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  1. Good, so we can take the superior QB in Mac Jones.
  2. That would be classic Falcons. The one thing we can depend on year in and year out is for them to make the wrong choice.
  3. This was never meant to be Ryan bashing thread. I love Matt. I understand that QB isn't an issue, but you have to start looking at the future. It's the nature of the beast.
  4. "The Falcons had 39 points with zero turnovers in their loss against the Cowboys. Entering today, teams were 440-0 when scoring 39 points with 0 turnovers since 1933, when team turnovers were first tracked, according to Elias." https://t.co/LZdqzwQZyD Yeah that's definitely my Falcons.
  5. Yeah, I don't care what you think of me and I love Matt, I'm just a realist. We would be set for another decade plus at the QB position. Also it's time for Quinn to go, how can you be a defensive minded head coach and have a dumpster fire defense every year. Have at it.
  6. Thank you so much everyone. Your words would really mean a lot to him. More than you could ever know. I really appreciate it.
  7. No it's okay. Thank you for the kind words. I hope you make it through this tough time with ease.
  8. My Grandfather Richard D Zupp passed away yesterday at 90 years old. He was a season ticket holder since 1966. The Falcons did a segment honoring him in 2016 that was played in the Georgia Dome. He loved this team for so long and only missed one game when his wife was in the hospital. He battled an infection in his foot for 5 months in the hospital. This was especially hard for him and for us because we couldn't visit him and be with him because of the pandemic. He would appreciate one last send off from the Falcon faithfull.
  9. This is such a stupid reply. Go FiNd A nEw TeAm ThEn!!!
  10. It's not just what other people think, I think their garbage as well.
  11. No amount of time or sinking in is going to make these look better to me. The all-white and all-black are okay but some of the design decisions???? The drop lettering and the huge ATL across the front, the red jersey is straight garbage? Nike blew it.
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