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  1. Matt just needs to focus, apply himself and study more. Change is usually overwhelming when you have become comfortable with the status quo. I'm sick of these entitled divas like Ryan and RG3 trying to throw Shanny under the bus for their lack of work ethic and comprehension. His system is AWESOME when executed properly.
  2. We are a nation of followers. This is all a distraction from something more sinister going on in the citrus industry. I wouldn't drink any orange juice in the next 6 months.
  3. Gonzo is right.. And now that his safety blanket is gone its about to get real ugly (Sam Cassell) I wish we could trade Ryan for picks #Manziel14 #Bridgewater14 #AnyBodyButNoodleArmChoker14
  4. Never heard of him but those hipster glasses are rad...
  5. Why wait for another 2 years of being trash? What kind of plan is that? Bridgewater and Hundley is available this year....
  6. This is an honest assesment without hyperbole that I can respect...His not garbage he's just limited..Mos def not earning the money he's being paid.. I think we can all agree on that...
  7. So what I read is 1-Not my fault 2- Dont blame me 3-Get me some help 4-My teammates are trash 5-My coaches blow 6-GM isnt that good either 7-The ushers at the Dome serve warm beer 8-Man Im great, why dont yall see it? 9-These NFL balls are too slippery 10-Did I already say "nothing is my fault!!?!?"
  8. Did they question her to make sure she didnt smoke weed as a 17 year old and other thug like behaviors?
  9. His winning percentage in the playoffs is even worse
  10. Yeah every weekend in Chicago during the summer a lot of the poor youths have been standing their ground.. It's like an epidemic.. This whole standing your ground thing...
  11. Tom Cruise's character in Vanilla Sky was based off of a real life person named Justin Ebro
  12. She will win the female vote across party lines. The right wing are losing control of their Blacks, latinos and women. Their young white males will eventually come back home to daddy. But their ladies secretly hate them. Especially after what they did to Sarah and Michele Hilary can't lose and America can't win... Read that again and let it sink in.
  13. I like Science and Social Studies... ANYONE thats a fan of math or English is gonna have a SERIOUS problem with me.
  14. Liberalism made the students of Alabama and Lousiana dumb, Mississippians fat and gave South Carolina the highest infant mortality rates. Wait that wasn't liberalism.. That was the love of college football.
  15. Single payer is the way to go. I'm no liberal. But Canada got it right in more ways than one. Vancouver is the closest thing to heaven on earth and Toronto is superior to every American city. Plus Drake is saving music and that chick from Revenge is a dime. Single payer or nothing.
  16. If Hilary Rodham runs she cant be beat. The ladies aren't gonna miss out on their opportunity for history. She will even get a large block of the republican women vote. And the Blacks that threw her under the bus for Barry will return to her in mass. She might put up some Reagan in '84 type numbers. Then the muslims are gonna be REALLY mad. The near future is gonna be excellent for my line of work. I approve.
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