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  1. I'd love to see Ben get a start. Can't be any worse than Wes "the human turnstile" Schweitzer.
  2. It's only about a 13 hour drive in a rent-a-car. He's got options, leave his *** behind.
  3. We have the most playmakers of any offense in the league and we haven't scored a point in nearly 6 quarters of football. Say what you want but Sark is garbage.
  4. It's the hangover. It's hit this team hard. They aren't playing hard they aren't playing like the brotherhood they were a year ago. I'll always be a Falcons fan though.
  5. Up top, on the sideline, doesn't matter he's garbage regardless.
  6. If he lasts after this game I'll be pissed!!
  7. Nope.
  8. Another poster said the last time we beat the Patriots was 19 years ago so...
  9. After what I saw last week I hope they don't invoke the mercy rule at halftime because they're running up the score on us. Patriots 42 Falcons 10
  10. We're 3 and 1 and people are saying to lower expectations. I think expectations are sky high even by OP and right where they should be.
  11. Did you watch the game?
  12. That pissed me off, hate losing on a no call.
  13. Everything you've ever known about reviewed plays just forget it, because apparently, it means absolute sh*t!
  14. How you don't run it on 3rd and 1 blows my mind? Even if somehow Free doesn't gain a yard you still have one play to get that yard. But no, you pass on both downs with your two best receivers out of the game! WTF!
  15. Those fans certainly didn't get their money's worth.