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  1. Yeah but he had a 1st round grade, no injuries and no attitude problems IIRC. Literally just some concern with his size.
  2. It's crazy to think that, at this point 5 years ago, Grady Jarrett was still on the board. That one will never make sense.
  3. I mean, Devonta is better in just about every area except straight line speed, but I still love me some coleman.
  4. Haha to be fair, only the ones where we have a player are actually posted on here.
  5. To be fair, just about every high profile individual settles out of court with these kind of allegations, regardless of truth. Not saying he's innocent, but it's not an indicator of guilt either.
  6. "While the Falcons will be without Jones, Trufant, Clayborn, Shelby, and rookie first-round draft pick Takkarist McKinley from UCLA (shoulder rehab/NFL college finals rules) for OTAs, Pro Bowl center Alex Mack is set to participate after playing through the Super Bowl with a non-displaced fracture in his left fibula."
  7. I actually thought that Jeanna was greatโ€”as good as anyone we have right now imo.
  8. I mean, just because they slipped doesn't mean the media was wrong. Grady Jarrett anyone? With that said, still really like the draft.
  9. Just curious, how do people spoil these picks? Are they released to twitter before they show up on TV?
  10. Agreed, really wish we traded up. Aw well, this FO has earned our trust.
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