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  1. It's not about how tough their defense was, it was the fact that we didn't attack any of their weaknesses. A good playcaller does this. Hopefully Quinn kicked him the rear and last year will be a learning experience but you can leave me in the skeptical column.
  2. If you haven't watched this, I highly recommend that you do. I have no hope for the man.
  3. I KNOW! I keep watching his highlights over and over. He's gonna be something special.
  4. Jeudy is the next great one. We have so much raw talent at receiver it's an embarrassment of riches at that position for Bama. Sorry TATF I know.
  5. For real this guy must not stay informed.
  6. Nice stat. I like it.
  7. We all love Julio, no doubt about that, but is a player that only plays 75% of the offensive snaps, maybe less, worth 100 mil? I'm beginning to lean no. Lets just put it like this, If they extend him great, if they trade him, it won't break my heart.
  8. That's what you get from Bama players.
  9. I would agree if he didn't get injured on every other play.
  10. Coleman is not more physical than Freeman.
  11. Who is Riley putting in work with?
  12. Don't look at his stats, Jaylen Hurts was throwing him the ball.
  13. I like Payne better. Vea uses his insane strength to power through offensive lineman that are not on his talent level. That won't work on the next level. Payne has better lateral quickness and is faster than Vea. Payne is a bigger difference maker as well. If Alabama had not had Payne last year they wouldn't have sniffed the National championship. He makes that much of a difference.
  14. You know, a lot of people jokingly say that they are glad that a certain poster isn't a GM. I'm dead A$$ serious when I say it this time.