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  1. This is such a stupid reply. Go FiNd A nEw TeAm ThEn!!!
  2. It's not just what other people think, I think their garbage as well.
  3. No amount of time or sinking in is going to make these look better to me. The all-white and all-black are okay but some of the design decisions???? The drop lettering and the huge ATL across the front, the red jersey is straight garbage? Nike blew it.
  4. To have a do over on the new uniforms? I cannot fathom being stuck with this garbage for the next 15 years. There has to be something we can do. If enough people voice opposition to this new garbage maybe they will make a change. We are the laughing stock of the league right now.
  5. Yes, I would be mad. Build the lines.
  6. It hit the ground but it didn't move. It only moved on the way back up when it hit his leg. I thought if the ground didn't cause the ball to move then it's a catch?
  7. I wish they would get up for every game and didn't need motivation like this.
  8. I was just thinking the same thing.
  9. Brett is the best at breaking down film. It really shows how terrible Quinn has been after the Super Bowl run.
  10. Lincoln Riley or Josh McDaniels. Think I'd rather have Riley but both are solid choices.
  11. I guess some people never lose hope, and some people are delusional.
  12. 1-15 but we probably win at least one game against the bucs at home. So 2-14.
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