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  1. oh how quickly we forget #deadpoole
  2. Didn't someone just post a topic on Bradshaw? saying interior rushers are the future of the NFL?
  3. no seriously I got this guy at my job who CLEARLY needs to retire but nope and we all carry him to the finish line everyday hope when my time is up I get carried too.
  4. The real question is if 9-11 never happened would the Patriots have been to 9 superbowls. I wish I could see that alternate reality
  5. This exactly let's quit pussyfooting around and get it done. Remember this is the NFC South our enemies only get stronger
  6. wait Hoop had a td in the superbowl???goes to show how much of that game I have blocked out of my mind
  7. Cant you always do some last min bookings or is all lost?
  8. I would hate for us to get to a clutch kick situation and GT goes out there and misses this board would melt down. Some people aren't expendable money matt is one of them
  9. cut Money Matt?? You seen how important clutch kickers have been this year unless he retires... heck no
  10. nobody is touching this I never knew kale would be such a sensitive subject.
  11. I dont know why but the name Larry screams big Kale to me
  12. ok let's up the ante which mod has the biggest kale?
  13. it cant be bad if you came in 2nd
  14. better yet who got the biggest kale on this message board? I'll give you my top 5 @Jesus @SpongeDad @ya_boi_j @nolove4dacrook @Dawg ****
  15. Shannon Sharpe definitely got mega kale