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  1. Cut 1 OL, Smitty, and TD said we'd only keep 9 OL, with 7 active on gameday
  2. Eric Page, Chase Minnifield, Chris Polk, Case Keenum are the 4 I really want.
  3. Not a whole lot of TE still to take, none that really have considerable upside, that can't be had in UDFA
  4. Keenum is the 1 QB I want, hadn't really payed attention to him till I saw Grudens QB Camp on Wednesday, was very impressive, surprised he didn't throw his arm off though with how much he threw the ball
  5. Woah, Bosher was not a throw away pick, he turned out to be a very solid punter for a 6th
  6. We will get a comp pick for Lofton as long as we don't sign a FA that is comparable to his contract, likely a 4th, very unlikely it's a 3rd, but I can hope.
  7. That's a good way to put it, and I can't complain about it either, although I think Hayden may also bring a 7th, or atleast I'm hoping so.
  8. I just don't see Blank firing TD, he seems very pleased with what TD has done for the organization, same with Smitty.
  9. Jeff McLane the Eagles writer has come out and said its a 7th, as have multiple others, Jason LaCanfora tweeted it was a 7th also.
  10. Yeah he just tweeted that, I was hoping it wasn't the 5th haha, STEAL!
  11. Jeff McLane retweeted something saying it was a 7th rd choice, that we traded.
  12. I don't care which TE we draft just want one of Charles/Allen/Green
  13. Unless a DB is drafted or signed a FA nobody is gone, will have the same # of DBs as we did last year, like was said already Asante will just take the place of Hayden, or Sanders.
  14. Cutting Dunta won't do anything his $ is all guaranteed, and nobody wants to take on his bloated contract, so he stays atleast one more year.
  15. Not sure what your trying to say, because he did visit the Saints on Sunday.
  16. I'm sorry but Harris isn't good, and hasn't been that good in a few years, he's bounced around teams, that should tell you something, I'll stick with Peters.
  17. And you sir would not be winning, big names don't win games, schemes and players that fit the scheme and play to their ability win games, oh and scoring more points then the other team helps as well.
  18. Your right I'd do the same, but I wouldn't go to the team I hated my past 4 years, I'd still hate them, and wouldn't even think about that, even if they offered more money, I'd respect the team I was drafted by, and try to find the best fit besides the rival.
  19. What numbers? Cap numbers? That proves how good of a GM you are? Why wasn't I aware of this? your "numbers" don't really prove anything besides teams that are horrible have a ton of cap space, can you guess why? It's cause they are terrible.
  20. Does it say when the visit is? DON'T LET HIM LEAVE.
  21. Eddie Royal to Washington, with Garcon, and possibly Josh Morgan.
  22. He's looking for atleast a 5 years $32 million deal, that might be cheaper, but he's by no means cheap.
  23. Can't see them signing him, if they won't sign Nicks, Grubbs won't sign for much less then Nicks.
  24. Just because of the fact they such a mouth shut type of group never letting anything out to the media, they are in talks with players, but probably won't find out till the player is signed, or the agent tells somebody, you can count the FO not telling anybody, so just chill out, and I promise it's not like they aren't trying, just sit back and let the professionals do their jobs, so we can enjoy this team on the field.
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