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  1. No worries we still have Jamaal Anderson to help us get all those sacks
  2. Very nice read I agree with Peter, I think we have to stick Middleton on our 53 man roster or we will lose him. This kind of sucks, because we already have a tight roster.
  3. I sure hope Jamaal does not read these boards in his free time, he might end his life with all this hate for him on here haha
  4. I feel like poutlipper now... I don't know where you are getting that I am saying he deserves to die. In my own opinion he put himself in a situtation he should not have been in, in the first place, and he got killed (I never once said he got what he deserved). It is very sad, because he was a great player and a great guy. I feel sorry for his wife and espicially his kids. However, I feel if he was not sneaking behind his wifes back, he would still be with us today. Guess we will never agree on the Sean Taylor analogy...
  5. That is the dumbest analogy. Sean Taylor sleeping in his bed, in is OWN house, every night and McNair CHOOSING to go to his girlfriends apartment for some late night action does not compare. McNair put himself into that situtation, he CHOSE to go there, while Sean Taylor had no control over the home invasion...
  6. Very true, he would have been at home with his wife... So if it was a robbery gone wrong he would not have been there in the first place if he was at home with his wife. On the other hand if it was a murder/suicide, if he wasn't screwing around with this girl he would also still be alive...
  7. All I got to say is if it was a murder/suicide, I guess you can say what goes around comes around. Shouldn't be cheating on his wife and not to mention letting his 4 sons down...
  8. Ya after reading the story, it sounded sketchy. He was with a "lady friend" and people saw him enter his condo late at night. Not to mention his wife was at home. I am not holding any of this against him, but those are some weird details. He was a great player and will be missed...
  9. Nice job!!! I got 51 minutes and some change. I almost got my goal of under 50 minutes... I like that they have chips this year, because I always forget the exact time the clock says when I pass the starting time and I always forget to bring a watch to time myself. So I can see my official time tomorrow in the paper. Shirts look pretty good this year too, you like them?
  10. I am, time group 2. My tenth year, so pretty big one. I am hoping to break 50 minutes this year!
  11. I am saying the QB/RB positions get all the love on anyteam, no matter the media bias or not. The media was all over Ryan becuase he is the face of our franchise . I agree with the others if Abe played anywhere else he would ahve gone to the pro-bowl. Everyone knows the media bias (ie ESPN) loves the North East and Dallas...
  12. That is some bad logic... For almost any team, no matter how small the market is, the QB gets so much more press time/recognition then any other player on the team. It is easy to look over DEs or any other player besides a QB or a running back.
  13. Or punching teammates in the face (Steve Smith) haha
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