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  1. We have the following OOC opponents: 2012: Michigan (Neutral Site - Dallas) 2013: VT (Neutral Site - Atlanta) 2014: WV (Neutral Site - Atlanta) 2015: none 2016: Michigan St. (Home/Home series) 2017: Michigan St. (Home/Home series) Now it is pretty tough to fit in a 2 year Home/Home deal with an OOC opponent with the line up above, and you also have the threat of the SEC moving to a 9 game conference schedule within the next few years. I think it was a smart move
  2. I think most people would like to keep Joe here, but not for the money he is getting paid. Signing him to a max contract was the dumbest move ever.
  3. Or do it like the real lottery with the ping pong balls be drawn and televise it. It is extremely sketchy how they do it behind close doors and just announce who wins the lottery picks....
  4. The Miss USA one has a lot of hot girls in it too
  5. You also have to look if they were doing 7 on 7 drills. Because if they were, the linebackers can really cheat because they don't have to play the run. So it is pretty unfair for the QB and passing game.
  6. I agree, I like Pawn Stars and American Pickers because they give you a little history behind most items. However, I am not a big fan of Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men, and Swamp People. There is no history behind them and is pure reality TV, why are they on the History Channel?
  7. Missed the first installment last night but I am going to watch it sometime this week. I am just glad the History Channel is actually airing something that is history oriented...
  8. Didn't have anything to do tonight, so I watched this documentary. Great documentary! Did not know about the U.S Chamber of Commerce, how wide spread Mandatory Arbitration was, and many other topics discussed. Very educational, and I agree with mdrake it is a must watch.
  9. He always had a great stride once he got going.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z-NjRtw3SBA This guys is hilarious, he needs a HBO series. "Where'd you get those shorts? Those look like 1972 NBA Eastern Conference Finals shorts." "You look like all the nerds had a convention on your body. Like all the nerds of the world said, you know what? I know where to go."
  11. Jerrell Harris. Hopefully he will contribute to our depth at the LB position
  12. Will Atlanta still be able to host basketball tournaments? For example the NCAA tourney and the SEC tourney like we have in the past
  13. Here is the link to the article: http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/7846290/new-orleans-saints-mickey-loomis-eavesdrop-opposing-coaches-home-games
  14. We have been this so called "under the radar team" and quiet team since this new regime has taken over, and where has this gotten us? A loss in the playoffs every year...
  15. I disagree. Hard Knocks is free advertisement for the Falcons. It has the possibility to bring more fans to the Falcons, and more fans = more revenue for the Falcons.
  16. This is free marketing for the Falcons; which in turn could lead to more fans and more fans = more merchandise and tickets sold... I think this is a horrible decision. A few cameras would not have been a distraction during preseason imo.
  17. Some great jerseys on clearance, like the JA98 and Jenkins jerseys
  18. The subway is also a perfect place for this, because while people wait on their train they can shop.
  19. He played almost half the season with a torn ACL and still was a force to be delt with on the D line. Would love to have him on the Falcons. Could be the next Grady Jackson (when he was in his prime).
  20. 2 of his other sacks came against the bears horrendous O line. The Bears were ranked 5th and Jaguars 7th in sacks given up this year. So that is 5.5 sacks against two horrible O lines. So he only had 4 sacks in 14 games. That is not worth 8 million or whatever ridiculous number he is asking. I love Abe and sad to see him go, but he is not worth that kind of money
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