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  1. On your date just make sure to recite any of Julian's view points, and then you will be guaranteed to get laid.
  2. I would travel if I was a Packers fan. Who wants to live in Wisconsin? I would travel to every away game to just get out
  3. This is what blows my mind. Recently you hear parents complaining to McDonalds about their fattening food, which in turn is making their kids fat. Well no one is forcing you to take your kid to McDonalds...
  4. I would consider that still not a winning record. An even record, yes.
  5. You also have to look at it was a divisional match up. Teams get up more for a divisional match up, and not to mention when you haven't beaten your divisional rival in awhile.
  6. They should also fine the refs for missing this blatant helmet to helmet hit on our QB...
  7. I was just curious what the halftime time show was? When I was watching the game, I was really hoping they would do frisbee dogs :P
  8. I don't let media talking heads get into my brain, because it is their job to stir the pot. However, commentators and color commentators are supposed to be unbiased... Not to mention you are forced to listen to them if you are watching the game (unless you want to mute the TV and watch the game in silence).
  9. Collinsworth needs to go ahead and make out with Vick...
  10. Collinisworth needs to just go ahead and suck Vick off
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