreme.
  14. 2001 used to be Soaring Falcon posted in ABF as a resident liberal. Since then I have mainly lurked but most importantly because of another member of this board I finally saw the light and became conservative. Wish I could remember his name and thank him.
  15. Hopefully the added load to Kamara makes his sophomore slump a little more slumpy...