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  1. it looked the same to me... and Mathews had the same monster block
  2. I live outside philly their **** talking is on par with a saints fan...I hope we destroy them
  3. Definitely top 3 worst. All phases failed miserably.
  4. oh my lord.... seriously
  5. let's go babbababy!!!
  6. will do
  7. hey for those who missed it
  8. that would be a great research endeavor!
  9. but what If having the playbook you would know the exact play... execution wouldn't matter
  10. where's the doubt? you get signed by a new team they guarantee you a spot you just have to hand over the playbook what's stopping you? integrity?
  11. it could happen I wonder if there is anything in the cba that would prevent this kind of activity. It is plausible and honestly if it did happen none of us would know cause NFL security would keep the lid tight on such dealings just to save face.