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  1. @SamMills51 is far from a troll his only flaw is he likes the Panthers
  2. Got all but one.... some dumb reason I thought Tom Landry coached the Packers
  3. Lowkey drycheck.... hahah as opposed to wetcheck?
  4. Its aerodynamics for when he bikes home.
  5. This was pre-embracing suckage I think Jim Mora era...I remember that season Vick was just starting the read option we opened the season against Carolina then Tampa Bay we smoked both of them... then that BS happened. We had trusty Koenin at punter who was the Bosher of his time.
  6. Sorry I didnt elaborate...when the Saints erected the statue of the blocked punt they asked the Falcons FO use of the logo...logically the FO highly declined.
  7. I hope if that happens they ask the Saints the rights to use the logo. I still cant believe that actually happened.
  8. God havent any of us learned the Patriots already won this year's superbowl.
  9. When I read it I was like ??? Isnt supposed to be the falcons gonna FALCON?
  10. Trade Keanu 6 pages ok ill probably see you guys again in April lunatics
  11. I gotta admit I never met a Vikings fan that I didn't like.
  12. I think its safe to say Falcons fans really really like Vikings fans now. Like buy them a beer at the bar like.
  13. I can respect that...I can tell you what made me like this... We were playing the Redskins in the Vick days. I sat quietly as we proceeded to spot them 21 points it was 21-0 at the half if I remember...I started to go hard and yelling at the TV. We came back and won ever since then I cheer loud and proud and even call plays As a matter of fact I found a play from that game
  14. Im like that guy but with a falcons jersey and yes I wear black gloves like Debo.