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  1. We have the following OOC opponents:

    2012: Michigan (Neutral Site - Dallas)

    2013: VT (Neutral Site - Atlanta)

    2014: WV (Neutral Site - Atlanta)

    2015: none

    2016: Michigan St. (Home/Home series)

    2017: Michigan St. (Home/Home series)

    Now it is pretty tough to fit in a 2 year Home/Home deal with an OOC opponent with the line up above, and you also have the threat of the SEC moving to a 9 game conference schedule within the next few years.

    I think it was a smart move wink.png

  2. LMAO people said this EXACT same thing about Joe Johnson and now nobody wants him here. "Where else are you going to get 25 a night?" I don't know, do your job and draft someone impactful or sign someone or make a trade for someone, but don't give a max contract to a stoic turd.

    You either trade Josh Smith now and get something for him, or you get NOTHING for him when he walks next year. It really is just as simple as that.

    I think most people would like to keep Joe here, but not for the money he is getting paid. Signing him to a max contract was the dumbest move ever.

  3. Looks like the beta will start on June 29th. I watch watching the e3 video again on youtube and all the trash talking on this game is hilarious lol.

    You mind posting that video? The only E3 videos I could find was the multiplayer gameplay trailer and a 15 minute interview with a creator from Dust 514.

  4. That is fantastic news.

    I enjoy some of the things on history like Pawn Stars because some of the items are interesting but stuff like this is 10 times better.

    So hopefully they will continue to do shows like this.

    It would be cool to see an actual series. History is filled with so many great stories and legends if done right they could be huge.

    I agree, I like Pawn Stars and American Pickers because they give you a little history behind most items. However, I am not a big fan of Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men, and Swamp People. There is no history behind them and is pure reality TV, why are they on the History Channel?

  5. I highly recommend everyone watch this movie if you're interested in this topic. It's a great documentary.

    Didn't have anything to do tonight, so I watched this documentary. Great documentary! Did not know about the U.S Chamber of Commerce, how wide spread Mandatory Arbitration was, and many other topics discussed. Very educational, and I agree with mdrake it is a must watch.

  6. Hard Knocks will not bring more fans and revenue. Your fooling yourself. A winning team brings increased ticket sales and sports gear revenue.

    We have been this so called "under the radar team" and quiet team since this new regime has taken over, and where has this gotten us? A loss in the playoffs every year...

  7. Hard Knocks has never done anything for anybody. It's just a cool documentary that people like to watch. It doesn't help you "get over" with the crowd, because that doesn't matter.

    I disagree. Hard Knocks is free advertisement for the Falcons. It has the possibility to bring more fans to the Falcons, and more fans = more revenue for the Falcons.

  8. That is genius. The store saves tons in overhead while increasing sales. It won't be long before things like that start appearing in larger markets in the U.S like New York and Chicago. I give these 2 cities as an example because of the large numbers of commuters who use the mass transit systems. I could see these in cabs and buses as well.

    I wonder how the systems does coupons and such. My wife likes to use coupons and gets great deals so I wonder how that system can handle those, if it will at all.

    The subway is also a perfect place for this, because while people wait on their train they can shop.

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