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  1. Funny quote by Finebaum: I really hope they are back for the game against us; because if we win all you are going to hear in the media is, "What if Mathieu and their starting RB Ware weren't suspended and played against Bama?"
  2. Legalize, tax it, and we will be out of this deficit in no time
  3. He was very involved in Alzheimer's too, here is a great story about his work.
  4. You didn't know that all the front office members are the trolls on these message boards?
  5. The story kind of reminds me of John Grisham's newest book The Confession
  6. You can have personality and not be a thug. Look at Aaron Rodgers and he is always doing the belt thing, etc after he scores. Scam Newton is a rookie and already cocky as ****. Cam, win a super bowl an then you can be cocky as you want.
  7. Think he was. Was the announcer saying Olive Mugheli?
  8. He also has amazing schemes to stop teams from converting third and long...
  9. Here is the original song/music video for anyone that hasn't heard it.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9hZO-dQYww"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9hZO-dQYww
  11. After I saw the remake, I decided to watch the original, because I have never seen it. I have to agree the remake was pretty good. It is hard to match John Wayne, but I think Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon did a really good job. I thought the girl in the remake was better (acting/fit the role better) then the girl in the original.
  12. Well see, their father's shopped around for a "great deal" on their cars. They didn't know that their fathers "shopped around", so according to the NCAA they can't get in trouble. See now you don't have to be curious anymore
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