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  1. Or kill your offense for not capitalizing...
  2. Do the refs not see the Saints hold on every play? They were holding the 9ers linemen like crazy on that interception play.
  3. What happened to the days that the Discovery/History channel showed educational/non-reality programs?
  4. Ha ha just say that after I posted. He also does it at the end of his Hick'ry Stick award video, if you haven't seen it.
  5. I read The Hobbit back in high school, and I personally thought it is a more exciting story then the Lord of the Ring. So I can't wait for the movies!
  6. You been thinking up that scenario for awhile huh?
  7. I thought Battleship the movie was a pretty bad idea, but this is up there.
  8. He torched those three defenders, down the middle, after he made the catch.
  9. I agree 100%. They just state outrageous claims to stir the pot....
  10. One of Jacksonville's lineman once in awhile is getting a big jump on our snap count.
  11. The HBO series really brought in a lot of people to the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series. All my friends and I never heard of the books/series before the HBO series. We all got hooked on the show, and a few of us, like myself, are now reading the books. If this show never came out I believe I would never have picked up any of these books. HBO really opened up a whole new audience to this series.
  12. I think he should be doing better then he is doing right now. Granted, Stephen Jackson isn't what he used to be, however he is still a good running back. So Bradford has the running game, and a decent receiver in Lloyd...
  13. Can't wait for this season to start! I just started on the 5th book, I can't seem to put the books down they are so good.
  14. Boy you are lucky if you graduate from VT alive.
  15. Another win for Tebow, crazy how he keeps finding ways to win.
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