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  1. You have to give him time to blossom. JA98 just hasn't blossomed yet
  2. I agree that most HBO series' have a lot sex; however in the books, Martin writes/describes pretty in depth sex throughout the series. So in the instance of Game of Thrones, HBO is following Martin's work. Also the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series evolves around war, violence, and turmoil. I enjoy HBO, Showtime, etc. series more because they are allowed to have more sex, violence, and leeway then network TV, but to each his own in this case.
  3. He also said, "Do you expect anything different from a conference that names its divisions Legends and Leaders." Which I thought was pretty funny too
  4. Probably going to get crucified for saying this, but my favorite in recent memory was Tom Petty.
  5. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this; because I haven't heard the explanation why the NFL won't give us a SB until we get a new stadium? New Orleans has the 2013 SB, and the Superdome was opened in '75 while the Georgia Dome was opened '92....
  6. barstoolsports.com rollbamaroll.com and AFMB are about the only sites I check daily
  7. One of my favorite threads is: http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3858842-does-anyone-here-absolutly-hate/ I was in tears first time I read that
  8. Way to go Williams gave the Giants 7 points...
  9. Ed Hochuli's explanations for penalties/reviews have been so in depth ha ha
  10. Wow, if they rule it Giants ball. What a bone headed mistake by that 49ers player
  11. Ya pretty crazy how it turned out. We ended up with a stud in Spoon. Like you said can you imagine if we took Morgan, we would be here watching JPP and Spoon on other teams; thinking wow wish we took one of those two guys.
  12. Ya. Then Derrick Morgan went after JPP. All three DE's went before our pick.
  13. I love Spoon and glad we got him. But watching the Giants in the playoffs it seems JPP is in the mix of every play. He is all over the field, tackling, sacking, etc.
  14. First I think Matt Ryan is better then Flacco. However, you can also say as soon as Flacco gets White, Julio, and Tony G, then we can make the comparison. Flacco has a better defense, but Ryan has better wide receivers and tight end.
  15. For sure. NFL wants to see Pats vs. Green Bay in the Super Bowl. High scores = more viewers and more viewers = more money.
  16. They are already using the word "verticle" passing game. Like some other poster said, what other type of passing games are there? Horizontal?
  17. 9ers special team is swaggin out, figuratively and literally
  18. If you told me a team can win after turning the ball over 5 times, I would have called you crazy
  19. That is what they needed to do all game!
  20. Gore is good, but he is not getting the touches...
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