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  1. Season is already gone, it doesn’t matter. Draft a real qb next year
  2. Matt Ryan, Dan Quinn & half the defense needs to be gone tomorrow
  3. I love it when Matt fanboys have to convince themselves & everyone else that Matt is elite or isn’t at fault for anything.
  4. my dorm doesnt get that one thankfully. getting your schlong caught in the zipper >>> watching golf
  5. not i or anybody i know gives a **** about golf..tiger woods story or not. it's still boring as ****. F ESPN. i cant even watch 5 min of ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNEWS or ESPN Classic without them talking about golf.
  6. or yall can park in the parking lot of the Summerhill YMCA lol who am i kidding..
  7. lol yall better stop before he ends it all and we get blamed for "cyber bullying" smh
  8. if she is hot, then you need to revamp your hottness scale
  9. so cool i think i may steal it and get it myself
  10. *will be using that as my wallpaper once my pc gets fixed
  11. So i was watching the Braves-White Sox spring game a few days ago while they were playing at Turner Field, and while the game was going on Chipper was being interviewed about the start of the season. One thing that he said that stayed in my mind was something like "In the past, other teams hated playing here, and lately that hasnt been the case". I love the Braves but what i hate most is everytime i watch a game the stands are half-empty. If i was in town, i would try to make it to as many games as possible to support the only team that has a winning tradition in the city. Hopefully fans will
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