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  1. I can respect that...I can tell you what made me like this... We were playing the Redskins in the Vick days. I sat quietly as we proceeded to spot them 21 points it was 21-0 at the half if I remember...I started to go hard and yelling at the TV. We came back and won ever since then I cheer loud and proud and even call plays As a matter of fact I found a play from that game
  2. Im like that guy but with a falcons jersey and yes I wear black gloves like Debo.
  3. @elmack this is a great idea. Maybe the mods can pin this and we can get some traction on it.
  4. Payless managers run the whole store like family dollar managers. Im sure after the playoffs Sark's P&L report looks alot better than the average customer would understand.
  5. That was the replacement refs I actually liked them better. I think the jets actually beat the pats that year.
  6. This is a great point. Like I said in another medicated is he? Sometimes he looks numb out there like can he feel his hands? I also wonder is he being throttled by the league. I remember many times seeing him on the sidelines like
  7. This was the best thing that couldve happened its karma for all the 28-3 crap. If this guy cant get that he isnt a fan period.
  8. Absolutely didnt Seattle release him... Its football.
  9. You cant hate fellow Falcons fans unless your name is Swift thats a TAFT rule.
  10. The Kingsford B'tch ill have to google that.
  11. TD

    2013 Draft netted us Tru Rocky and Ish how did that set us back?
  12. I live here outside of philly and it has been brutally cold. Its been so cold that right now its in the 50s but feels like 70... even if its 20s 30s were catching a break cause its been in the single digits for 2-3 weeks.
  13. What is the make,model,serial number and date of manufacture of your grill
  14. You know the name now right?? Ok cool this has been going on for 3 days let it die.