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  1. I don't feel sad one bit. I love that they will be in anguish for at least a year. That play repeating in their minds over and over. ****, they may never get over it. Call me a shi**y person if you want, just know that I give zero f***s.
  2. I hope not he's been great for us the past few years.
  3. Pull yourself back from the edge man. I'm a Bama fan but he was one drive from beating us twice.
  4. Because Matt never gets hurt.
  5. The end of the season came weeks ago.
  6. Same. I couldn't be as emotionally invested after the Superbowl loss. The positive though is that, when seasons like the one we are in happen, I'm not a raging a$$hole to everyone I meet. Also being able to function like a normal human being without soul crushing depression on a daily basis is a plus as well.
  7. He does need to shut up and play. He just got paid 90 mil. Also, why is his daddy coming to bat for him, he's a grown man.
  8. I remember when we took donations to pay his fine. I still respect coach a lot. Gave us some really good years after what seemed like a **** there was no coming back from.
  9. Well, after seeing this line without him in there, I think he deserves the world.
  10. Nah.
  11. Can Russel Wilson block for himself too?
  12. Can we trade you to the Seahawks message board for nothing?
  13. We did, Matt got sacked on one.