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  1. 2 thread about this though? Like we didn't see it the first time. **** up whining about getting beatdown. You deserved it for ripping up his sign. How is having a sign that says "Go Saints" provoking you? If you're going to get mad at every teams opposing fan for having signs and cheering for their team then do not go to the game. Rodney King didn't go to a message board and whine about it mulitple times when the cops gave him a beatdown.
  2. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=4446898 Suspended for the rest of the year
  3. I think Sivik was talking about Blount not your joke.
  4. Recognizing his Snake-esque spelling error, BTL rushes to edit his original post: Mizzou sig >>>>> lmao @ the idiot in it.
  5. :blink: If you say "us" that would include you in it.
  6. We all know most of the **** boys on this site don't want VT players.
  7. Chad Ocho Cinco just tweeted this Due to the many rules the NFL has made I've found it difficult to enjoy Twitter and I'll be deleting my account I thank and love you all for following, hope you enjoyed getting to know the real me: Esteban out smh @ the nfl
  8. lol Good Sivik is joining Sivik >>> *Sends invite to SacFalcFan*
  9. lol with all this hype it better be some hoes on this site.
  10. lol I bet Tommy Melton is angry right now since he's IP banned from here right?
  12. Swift know he giving out those fake tats that you can get at wal-mart where the bubble gum machine be at. 25 cents
  13. DOGG MAYBE FOLKS COULD SAY IT IN A BETTER MANNER BUT AY THIS **** IS NOT GOOD AT ALL nah ..*** perfectly describes it In the vid he's the 2nd guy rapping and he raps again towards the end. It had me in tears.
  14. :lol: Ayo who is making the barbershop twitter? We need to recruit these twitter and u-PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL hoes to the board.
  15. Dude in the pic had me in tears on his youtube video when he said this line in a rap he didn't saw four, he looked through the peep hole y'all aint saw 4, get it y'all ain't saw saw 4 This is also the guy that was on Judge Judy, he's on this other message board.
  16. lol I say that in so many chats I forget which ones. But I'm guessing that is the chat with the two white girls with the big heads.
  17. Remember Lauren no Shirkey is suppose to go live today at 4 on u-PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL.
  18. The slow mo had me in tears. I think he will get suspended more than 2 games especially with how he acted towards the fans and teammates. Yeah Boise St. didn't exactly take up for him maybe they don't care for him.lol
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