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  1. It was soft dude. They gashed us and had 120 yards rushing in the first half. We got manhandled and nobody could get off their blocks. We sat back instead of attacking.
  2. He made the right choice...
  3. He was pretty spot on to be fair.
  4. I liked watching that Vikings defense and how it was always attacking. They were always moving forward, whereas our defense was always on its heels.
  5. It's gonna be a bad time. People think there's a lot of negativity here now should visit next week.
  6. If y'all are just disappointed now just wait till next week.
  7. He's a grown *** man. Why would it matter?
  8. We're gonna lose next week too.
  9. You would if you've watched any Alabama games the past 5 or so years.
  10. I was unsure about clicking on this.
  11. You know that people can improve right?
  12. Matt playing better or worse solely depends on how the O-line plays.
  13. Brees is already hitting a wall.